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Defeated the Grand Enemy

Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.

Defeated the Grand Enemy+0.4
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15 Feb 2009
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I think i have a better solution. Use the set trap skill and use a trap that freezes him in place and continually smack the crap out of him. I though it was impossible then i tried to do it this way and it took me about 3 minutes, but i was level 26
ovoondont forget to pick the good ending to get it.
Posted by ovoon on 30 Mar 09 at 14:28
Oohrah Recon3 minutes? Man, my character looked a lot like Chuck Norris, so he just had to look at him, and he fell dead. Then he turned, looked at my xbox 360 and winked. The screen went blank and I had the red ring winking back at me.....
Posted by Oohrah Recon on 15 Apr 09 at 01:38
AlisonRaeyyou want a good way to kill him try using mines and traps they do a wicked amount of damage fast and easy i killed him only at lvl 20 wasnt even that hard, killed a dragon at lvl 7 and golem at lvl 14 the games a little easy if you know how to kill the stuff in it.
Posted by AlisonRaey on 06 May 09 at 00:00
Well I probably beat him at 25 with straight sword and shield, if you keep your health high enough and use a varitey of skills there will be no issues.
Posted on 18 May 09 at 04:07
cupujoeI played the whole game and was a higher level. When i got to the final boss battle, i would simply attack,block and then jump back from his double fist slam. Rinse and repeat, you should have him pushing up daisies in no time.
Posted by cupujoe on 19 May 10 at 07:20
Mondo TitanSummon Spells! I just summoned a bunch of different creatures and watched them beat him and the guy at the gate up.
Posted by Mondo Titan on 30 Jun 10 at 17:28
evilknight23I posion darted him from a rock lol
Posted by evilknight23 on 30 Jul 10 at 02:44
FERnanD02009I used the spear of destiny...killed him in one or two hits
Posted by FERnanD02009 on 27 Jan 11 at 15:59