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Heart of the Awoken

Enter the Dreaming City.

Heart of the Awoken0
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08 Sep 2018 20 Sep 2018
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This is available after completing the main forsaken campaign. Talk to Petra and the Spider and you will be given a pursuit involving the Broken Awoken Talisman. The first step is to complete 3 lost sectors (per koolkong94: There are 5 lost sectors in Tangled Shore. 2 in Thieves' Landing, and one in every other major zone. You need the ones in Jetsam of Saturn and Four-Horn Gulch and the southern one in Thieves' Landing) the one you don't need is the one that requires you to take the elevator to the top. Once you complete the 3 lost sectors you next have to kill taken enemies.

You can do this however you want, including the Lake of Shadows strike. I personally did it by going to Io and running the lost sector right across from the fast travel in the Rupture. Takes about 6 runs through the lost sector or 2 runs through the strike. Now the (potentially) hard part.

The next step involves completing an ether harvest public event which only spawns in the four-horn gulch area. The only problem is there are 3 different public events which can spawn in this area. I had to wait through 3 public events before it finally spawned. The event involves killing 3 chieftains and then killing the abomination. I actually walked away while waiting and came back to find that 2 chieftains had already been killed before I joined in, luckily the quest step was still completed at the completion of the public event.

Last but not least you will be given an actual story mission, and once completed you have full access to the Dreaming City. I believe the achievement actually pops when you first arrive in the city. Have fun, the Dreaming City is tough!
REDWINGS05Gambit is a great way to get taken kills as well if people have games of that they need to play or just to rank up if they choose. I found it faster than the lost sectors personally. Normally midway through game 2 I would unlock the next step
Posted by REDWINGS05 on 12 Sep 18 at 14:53
drownedLTspeirsThat is a good way to get taken kills, only problem is it might take a few tries to get taken as the enemy in gambit. Sort of relies on rng. The good thing is gambit is pretty fun so it might be less tedious than running lost sectors and strikes.
Posted by drownedLTspeirs on 13 Sep 18 at 16:50
NameOfTheMasterJust for info, you don't actually need to take part in the public event.
I went up the lift to the 4 horns area, and stepped away from the controller. When I return about 5 minutes later, the next quest step had popped. The event happened in the area while I was away, and I was within range at the lift area.
Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 15 Sep 18 at 18:46
drownedLTspeirsNameOfTheMaster nice that's pretty convenient! This will be much easier if all you have to do is be in the area.
Posted by drownedLTspeirs on 17 Sep 18 at 16:24
koolkong94There are 5 lost sectors in Tangled Shore. 2 in Thieves' Landing, and one in every other major zone. You need the ones in Jetsam of Saturn and Four-Horn Gulch and the southern one in Thieves' Landing.
Posted by koolkong94 on 19 Sep 18 at 02:09
drownedLTspeirsYou're right, I just realized that like an hour ago when a friend pointed it out haha I will update the solution, thanks!
Posted by drownedLTspeirs on 20 Sep 18 at 04:56
AFlying PENGU1NI actually got this achievement by doing a strike,
I was in the strike playlist and it loaded me in and while I was landed the achievements popped,

I'd like to add I HAVE NOT finished the story and still have this achievement

So you can get it from the strike taken place here
Posted by AFlying PENGU1N on 23 Sep 18 at 21:48
drownedLTspeirsThat's interesting! Could be a weird Destiny glitch, they're pretty infamous for buggy achievements.
Posted by drownedLTspeirs on 24 Sep 18 at 05:04
TendedFatbackdoes the public event have to go heroic i did it and it didn't count for me
Posted by TendedFatback on 23 Jan 19 at 00:28
drownedLTspeirsIt's been a long time but I don't think mine went heroic and I still got it, not sure why it didn't count for you. Just keep trying.
Posted by drownedLTspeirs on 24 Jan 19 at 17:59
ZNMSI can confirm that the strike method works.
Posted by ZNMS on 17 Apr 19 at 03:37
PhantomK66On the DESTINATIONS tab of the DIRECTOR , click on the DREAMING CITY. Next click on the mission LAST WISH. Start the mission, LAST WISH. When the mission begins, pop goes the achievement.
Posted by PhantomK66 on 22 Dec 19 at 13:55
MisterSledgeThanks, PhantomK66. I just got the DLC and went straight to the “Dungeon” in The Dreaming City. Popped right away.
Posted by MisterSledge on 10 Jun at 16:38
i am 4orty2woJust got it doing Nightfall: The Ordeal, which was a Forsaken strike (The Corrupted) this week. Popped the second I loaded in.
Posted by i am 4orty2wo on 13 Jun at 18:33