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I Have This Condition

Collect all of the "Escape Mode" snapshots

I Have This Condition+1.1
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21 Sep 2018 23 Sep 2018
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Snap shots are dropped at random but still in certain rooms. I have created a map called "I Have This Condition" with easy access to all rooms for collecting all snap shots so no need to waste time with Pre built maps. the map can also be used to grind out some of the other achievements.

Simply load the map run around until you find the snap shot then exit. do it again until you have all snap shots.

I've made a few changes to the map to make it easier to grind out some of the other achievements. The padded cell is now near the main block so if you end up there instead of the red cell it's easier to grind from. there are now 50 metal detectors out the back of the red cell for sabotaging. Add a few more cooks and a couple of more guards.
InkyPawsCurrently using your prison. Only things I would suggest is your cell being by the main chunk and a metal detector. Another chef wouldn't hurt.
Posted by InkyPaws on 22 Sep 18 at 12:43
BlackxRyanGot them all, your prison works perfectly.
Posted by BlackxRyan on 22 Sep 18 at 16:32
L0RDM0NEY0FMANDo you need the other DLC to use this prison?
Posted by L0RDM0NEY0FMAN on 28 Sep 18 at 04:19
GroungeMunky@ L0RDM0NEY0FMAN
I built the prison with all the add on's install. I'm not sure how the game manages the maps if you don't own the DLC sorry.
Posted by GroungeMunky on 28 Sep 18 at 18:11
Failure OnlineNeed to have the psych ward as suggested above, but don't need to have All Day And A Night. Thanks
Posted by Failure Online on 22 Dec 19 at 02:42