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Name 100 roads.

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02 Sep 2018 21 Jun 2019
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Edit 6/21/19: This solution may not work anymore

Simply remove a letter from a road confirm it then add it back

repeat 100 times then you got it

Tyler Kokoro commented an easier solution: don't change anything at all just confirm the name 100 times then your done
GerbasgamerEasiest method. Only need one road that way.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 04 Sep 18 at 17:25
eHeadDid wonder if this worked, thought it would, just didn't wanna be the one to find out it didnt lol
Posted by eHead on 06 Sep 18 at 00:38
Boneless117Best answer!
Posted by Boneless117 on 17 Sep 18 at 06:23
Tyler KokoroEven better. I clicked 100 times on rename without changing anything and then confirmed. This worked too.
Posted by Tyler Kokoro on 27 Sep 18 at 16:05
Barker Guru^ Can confirm this works
Posted by Barker Guru on 29 Sep 18 at 11:55
capicawlSome achievements are glitched now, possibly including this one because I’ve done what Tyler suggested and nothing. The progress bar doesn’t even move.
Posted by capicawl on 11 Oct 18 at 00:15
bryan dot exeI had to change the name to get it to pop
Posted by bryan dot exe on 05 Dec 18 at 01:44
Tyler KokoroJust one time and then confirmed it 100 times or did you actually change it 100 times?
Posted by Tyler Kokoro on 05 Dec 18 at 08:07
Blissed AwayYeah... totally worked not changing any text. Was worried bringing up the Xbox keyboard over and over would crash the game but it all went without any hiccups.
Posted by Blissed Away on 23 Mar 19 at 10:50
busterfrostyI removed a letter confirmed then added it back and confirmed 100 times. Nothing popped. Also tried clicking 100 times on rename without changing anything. Nothing popped. :/
Posted by busterfrosty on 21 Jun 19 at 22:28
charliethegamerHuh they might of patched this method then
Posted by charliethegamer on 21 Jun 19 at 22:39
Herseneni just confirm the name over and over again and i got the achiev
Posted by Hersenen on 02 Nov 19 at 18:33
Fuzzy Bear HugsI just earned this using the same method Hersenen described. Just keep confirming the same default name over and over and it'll pop.
Posted by Fuzzy Bear Hugs on 11 Nov 19 at 23:11
Netechmacan confirm as of date of posting you do NOT need to change any letters -simply alternate between the A button and start and it will count.
Posted by Netechma on 03 Jan at 05:43
WithTheDawnProbably obvious, but make sure you change the road name the first time then keep confirming that same changed name over and over. Just amending the existing default name 100 times doesn't seem to work.
Posted by WithTheDawn on 10 Jan at 21:32
Gruber HofI can confirm that you need to change the road name ONCE and then you can keep re-confirming it. Thank you WithTheDawn
Posted by Gruber Hof on 02 Feb at 22:02
Mimori 775Thank you WithTheDawn, your solution worked for me as well. Changed the road name once and just clicked start + A over and over again :)
Posted by Mimori 775 on 18 Mar at 15:55
Nv DefinesConfirmed Start + A without changing anything works.
Posted by Nv Defines on 06 Apr at 00:32
luketasticUKDeleting a letter and re-confirming 100x still works - thank you 🙏🏻
Posted by luketasticUK on 09 Aug at 22:42