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Complete all 10 hunts in Barovia

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28 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018
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There are 10 hunts within Barovia that you will need to complete. These hunts come in the form of Wanted Posters, and have three tiers.

Tier 1:
Gnarly Jak

Tier 2:

Tier 3:
The Sister of Fury
Ras Manca

Direfang is done as the Tutorial, which you will pick up during the introduction quests to Barovia. To do a hunt, you need to go to Madame Eva's tent once you have a Wanted Poster. When you enter the tent, you will choose your hunt at Eva, and then you have the option of adding Tarokka cards, which will make the hunt harder but give you potentially more rewards. The achievement only requires you complete the hunts, you don't need to add these bonuses.

To obtain Tier 1 posters, you need to defeat the '5 health bar enemies', like Witches, Vampires, and creatures like that. The type of poster that drops is random, and isn't tied to any specific creature. To obtain the Tier 2 Wanted Posters, you need to complete a Tier 1 hunt. Every player within the hunt has a chance of automatically receiving a poster at random when the creature is defeated. If you are going for the achievement, try to fill a group of 5 of your guild members or friends, as you will have an increased chance of getting the posters you need from the random drop at the completion.

When you enter the hunt, you will receive three 'clues' as to the location of where the hunt mark will be. You need to go to each of these locations in turn to fight the creature, and when he reaches a certain health he will go to the next location. On the map, you will see several green x's that all have locations attributed to them. The following list has all of the location clues and locations I've found so far:

The Temptar -- Gates of Ravenloft
The Ghost -- Graveyard
The Beggar -- Village of Barovia
The Thief -- Fell Bridge
The Druid -- Standing Stones
The Necromancer -- The Ruins of Berez
The Shepherd -- The Cursed Meadows
The Mists -- Howling Hills
Revid CargianI don't know if this has been confirmed anywhere or not yet, but, do you know if the achievement unlocks upon completion of all 10, or do you need the lore for each hunt as well? I recall there being an issue in Chult where the lore needed to be unlocked for the achievement to pop. I don't have the lore for Direfang after completing the tutorial quest for hunts, so I'm not sure if that will impact my progression at all. It did count in the Slayer achievement in-game, though, so maybe it'll be fine?
Posted by Revid Cargian on 04 Sep 18 at 04:38
KillersquirelzIf it counted towards the progression in your journal, you should be fine.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 04 Sep 18 at 04:51
burnthelambYou need the Lore.
Posted by burnthelamb on 06 Sep 18 at 01:43
PedegreeI can confirm that you only had to do the 10 different hunts.
You dont need the gear from them.
Posted by Pedegree on 23 Sep 18 at 17:18
OneChicago51How does the lore trigger? I had 8 done (wrote them down) and journal lore has only 1 there. I saw lore appear when getting to one on a different character a few minutes ago but it's not in the journal either.
Posted by OneChicago51 on 29 Sep 18 at 18:28
NUROK HOWLERDue to the developer's ineptitude and poor coding, attempting any of these hunts can get you banned by their automatic systems. If you're going to go for this i recommend recording all your hunts. I would just not support this game or It's devs.
Posted by NUROK HOWLER on 18 Oct 18 at 04:08
KillersquirelzWhat Nurok says is entirely untrue. There was a well known glitch in the hunts, a lot of people exploited the glitch in the hunts to make a lot of AD really fast, to the point where people were blatantly advertising "Glitched hunts". Those people were discovered and the more egregious violators were banned. The people who were banned then complained about it. Some people weren't banned and just had the AD they made removed, and other people like myself weren't affected at all.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 18 Oct 18 at 08:17
WudYaLo0kAtThatWhere is this in the journal? Can't seem to find it
Posted by WudYaLo0kAtThat on 08 Jan 19 at 17:00
xx Kenshira xxi think i've run into a bug. i've completed he campaign. never got the mission for the direwolf. but i did get the poster off a post. but it just made me follow footprints to a cave. i'm stuck at 9/10
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 11 Mar 19 at 13:58