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Reach 60th level with one character

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It'll help to play the game on the hardest difficulty (Insane/Insanity). Also, whenever there are large groups of enemies or a single, large enemy (Like a Geth Colossus) attacking while you are in the Mako...get out of the Mako.
The experience you get from killing enemies with the Mako is 1/3rd of the full amount.
Fighting the larger Geth my seem daunting without the Mako, but it's very possible and not that hard. My main advice is just keep moving. Ammo that damages synthetic foes also helps.
This also works when fighting Thresher Maws, but I never bothered since they tend to be bothersome even while in the Mako.

I ended up getting this on my Insane playthrough while trying to stop The Reaper at the Citadel. To help, try going for other achievements (like the player ones) so the extra missions you do don't feel like a major hassle.
ajmaAlso, attack with the Mako until it's close to dead, then get out and finish it off.
Posted by ajma on 08 Sep 08 at 22:39
I TeMpLaR I UKAlso carrying on through a 2nd playthrough with your existing character whilst trying to get ally achievements etc usually works
Posted by I TeMpLaR I UK on 12 Jan 09 at 10:17
dropK1CK ninJAJust a note: You'll have to carry-over a previous character to get this achievement.

I only got to level 57 with a fresh character on Insanity. I killed everything possible, I mapped everything possible, I opened everything possible. Anything I could've done for experience, I did it. I got all the planets but the one you unlock with 80+ renegade.

Also go into every quest with guns blazing, you want to acquire as much experience through kills as possible. Peaceful resolutions do not provide nearly as much experience as killing everything does.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 20 Apr 09 at 15:37
I TeMpLaR I UKTo add a further point, the games difficulty does not factor in the amount of experienced earned, it is based on your characters level so as you level up higher you earn more exp per kill, quest etc.
Posted by I TeMpLaR I UK on 07 May 09 at 10:38
FlammmyI got this achivement during the beginning of my 3rd play through while doing ally achievements ... it went like this:

first playthrough - hard core - finished on level 49
second playthrough - insanity - finished on level 59
third playthrough - insanity - got level 60 after doing ferros/noveria
Posted by Flammmy on 13 Jun 09 at 18:51
ZudatronMy level seemed to cap at 50 on my first play through on Casual.
Posted by Zudatron on 01 Jul 09 at 17:01
System of a DomOne bit of advice I would give is to use an Adept character!!! You need all the help you can get and 'Throw' is SO handy!
Posted by System of a Dom on 18 Dec 09 at 19:36
InugamiTheHoundyeah lvl 50-59 were easy to get but lvl 60 is crazy
I have 60,000+ and it wants me to get 80,000+
that means I will have to do a lot side quest and make sure I hack every single thing I see.
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 20 Dec 09 at 02:41
SmokingBmbr465862,100 total experience needed.
Posted by SmokingBmbr465 on 14 May 10 at 20:14
o Heres Jonny o200,000 more than level 59, looks like I will be playing for the 4th time
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 17 May 10 at 13:40
QuarantaneIt only took me 3 playthroughs to get this.

1st-Normal got to level 50
2nd- Hardcore- got to level 57 or 59, don't remember.
3rd- Insanity- got to level 60 before finishing my second mission planet (after rescuing Liara)

I was a soldier, with the Immunity specialization and Insanity was a breeze. Only died twice. The first time I turned to face a rocket heading right at me and immunity wore off. The second was the drive in the Mako to the conduit. I got blown up in the middle of the ramp to the conduit.

Though I ONLY did the storyline and didn't bother with assignments.
Posted by Quarantane on 16 Jul 10 at 19:30
Solario32That's what I did Ajma....thanks for the tip.
Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 15:58
MattiasAndersonNegative because of the spoiler.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 22 Oct 15 at 02:04
MattiasAndersonI just want to mention that i almost have the achievement after 2 playthroughs. i have 80.000 now
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 06 Nov 15 at 03:46