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Head to Toe So Player

Allow 24 bags of dropped items to accumulate on the ground.

Head to Toe So Player-0.2
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13 Sep 2018 28 Jun 2019
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This is real easy and can be done in either solo or co-op. If done in co-op, all players will pop the achievement.

Fire up a game of Daybreak and run to the three storage chests located in the back of your base (Behind where the technician hangs out). Equip as many items as you can from one chest and then drop them all on the ground. You do this by accessing your Inventory (cn_down and cn_LB). Drop your items by moving your cursor over them and pressing cn_Y. Be sure to also drop your equipped weapons (gun and melee weapon).

After dropping everything you have equipped (can't drop your backpack or base knife), proceed to clean out the next chest to rinse and repeat. There should be more than enough items there for you to net the 24 needed for your achievement. I think I counted 27-28 total starting items when I did this.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions to make this solution clearer, please leave it in the comments.
Chief0fZombiesI can confirm that if you do this everyone in the game will get the achievement regardless of who dropped the stuff on the ground.
Posted by Chief0fZombies on 16 Sep 18 at 22:35
HyyrGreat advice, I didn't know you could do it with the starting items. One note though- you actually press down (not up) to access inventory (at least the default settings on my game are this way).
Posted by Hyyr on 05 Apr 19 at 15:34