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Equip a suppressed weapon in every weapon slot.

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Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity438,264
04 Sep 2018 16 Jul 2019
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For this achievement you need to find and equip three suppressors at the same time. 1 for your pistol and two for your main weapons which could be an AR, DMR, or SMG. This will obviously be very reliant on RNG and hoping you get good drops wherever you're looting. Also be sure to check the loot on players you killed as it's more common to take a suppressor from a fresh kill who might have had one.

After a 2019 update SMG / Pistol suppressors are now the same thing and compatible with each other. Meaning a pistol suppressor can be attached to an SMG and an SMG suppressor can be attached to a pistol.

The best two maps to go for this achievement would be Sanhok and Vikindi as they're both packed with loot.

EDIT: Thanks to AZT Sidewinder for confirming the VSS counts as a suppressed weapon.
EDIT: Thanks to Bricki for confirming the Crossbow counts as a suppressed weapon.
Reborn InsanityDid you do it on the Sanhok map? I've heard a lot of people are having trouble getting achievements to pop on that map.

I had an SKS, Scar, and the P18C when it popped for me. I was also on Miramar.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 04 Sep 18 at 14:13
BrickiGot this to work with silenced pistol. Silence ump. Along with crossbow.
Posted by Bricki on 04 Sep 18 at 18:24
Reborn InsanityThanks! Updated.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 04 Sep 18 at 19:09
Straight BlazenThe crossbow apparently counts as a silent weapon
Posted by Straight Blazen on 04 Sep 18 at 21:09
Reborn InsanityYeah, It's already in the solution. Thank you!
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 04 Sep 18 at 21:12
Chester CheevoI unlocked the Achievement, but didn’t receive any GS.
Posted by Chester Cheevo on 04 Sep 18 at 23:54
AM StangJust did this on Sanhok and no achievement
Posted by AM Stang on 05 Sep 18 at 03:25
Reborn InsanityThanks Stang for confirming my suspicions. I've added a warning to the solution.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 05 Sep 18 at 03:39
FatalTortoisei don't know if it's a sanhok thing i just got all three on erangel and it didn't unlock
Posted by FatalTortoise on 05 Sep 18 at 06:58
VictimOfDesireThis could be easier to do with friends in Duos/Squads. The more people you have looking for suppressors, the higher your chance of finding the parts you need. I had a suppressor for my sniper and pistol and my duo partner had a suppressor for his AR, so I asked him to give it to me so I can put it on my gun and once I did, I got the achievement. I then dropped all three of my guns so he could pick them all up and he got the achievement as well.
Posted by VictimOfDesire on 05 Sep 18 at 14:31
AZT SidewinderI got this with a VSS, Crossbow and silenced Pistol (loot RNG was not being kind..)
Posted by AZT Sidewinder on 07 Sep 18 at 12:22
Reborn InsanityThanks, I've updated the solution.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 07 Sep 18 at 13:20
MeowyMeowersonThank you for the information!
Posted by MeowyMeowerson on 07 Sep 18 at 15:14
FearedNightmareI received this achievement after switching my suppressor from my scar to my SKS whilst having a suppressed pistol.

TLDR it popped having only 2 suppressor
Posted by FearedNightmare on 08 Sep 18 at 22:51
Skeeter QuillThink this achievement is bugged. Done this in three games now and it still hasn't popped. One was with a VSS and an UMP, one with a QBU and a QBZ, last one with a M416 and an UMP. Think the pistol in all three was the 9mm single fire one, p95 is it?

Edit: It did actually pop on one of those occasions. Just not pop up on the screen. It unlocked silently.
Posted by Skeeter Quill on 10 Sep 18 at 12:51
Rockin Gamer752I just unlocked this on Sanhok with 2 suppressed UMPs and a pistol (1911, I think). A squadmate and I pooled our silenced weapons to get it then swapped back to what we had.
Posted by Rockin Gamer752 on 31 Dec 18 at 07:51
ColumnedJet9Have the patched the 2 suppressor method?
Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 31 Mar at 16:24