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The Pharoah's Curse

Die 50 times

The Pharoah's Curse+1.9
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If your like me, this was one of my last achievements. By the time you’ve beat the game and done everything else with it, you may already be half way.

This solution is for a fast death method with the help of a coop partner. (This can be done solo but may take you a tiny bit longer but still effective)

Load up mission 1 ‘Harbins dig site’. Once you make it to Habins camp which is the area where you need your first Scarab Key. In the middle of the camp their is a spinning blade trap right next to a Sarcophagus.

Once there, the person going for the achievement will shoot the trap causing it to kill them. Then the other person stands right next to the sarcophagus, waiting to revive them. Then the person going for the achievement will come out and repeat the process.

I have a clip here for example:

Like I said, this can be done solo if you don’t have anyone to play with. You’d just have to restart checkpoint which will put you at the start of the camp site toast
BrutalPandaX nice and easy, thanks
Posted by BrutalPandaX on 20 Sep 18 at 17:57
M I K 3 ID v No worries! Glad it wasn’t just me that didn’t die a lot laugh I used my Co-op partner as a bullet sponge most the time lol!
Posted by M I K 3 ID v on 20 Sep 18 at 19:05
Lust x93 Thanks! :)
Posted by Lust x93 on 13 Nov 18 at 20:28
raidenhardcore killed myself a 100 times with a fire pot and reloading checkpoint but nothing unlocked
Posted by raidenhardcore on 16 Dec 18 at 16:08