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Crime Scene Investigator

Examine all objects in the baroness' cabin.

Crime Scene Investigator-0.1
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11 Sep 2018
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Chapter 2
When looking around the Baroness's room examine each item until the icon disappears.
After entering the room:

Immediately turn around and examine the lock and chain on the door - Twice
look to the ceiling examine the ventilation cover - twice
examine the red alarm in the corner - once
examine portable cupboard, open it then examine twice.
examine the notepad, grab the pencil and draw on the page to reveal the message
examine the mannequin
examine the painting - once,
examine the vase three times, then use the ice tongs(from saloon bar) to pick out an item.
search the drawer, then examine the tape recorder twice then examine the audioreel - take the audioreel
examine the bed, search the bed, examine the blood spot, until the dialogue loops
examine the portholetwice.
examine the luggage twice, search the handbag, read diary attempt to take diary.
Take a look under the bed you will find feathers after this some feathers will be on the carpet take them.

Achievement unlocked.
Bridge188I didn't examine the lock and chain at all, and still got it
Posted by Bridge188 on 06 Mar at 18:39