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Green Talon

Fail during the first wave in a session of Daybreak.

Green Talon0
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14 Sep 2018
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All you have to do is fail the first wave so the easiest way to get this Achievement is to play solo don't repair the damaged wall and just let the zombies attack until you fail and the Achievement should pop.
Chief0fZombiesIf the AI keeps killing everything before the Tech dies like they did when I tried then play with 2 or 3 players and he will definitely die in wave 1. clap
Posted by Chief0fZombies on 16 Sep 18 at 22:37
SirScatterbrainThe zombie spawns seem slightly random, so it might take a few tries, but this can definitely be done solo, even though the AI is a nuisance.
Constantly running into the AI seems to help, as they will try to jump out of the way, interrupting their fire.
Posted by SirScatterbrain on 25 Sep 18 at 11:06
Stoner Graemeyou can also distract them with fire, burning the tech makes it easier for average z's to hit him, i used rocket pods, burnt em all and let the zeds finish the job
Posted by Stoner Graeme on 26 Sep 18 at 02:30
Solo P3T3RThis isn't a guide. Its just a definition of the achievement. The AI always kill the zombies. Thumbs down.
Posted by Solo P3T3R on 02 Sep at 21:08
NOTOR1OUS T1TO@Solo P3T3R "Thumbs down" I literally got it on my first try 🤣 give it a try kid
Posted by NOTOR1OUS T1TO on 03 Sep at 18:57