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Fashion Statement

Complete a Collections Badge.

Fashion Statement-0.1
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Epilepsy SucksEpilepsy Sucks375,660
08 Sep 2018 20 Jul 2020
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On November 10, 2020 this will no longer be the best way to earn the achievement, as many of the destinations will be removed from the game. I will update the solution once Beyond Light releases.

This may not be the fastest guide considering some may have every exotic.


If you pause the screen and tab over to the left to collections you'll be able to see all of your collections. In my humble opinion, the easier route for this without having to wait for Xur to have the exotic you need is Destinations: Red War.

For this, you need to visit the base game planetary vendors and earn/purchase the armor from each of them.

So look at it like this:

Devrim Kay on EDZ
Sloane on Titan
Failsafe on Nessus
Asser Mir (That was not a typo) on Io

I do not believe that you need Vanguard or Crucible Gear for this as it changes and the planetary vendor's stays the same.

If there's anything incorrect in this, feel free to let me know in the comments.

One thing I will add is that with the way planetary rep works now, you'll need the same planetary resource to level up with the vendor.

EDZ : Dusklight Shard
Titan: Alkane Dust
Nessus: Dattalattice (Not sure if spelled right)
Io: Phaseglass

A quick way to earn get these is from the Spider at the Tangled Shore. Keep in mind that his stock changes daily.

Another way to earn planetary mats is through bounties the vendors will sell. They cost a measly 250 Glimmer, and can range from chores like "Two Patrols on X", "30 Precision Kills", or "10 Grenade Kills."

EDIT 11/18/2018: One of the best ways to earn planetary mats, besides buying them or the vendor bounties, is through the Region chests. Each one gives you roughly 10 for the planetary material said chest was found on.
MASTER1IVEI got it with only the hunter's armor. No need for all three classes. If the achievement doesn't unlock, change your character
Posted by MASTER1IVE on 08 Sep 18 at 12:56
Epilepsy SucksOkay, I'll update it then. Thanks.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 08 Sep 18 at 14:37
SiegfriedXSo, in short you just need a ton of glimmer for this. Buy the resource from the spider, level up the vendor, buy the armor, go to the next one and so on.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 08 Sep 18 at 21:46
Epilepsy SucksFor the most part, yes. Reason why I haven't earned it myself is because I'm more pressed on leveling up.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 08 Sep 18 at 22:43
REDWINGS05Just got this today some tips to add if people don't have the glimmer is to put on a ghost shell and run around in a circle on the map and collect chest. Also is they haven't collected the regional chest those give 6-10 resources each so those are easy money to get up quick. Also once you have done 10 engrams to each vendor, which is 50 resources/engram, you can them buy whatever armor pieces you are missing for 10 resources each. I would hold off on buying any individual gear until you have all 5 pieces unlocked as you may get some in a drop. Spider is the way to go though, used him to farm 1 factions worth on this. Hope this helps or gives more info to add as well.
Posted by REDWINGS05 on 09 Sep 18 at 01:23
Ex GHOSTfaceI’ve done this 5 days ago and still my achievement hasn’t popped. Restarted game, switched characters... nothing worked.
Posted by Ex GHOSTface on 09 Sep 18 at 01:44
Epilepsy SucksGood points. The region chests on your alt characters (if you haven't opened them) will give you a lot.

As for it not unlocking, it could be a syncing issue with XBL. I noticed on launch day the achievement for 5000 Triumph was buggy. It popped 10-20 minutes after I earned it.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 09 Sep 18 at 04:44
A BatwomanFor most destiny achievements you have to log out of your account under your character to unlock.

This works thank you!
Posted by A Batwoman on 09 Sep 18 at 12:25
xCENAxMODThis is by far the easiest one. If you get lucky with the engrams, you might not even need to get 10 engrams. I only needed 6 on Titan. Spend your extra glimmer on the planetrary mats, Spider sells in the Tangled shore
Posted by xCENAxMOD on 09 Sep 18 at 16:03
LucioOhsCerealI just need Spider to sell dusklight shards soon. Thanks for the great guide! +1
Posted by LucioOhsCereal on 09 Sep 18 at 23:11
Fuzzmeister JI would just need to get raid seals for the last original exotic, but not many people are playing the raid now. I never used the LFG site before, but it seems pretty empty. I guess this expansion hasn't brought many people back.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 10 Sep 18 at 14:01
Epilepsy SucksUse LFG on Xbox. Plenty of people are still using playing the old content. Played Eater of World last night.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 10 Sep 18 at 23:56
Fuzzmeister JI got this with the Forsaken badge. You get most of the gear playing in the two new zones. The only thing that's a big random is the emblem which I got for failing a T2 blind well. IMO the easiest one as you don't need to spend precious resources in several zones.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 01 Oct 18 at 15:37
MR MITT3NSMaybe you were being sarcastic with the "Asser Mir" reference since he is an asshole...but technically it is a typo because his name is Asher Mir...
Posted by MR MITT3NS on 03 Nov 18 at 08:33
A Navy of DucksAnyone know of a caculator to determine how many mats are needed to reach rank 10 aka worst case scenario
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 10 Nov 18 at 04:03
Epilepsy SucksYes, I was being sarcastic. Purely because I call him that in game all the time.

As for the amount you'll need to reach rank ten? My best guess is roughly 100. You'll need more because each armor requires 10 mats to purchase them.
Posted by Epilepsy Sucks on 19 Nov 18 at 05:00
vSullyI thought I was going to need to do this on all three characters but it only requires one (even though the badge descriptions clearly say one character, which I overlooked initially).

I was close enough that all I had to do was buy somegear from Devrim, Sloan, and Asser then farm 30 datalattice to buy what I was missing from Failsafe.

And I had to log out and back in for it to pop.
Posted by vSully on 27 Nov 18 at 14:55
IOnEI FalconSorry for the ignorant question but I don't understand how to view the Red War collection. It seems like I can only view by weapon type? It sounded like I could see what was required to complete this collection by filtering by it. Is that possible? Thanks!
Posted by IOnEI Falcon on 29 Nov 18 at 18:18
Zeta SighSo short version is buy planetary materials and exchange for rep with vendor?
Posted by Zeta Sigh on 03 Jan 19 at 18:20
vSullyYou need to use planetary materials at planetary vendors to unlock the ability to purchase planetary equipment. You also might get that equipment as a reward from packages from each vendor.
Posted by vSully on 03 Jan 19 at 19:52
VTandPanthersAs I have noticed with the 5,000 triumph point achievement as well, I think this achievement will only pop if you own the forsaken DLC as well as the base game, even though the achievements display as options when the game is running. Just got all of the red war gear this morning, logged in and out and no achievement so far.
Posted by VTandPanthers on 14 Jan at 16:22
MiZ Dove OGThis didnt pop for me after finishing the Destintion Red War collections, but it did for my friend so I know it qualifies. I do own the Forsaken DLC. So tired of this game not popping these achievements, especially when they are unreasonable ones that take way too much effort.
Posted by MiZ Dove OG on 16 Apr at 15:25
pogomaxI have completed all the requirements for this and own the forsaken dlc and this did not pop for me, but it has for a friend also anyone e have any info how to get this to pop
Posted by pogomax on 17 May at 11:57
MisterSledgeFor me, I had completed only 5/10 within Season of the Undying, but the achievement just popped after loading up the new Season 11 (started yesterday). YMMV
Posted by MisterSledge on 10 Jun at 16:42
Homunculus Furythe current season of arrivals only has 20 items as well.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Jul at 16:49