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Go to your room!

Store a vehicle.

Go to your room!0
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14 Sep 2018
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After the initial introductory tutorial, you will already own two vehicles; the "Backhoe" and "CT660 Flatbed and Crane". This achievement is really easy to earn.

Press cn_down (Down on the D-pad) to open up your fleet of vehicles currently un-stored. Once this menu pop's up simply press cn_X on either one of the two vehicles. Confirm that you want to store your vehicle with cn_A; this will then be followed with the achievement popping.

An additional note, to retrieve your vehicle you just have to go to "Motor Pool" in the "Company Menu" by pressing cn_start and then select the vehicle with the blue garage symbol, press cn_A and then "Retrieve"

Any improvements, drop a comment and I will do my best to accommodate them. Happy Hunting.