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Complete the “Mars Memory” simulation

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31 Aug 2018 31 Aug 2018
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Hi guys !

At start of chapter 3 you'll be sitting and talking to Alice.When you can get up,check the holographic table to your right and intect with it.Then go to your seat,look up and you'll be in the Mars simulation.

Now,simply go to the opposite side of the simulation and interact with the holographic sign close to the tree to finish the simulation and unlock the achievement.

Note: You can sit next to the yellow man on a bench if you want to progress on the LAZY achievement.This is highly missable !

Happy hunting ! rock
Darth RaLLeTo be able to close / get out of the simulation, you have to interact with the little blue pad on your way to the other side.
Posted by Darth RaLLe on 06 Sep 18 at 16:14