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Fast and Furious

Kill 10 players by hitting them with a vehicle.

Fast and Furious-0.1
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Poopdog M60RiotPoopdog M60Riot440,200
05 Sep 2018 06 Sep 2018
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The best way to go for this achievement is to try to run over AFK players at the end of the plane drop, specifically if they land in water and there is a nearby boat. This will be the easiest way because very few people will bother with the AFKers in water.
You could try to kill AFKers on land, but typically there is at least a few people to compete with.
(AFK killing is highly luck based)

Other (natural) tips would be to drive on the roadways when far from the next circle as other players will also be looking for a vehicle giving you the best chance for a splat. Another advantageous spot would be in open fields especially on Erangel because enemies won’t have any cover.

Anyway this will take a bit of skill and luck but is quite doable in time. Good luck all.
IrrotationalThe tracking seems pretty glitch. I killed several people over a few matches and not a single one counted in the tracker (it stayed on 7 kills the whole time).

Another day I logged in and tried again, could only kill one person and it tracked to get to 8. Same method and maps (the two big ones), it just seems pot luck whether the game is in the mood to track that kill.

My in game stats say I have something like 17 vehicle kills now...but only 8 tracked....
Posted by Irrotational on 14 Sep 18 at 14:28
Poopdog M60RiotMany gamers are having problems with tracking right now, including myself. Hopefully they roll out a patch to fix everything soon.
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 16 Sep 18 at 07:43
IrrotationalAnecdotally I had it track much better on the original map than the newer desert one (didn't really try with sanhok at all).
Posted by Irrotational on 16 Sep 18 at 18:34
ElliotStonePersonally i would just attempt this using the boat as this is what my car kills attempt was like. ElliotStone playing PUBG: Battlegrounds
Posted by ElliotStone on 25 Oct 18 at 10:24
DubstepEdgelordAs far as I know, afk players now drown, so be warned.
Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 13 Aug 19 at 01:18
ZensMeatSlabThat's what I'm finding. They don't appear parachuting til the last second and then disappear.
Posted by ZensMeatSlab on 23 Aug 20 at 22:00