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**DISCLAIMER - The game is not fully released and is subject to updates. So far these updates have made the game significantly more difficult and nullified some of my tips. Due to frequent game overhauls this guide may no longer be accurate. I will try my best to keep it updated in a timely manner. **

This isn't a guide per se, but rather a collection of tips and knowledge that I hope will help in getting this achievement. Suggestions are welcome.

1. Only spend gold on getting new cars. You'll want a good number of 3 star cars (at least 4) and will need the cars for The Collector achievement.
2. You will need to replay events to dominate them. Both for the cash and the gold. I dominated 41 of the 72 story events. I also played a limited time event that guaranteed a 3 star car and gave lots of cash. Be sure to play these if they pop up and you have good enough cars.
3. Save your repair kits when possible. You'll need several 3 stars for the last few events, and they're fairly difficult to come by until the final episode. I finished with 72 3 star repair kits. Repairs are no longer star-specific.
4. Do not spend cash on any cars but the ones you use. While you may upgrade them later to reach level 20 for The Collector achievement, I had issues with having enough money for most of the game to upgrade just the cars I used. doing the free card every 4 hours can give you $500 which is pretty significant.
6. It's up to you if you want to increase the difficulty to get better rewards. All you get this way is more challenge cards, not more cash. Challenge cards are only good for upgrade kits (which you'll be swimming in at the end of the game) and a small chance at 5 or 10 gold. In my opinion they are worth it for the chance at gold (only spend on cars!), but I wouldn't go for them if you fall behind your opponent's PR. (They now exclusively give tuning kits (Dec 13, 2018))
7. The final event is a min of 18 races and the final car has a PR of 635. This will require a 3 star car or better. Below is a table of the highest PRs in each event.
8. My best car was a 3 star and had a PR of 639 at Rank 3/4 Level 26/30. My other cars were about 10 points lower than the competition but I managed to win by doing perfect races (perfect starts, breaks + gas). You can miss one or two break/gas and still win most of the time. You can mess up a lot if you're significantly (>25 point) higher than your opponent. If it's a close race you're best off using your boost after every corner (on the straightaways) rather than letting it build up.

The table below lists the shortest and easiest path.

Part | Event 1 | Event 2 | Event 3 | Event 4 | Event 5 | Event 6
E1 P1 | 410(2) | 405(3) | 415(3) | 401(3) | 405(3) | 409(4Su)
E1 P2 | 404(4) | 405(4) | 406(4) | 405(5) | 410(4) | 412(5St)
E1 P3 | 411(3) | 418(5) | 428(4) | 439(4) | 443(5) | 448(4Sp)
E1 P4 | 444(5) | 449(5) | 453(6) | 458(5) | 449(5) | 467(6M)

E2 P1 | 475(5) | 479(5) | 483(6) | 486(5) | 490(6) | 494(6St-Mod)
E2 P2 | 488(6) | 494(6) | 499(6) | 505(6) | 510(6) | 516(6Sp-Mod)
E2 P3 | 408(6) | 513(6) | 517(6) | 524(6) | 530(6) | 535(7M-Mod)
E2 P4 | 529(7) | 534(7) | 540(7) | 545(6) | 551(6) | 556(10Su-Mod)

E3 P1 | 529(6) | 534(6) | 538(6) | 543(6) | 547(6) | 552(6Sp-Cla)
E3 P2 | 546(5) | 552(5) | 558(6) | 565(5) | 571(6) | 577(7St-Cla)
E3 P3 | 577(6) | 583(6) | 587(6) | 595(6) | 601(6) | 607(7Su-Cla)
E3 P4 | 604(7) | 610(7) | 616(7) | 623(6) | 629(6) | 635(10M-Cla)

Su - Super
St - Street
Sp - Sports
M - Muscle
Mod - Modern
Cla - Classic
noose01I think that these aren't correct anymore because of updates.
Episode 3, Part 1, Event 6 you need Classic Sportscar. Opponents PR is 547-567 for races you have to complete with Classic Sportscar.
Posted by noose01 on 20 Mar 19 at 20:03
ToamikelYeah, you're definitely right. They changed the whole game up and made it harder. Will update it soonish.
Posted by Toamikel on 20 Mar 19 at 21:50
noose01It would be great help. It's hard to figure out which car to upgrade.
Posted by noose01 on 21 Mar 19 at 06:01
Larvi1Episode 3 looks like it is all classic cars, sports, then street, then super than muscle for the finale. I'm stuck trying to get a 3 star classic street car, have several 2 star close but can't seem to ever get the right ones on the spins and most of the spotlight cars are modern which doesn't help here.
Posted by Larvi1 on 28 Mar 19 at 02:20
Larvi1Well looks like I've hit a wall at part 3 event 6. You need to use a classic supercar to beat a PR 612 car for the final. The only classic supercars in the game are common cars so they top out at PR 567 as a 3 star and no matter how many times I try I cannot win, even with a perfect start and subsequent boost I'm behind by the first corner and the AI pulls away from there. I managed to beat the PR 600 at the start of the event but the 612 seems to be theoretically impossible.

So short of getting a 4 star classic super car which will probably take upwards of a year of grinding for duplicates I'm at a loss on how to get past this. Open to any tips from anyone who has managed to do this.
Posted by Larvi1 on 12 Apr 19 at 20:01
erod550Repairs are star-specific, using the same number of wrenches per repair as the star level of the car you're repairing. Wrenches are pretty easy to come by though so I'm not sure how that compares to repair kits.
Posted by erod550 on 22 Apr 19 at 05:19
Larvi1Yeah, repairs aren't all that constrained now that they changed to wrenches from the repair kits. I probably did the finals for P3 and P4 around 50 times each before I won so it was a good thing I had a lot saved, still have 99+ wrenches

And I finally beat episode 3 tonight. Here are the cars that I used for the finals for reference:
P1 - Porsche 914/6 PI558
P2 - Ford Capri RS3100 PI567
P3 - Porsche 911 Carerra RS PI567
P4 - Ford Mustang Boss 302 PI594
Posted by Larvi1 on 23 Apr 19 at 03:54
Jdobemyea, i'm stuck with 2 stars only for Street and Super, so unless they change this, its going to be a long grind. Cant even buy them out :(
Posted by Jdobem on 15 May 19 at 16:50
noose01Stuck at E3 P3 Event 6. Have to upgrade my Miura, hopefully it is capable enough.
Posted by noose01 on 16 May 19 at 19:32
BipeFlyerI was using the Miura maxed out. Had perfect launch and perfect on brake and gas on every corner. Couldn't be the 605 car in middle. I notice AI get stupid sometimes so hoping for that. Also, using boost at right time is critical to win or lose I found. will have to try different 1 or 2 level boosts. I have the 911 at 3 stars, so guess I'll max that out and try it.
Posted by BipeFlyer on 08 Jun 19 at 22:25
JdobemI notice some tracks you can just not brake on a particular corner. Not sure if what you gain there is enough for the lost boost...
Posted by Jdobem on 09 Jun 19 at 00:05
xDANGEROUSCATxThe trick to finish the game is to hit the other car.
Posted by xDANGEROUSCATx on 19 Jun 19 at 18:34
noose01E3 P3 Event 6 done. I drove 3 star maxed Miura with PI 567.
Had to try Middle classic couple of times so I had decent run and AI was slower. Final opponent with PI 607 was quite tough. It took me 13 tries before I nailed it. My time was 44,369. Launch and first corner were perfect. In middle corner I just went flat out and perfected last corner. Oppenent tried to overtake in uphill or right after it put collided in me and I won by a hair clap
Posted by noose01 on 22 Jun 19 at 11:51
SIRxMATHxPeople looking for 100% of this game already know about the hard spots: EP3-PT3-EP6 (Classic Super required) & EP3-PT4-EP6 (Classic Muscle required).
For Classic Super you can get as much as a 567 car and need to beat a 607 car.
For Classic Muscle you can get as much as a 594 car and need to beat a 635 car.
Just like xDANGEROUSCATx said before the clue to beat the game without any 4/5 stars car is try to hit the IA car, preferably at FIRST corner avoiding doing a perfect acceleration when leaving this curve, don't worry about the red alert, it is just better accelerate in advance here, then hit the car and pass it (it not so difficult but it requires some practice of course) then continue doing perfect breaks and accelerates from this point to the end race...and boom!
Posted by SIRxMATHx on 24 Jun 19 at 03:14
Alias DJAManaged to finally knock off Classic Super last night.

Episode 3 has Classic Cards available through story in Chapter 3, Events 1-6.

Managed to get the 4k needed, and spun the Porsche at 3 star. Spotlight chips have also helped as they do appear in the wheel spin. It's a very long process that will help chip away at it - but I only ever managed 2 x 1 * Muira which didn't even get it to 3*.

remember if you literally click ONCE on the spin button, you can see what cards are available for yourself. Good luck
Posted by Alias DJA on 25 Jun 19 at 07:21
erod550I'm still working on this one, finally got through Ep3P3 and now mid P4. I've found when racing cars significantly above your level, that besides getting lucky and the AI having a bad run, having a full (2x) boost bar for the final straight after the last turn seems to help. It's not foolproof because sometimes saving up boost they have built too big of a lead to overcome, but it seems to work better than just single boosting as soon as you have it every time.
Posted by erod550 on 28 Jun 19 at 18:10
ChevDaddy911Just to add my own experience for Ep3 part 3 event 6.
Had no luck with 3* 911 RS 567PI so tried 3* 904 565PI - Good launch, perfect 1st corner, double boost, no lift through 2nd corner, Miura ahead at 3rd corner, late break, hit Miura, early gas, single boost and won by half a car length.
Posted by ChevDaddy911 on 30 Jun 19 at 22:04
Jdobemperfect launch, ok corner hitting him, flat out 2nd corner and double boost after 3rd corner. Barely made it. Phew! Now to uninstall this gem...
Posted by Jdobem on 11 Jul 19 at 18:19
Jdobemand obviously , after all this pain, the extra cards and credits I spin after finishing the game gave me the 4stars Classic Muscle I needed to win. Bah! F2P
Posted by Jdobem on 11 Jul 19 at 18:21
gresnikOh wow... I just beat the final race this morning and I'm so glad to be done with it. Don't get discouraged guys, this game is totally beatable. Final race I did perfect launch, perfect brake and gas on the 1st corner, flat out through the 2nd corner (where I bumped the AI car perfectly and kept all my momentum) and the perfect brake and ok gas on the final corner. 2 single boosts on the final sprint and I won... Episode 3 Part 3 with the Classic Super cars was tougher than this one I think. This game really needs to overhaul the card system... going from 3 stars to 4 stars is way too impossible.
Posted by gresnik on 12 Jul 19 at 13:46
bob qoqPorsche 904 at 567 is 0 for 50 for me so far vs 607 boss. Grinding for spotlight cards and for gold, to try and get 4 stars on any Classic Super. Looks like it'll take 35 or 40 hits to get from 3 stars to 4. That's about 18K Gold, 200 Spotlight Cards, 800 daily spins - or a combination thereof. Hoping over the next 2-3 months I can pick up a 4-star Muscle Car for Part 4.
Posted by bob qoq on 20 Jul 19 at 02:25
gresnikThe Classic Super boss was probably the toughest race in the game. I also used the Porsche 904 and maxed it out at 567. From what I remember, you have to bump him perfectly on the 1st corner... slow him right down and don't lose your own momentum, and then one of the remaining corners is flat out and just have to be perfect on the other corner. If everything comes together right, you win... otherwise just keep retrying. Probably took me 50 tries as well, but it's do-able. Don't give up! Don't bother with trying for 4-star upgrades because it'll take forever to get them. I was using the 69 Charger for Classic Muscle, it was about 50% upgraded to 4-star... in the week that it was the spotlight car, I 100% every spotlight event, cashed in all my cards, and didn't even get it up to 75%. The upgrade system is total bullshit.
Posted by gresnik on 21 Jul 19 at 18:45
ChevDaddy911I also used the 904 3 star, more or less maxed out. Later I beat the 607PI classic super a further 3 times (still 3 star 904) to dominate the event. It helps a lot being able to go flat out through turn 2, the Miura was definitely the hardest opponent. I think a recent update may have stopped the ability to go flat out through the 2nd corner. I have just managed to get a 4 star classic super so it is possible without a spotlight event, it just takes forever! (lol), did this by purchasing super daily specials on Thursdays (approx 40 cards) and dominating the super upgrade events. 100% Completion requires the patience of a saint unless you're willing to spend a lot of money.
Posted by ChevDaddy911 on 18 Aug 19 at 12:07
IamMeLoDyFinished it recently. Can confirm super classic 607 is beatable with a 567 miura. Didnt have to bump into him, just played a couple of times and did a double boost on the last stretch. After a few times he did only a single boost on the final stretch and that's where I got him by a long distance.
Few tips. Spotlight event seems to rotate cars, but especially when there any classic car as a spotlight there's usually a lot of other classic cars in the rotation. Use that to get your classics. And also: the earned spotlight cards carry over into the next week! I can get around 14 cards a week and saved up to 60 all the time. When a car comes I want, I there's no luck involved and I can easily get it up to 4 star. 5 star is ridiculous though with the amount it takes.....
Posted by IamMeLoDy on 20 Aug 19 at 02:01
MarsumestariJust completed the notorious super classic 607 race. Car used: Porsche 904 3-star maxed (567). First I tried bumping in all the corners but every time Miura just flew away.

How I eventually got it:
1. Perfect start
2. No boosting on the first straight
3. Perfect first corner
4. Double boost on the second straight
5. Second corner is tricky, just after entering red zone, release gas and immediatly press is again (Late brake/Very early gas) and you should be ahead of Miura and you should not hit the wall, just go as close to it as possible
6. Do NOT boost on the third straght
7. Perfect third corner
8. Double boost on the last straight

This is not 100% sure method because the AI might have better luck and you might still lose. But as mentioned before, just keep trying and you will eventually get it.
Posted by Marsumestari on 26 Aug 19 at 16:43
NMANOZ@ Marsumestari, you are a legend. That worked 1st turn for me using the Miura. clap
Posted by NMANOZ on 27 Aug 19 at 05:21
Marsumestari@NMANOZ good to know it helped!dance
Posted by Marsumestari on 27 Aug 19 at 11:05
CrazyIvan21It seems a lot of the end game is luck based but I find that being aggressive really helps and that means not always getting perfect corners. The term rubbing is racing is apt here. Anyway its a long slog without spending money on the game and I wouldn't recommend starting it.
Posted by CrazyIvan21 on 12 Sep 19 at 11:14
LP Tato BR@Marsumestari Thank you so much for that info! It worked after 10 tries using the Miura. I had tried more than 100 times with the 911 Carrera, but no luck.
Posted by LP Tato BR on 12 Sep 19 at 13:44
KriostyxIf you're like me and thought the cars were more or less equally good and invested in the 3 star 911 Carrera RS at 567 in the sports classic boss, it can be done, it's just real dickish.

I also ended up bumping into the opponent as the only solution with that car.

- Good launch
- keep gas on throughout the first corner hitting the opponent in the process. Never let go of the gas there.
- drive the rest of the race normally with as perfect corners as you can

Those steps worked for me. Driving normally and fairly seemed undoable unless the AI makes some rare mistake.

And now it's back to the grind since I assume I need to get a 4 star muscle classic car and then fully upgrade that.... Could take weeks. Man the balance in the final levels is BS... :D
Posted by Kriostyx on 03 Oct 19 at 17:32
KriostyxI finally got this one, beating the Muscle Classic episode. Took me 55 days to complete the game without using any money, and playing basically all spotlight events, dominating all of story part 1 and 2 and some portions of 3, I don't even want to think how many of the upgrade events I had to do and there was a McLaren event for some time in there that I did as much of as I could for every day it was on. 55 days, hours of playing every day and the grind and the BS free to play mechanics and randomness in the automatic steering that screws you over in tough races.... this was seriously not worth it and I would advise anyone to just not even start this. It's really really bad.
Posted by Kriostyx on 21 Oct 19 at 09:27
planchetflawAny advice for the Muscle Classic race in EP4? I have my 594 car, but looking for advice on this track for the best way to win.
EDIT: Race normally, but just don't brake for the final corner. Easy win.
Posted by planchetflaw on 01 Dec 19 at 09:00
Dusk X2It's not that bad. You just have to understand the animal you are dealing with here. It's free to play. And a long grind. I like to have one of these "backburner" games I call them going sometimes. Spend enough time up front to get used to the mechanics and understand what you have to do each day to pick up your free or easy to get upgrades and then do that. I play it between loading screens of other race games I've been playing lately and it's perfect for that. It is not meant or possible to play this in one marathon session. Unless you want to spend money for no other reason. I have NOT finished it yet, but I can see the progress coming slow and steady and I'm in no rush to beat it. Play your auto race races as available to eat your energy and convert it to a few challenge cards as you can for easy low involvement race wins. Check your Performance index, if you are 20 points higher than opposition you can autorace them without even playing the races. But do some races yourself to make progress on the 500 miles driven for an achievement.
Posted by Dusk X2 on 15 Dec 19 at 03:35
DAZTKIt is worth noting I have now maxed my 3 star muscle classic (Dodge Charger R/T) and I'm stuck at PI 575. This is considerably lower than a maxed muscle 3 star classic mentioned above in the comments. Looks like I'm going to have to get lucky again and spin this to 4 stars to stand a chance at the last race in the game.
Posted by DAZTK on 31 May 20 at 00:27
bartlannoeyeRevisited numbers for the final races

E2 P1: PI 494
E2 P2: PI 516
E2 P3: PI 535
E2 P4: PI 556

E3 P1 and P2 are still correct
Posted by bartlannoeye on 31 May 20 at 09:00
paddycfc22Anyone know how to crash into the ai on Android? No idea how to actually move
Posted by paddycfc22 on 01 Jun 20 at 23:05
Buachaill Dona@paddycfc22 You can't move.
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 02 Jun 20 at 19:23
DAZTKYeah you cant "steer" as it's on rails, however there is occasions where you can slam into the back of the AI on some corners. It all depends on what PI you and the AI have and distance apart coming up to the corner. Best advice is to avoid the crashing method as it rarely works. Some corners can be exploited however by braking and putting the gas on straight away.
Posted by DAZTK on 03 Jun 20 at 10:54
SwearySeanWheres the comment about the double down glitch? Can't see it anymore. Anyone know how it's done?
Posted by SwearySean on 04 Jun 20 at 07:06
DAZTKI've never heard of a double down glitch? What's that do?
Posted by DAZTK on 05 Jun 20 at 11:06
SwearySeanSometimes, when you get a duplicate car you'll be offered a 'double down' costing 200 gold or so. You have to have the gold to be offered it. Taking the offer doubles the progress and gives other benefits such as rare car tokens. You can accept the offer and turn airplane mode on, disconnecting the game. When you restart you should have all the benefits plus the gold you would have spent. I can't remember the exact order of how to do things and can't find the original comment.
Posted by SwearySean on 05 Jun 20 at 12:18
DAZTKAhh I see, now that's something that would be worth knowing. To be honest I have been offered the double down without having the gold to purchase it. Hopefully someone remembers the order or gives it a go.
Posted by DAZTK on 05 Jun 20 at 19:38
Buachaill DonaYeah the game gives that offer way more when you don't have the gold than when you do, I think its a take the piss way of trying to get you to spend money.
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 05 Jun 20 at 20:03
SwearySeanHaha, probably right guys. Personally I didn't see it until recently and I'm level 16 now.
Posted by SwearySean on 05 Jun 20 at 20:24
aigochamalohJust got the last achievement today. I started playing on PC March 29. I spent $0 on the game. I could have finished faster if I actually did the races for most of the career but I kept leveling up cars until they were PI +20 so I could auto race most of the time. Do every upgrade event as far as your car PI allows. You only really need 3 cars above PI 600 to comfortably grab all the achievements. Spend the gold you earn on only premium car packs. Save for the 5 or 10 pack, they offer the same value.

I ended up at Collector level 25, 99+ wrenches, 369K credits, 47 Energy Packs, and 52 Full Energy Packs.
PI 623 - Classic Muscle - 1970 Chevelle Sport
PI 616 - Modern Sport - 2017 Focus RS
PI 616 - Modern Exotic - 2014 Lambo Huracan LP 610-4

You need a highish Classic Exotic to get through Part 3 of Episode 3. You need a high Classic Muscle to finish Part 4 of Episode 3.
Posted by aigochamaloh on 05 Jun 20 at 21:33
Herps McGirpsaigochamaloh: Highest Exotic? Do you mean Retro?
Posted by Herps McGirps on 06 Jun 20 at 00:28
Buachaill DonaYeah the game gives that offer way more when you don't have the gold than when you do, I think its a take the piss way of trying to get you to spend money.
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 06 Jun 20 at 08:54
DAZTKaigichamoloh - I am in event 4/6 of Ep3 Pt4, so nearly there. Can you confirm that I dont need anything other than a high level classic muscle to beat the last two events? I am also hoping to have 2 other high level cars to assist in the final event but just checking I dont need anything specific before I waste upgrades.
Posted by DAZTK on 06 Jun 20 at 17:28
HenriqueBassI just beat the last episode, using MCla 632, SuCla 620 and StCla 607,save repairs and gold, avoid upgrade until you have cars 4 stars
Posted by HenriqueBass#538 on 19 Jun 20 at 05:14
IvanDimitrovBG3I think Ford Mustang Boss 302 is no longer with PI 594, when max upgraded at 3 stars.
I guess the final race now requires a 4 star car to be completed.
Posted by IvanDimitrovBG3 on 21 Jun 20 at 15:46
Buachaill DonaIs this lineup of cars good enough to get me through the final episode? Im half way through the first part, and sick of this game after a month of solid grind. I know that its possible to beat any car as long as its no higher than PI 40 higher than your car with a good boost management strat. I really cant be bothered grinding other events now, Im burnt out on this boring game.
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 22 Jun 20 at 23:20
Sir PaulygonI couldn't get that "double down" glitch to work myself, but I could have been doing it incorrectly. Immediately afterwards, I was offered a Fast Track offer, but it was 500 gold and didn't want to invest in that quite yet. Probably should have because I might have gotten a 4-star car for my efforts.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 25 Jun 20 at 04:27
Tendoman77Yeah the Mustang only caps out at 575 now at 3 stars, which sucks cause its hard to get more cards for this car since it Rare rated

I finally reached the final part of Episode 3 and my only 4 Star is a Cayman GTS I never used much, plus like 4-5 others I never really use that are so close.
Posted by Tendoman77 on 25 Jun 20 at 21:32
Yeah the Mustang only caps out at 575 now at 3 stars, which sucks cause its hard to get more cards for this car since it Rare rated

I finally reached the final part of Episode 3 and my only 4 Star is a Cayman GTS I never used much, plus like 4-5 others I never really use that are so close.
Well next time when I see a daily special that guarantees a 2 or 3 star muscle car, I will buy as many cards as I can with my accumulated gold and let’s hope I will have at least one 4 star muscle car. Even a common muscle 4 star must be enough to beat the 635 final boss. At least I hope so!
Posted by IvanDimitrovBG3 on 26 Jun 20 at 19:37
firehazardcsJust beat the last race of Episode 3 with a 606 4 star common classic muscle.
Posted by firehazardcs on 28 Jun 20 at 07:10
Buachaill DonaFinally beat this game, I can uninstall and move on. I got luck and span a 3 star Challenger R/T while doing the events in Part 4 of the last episode, and it gave me the option to double up and another 3 star Challenger to take to 4 stars. Weirdly though I managed to flip my Ford focus on its side on the jump during a race at the Bayside in the last event, this ever happen to anyone else?
Posted by Buachaill Dona on 29 Jun 20 at 20:40
ClassierPompanoYou need to update this guide as the star system levels have change: the highest 3 star cars max out at 585 (for Epic Ones) so you need 4 star cars to beat this game.

Focus on maxing out Classics for each class as you need them for each final episode anyway and will give you an additional car you can use for them.
Posted by ClassierPompano on 30 Jun 20 at 14:02
IvanDimitrovBG3I finally won the final race against 635 muscle classic car. It does require a 4 star car and in my case it was Ford Mustang Boss 302 with PI 609. It was an easy win. The other two cars I used in the final episode were Lamborghini Miura P400 with PI 598 and Porsche 911 Carrera RS with PI 599- both 4 stars cars. If you play a lot daily, you can complete the game in two months time.
Posted by IvanDimitrovBG3 on 12 Jul 20 at 02:50
Jezza69If it helps my final 3 cars were 604 CM. 613 CSt and 602 CSp. Quite a straightforward final chapter in the end.
Posted by Jezza69 on 28 Jul 20 at 21:22
sorininfWow guys, lots of tipps here...
Can someone just help me out: which cars do you absolutly need?
So far I understood that E3, P2, Event 6 is a green classic car...
What avaits in Part 3 and Part 4?
Posted by sorininf on 10 Aug 20 at 13:41
AOTP iTz Sn1p3rFinally beated last episode with a 595 Modern Ford GT, 606 Classic Lamborghini Miura P400 and 616 Classic Ford Mustang Boss 302, I had to redo a couple of races. Some tips: it's important have 3 or more 4* cars and upgrade some classic cars for the final episodes.
Posted by AOTP iTz Sn1p3r on 12 Aug 20 at 08:04
ДжэйYou will absolutely need all 4 colors classic cars. If I knew these before I would spend all my upgrades to classic. Now I need more grind for 3 classic cars.
Posted by Джэй on 20 Aug 20 at 07:38
JawaOnDaMoonI just popped this. Definitely focus on the classic cars, with the muscle and super classics being the most important. Have at least one other car beefed up so you can auto race and move quickly. Retro is the least important but it’s still helpful to have 1 of each 550+ to dominate the upgrade race tiers. I made the mistake of purchasing one of the upgrade offers for 700g; the class-specific rewards were helpful in the short term, but long term I was hurting for the little blue ticket points that are used to upgrade vehicles, so keep that in mind (purchasing the tickets with gold is 5 spins for 190g with a minimum return of 50k, so multiply that by 3.5 and you get at least 175k raffle tickets for that 700g). I beat the final race with a 616 Mustang classic. Took a few tries but I finally squeaked it out. Glad to be done!
Posted by JawaOnDaMoon on 20 Nov 20 at 16:32
TigaSefiHateful game but beat it finally. Some tips:
1. Quit the event if you used up all the cars. Best to save the spanners for the last few races of episode 3.
2. Play every thing daily to build up cash reserves early on. Once you get a decent sized amount of cars, decide which four classic cars you want to use and only spend money on these cars for the majority of the time. You will need to get some modern and retro cars up to speed around 600 each. Get as many colour specific brake pads early on as possible.
3. All my best cars were 4 stars and had 641 for red modern classic for the final race and it had to be perfect from the start.

It took me two months from beating episode 2 to completing episode 3 and that with playing everything to death daily. Good luck.
Posted by TigaSefi on 12 Dec 20 at 04:35
Lurking LawyerFWIW, I just beat the final race with a red car rated at 613. With a normal start, and then 5/6 perfects, I was comfortably ahead by the end. Took me 3-4 goes.

So, once you've got 3 cars around 615-620 (including a red one), and a stash of 20-30 spanners, you're probably ready to take on the final race.
Posted by Lurking Lawyer on 07 Jan 21 at 19:08
Iggsy81^^ which car did you use, can i ask? The red (i assume classic) one i mean?
Posted by Iggsy81 on 07 Jan 21 at 20:58
Mike United 007Just completed the game. And I actually enjoyed it. Played nearly every day when I'm away from Xbox with some free time. Took from 3rd Jan. To 13th Feb to boost my car's to suit episode 3. Best cars ended up 641 (red classic), 623 (blue classic), 623 (green modern). Was going to try do them all at 623.... But decided to wait for red brake today on the upgrades.
Posted by Mike United 007 on 13 Feb 21 at 09:33
Stark MarineWhat are your tips to upgrade the cars? I really had trouble getting them past 540s
Posted by Stark Marine on 01 Mar 21 at 13:21
Mike United 007play every game mode available on a day. Spotlight, upgrades on certain types as much as possible, and only the 2nd and 3rd standard upgrades. Aim to get as many ticket types as possible. you can unlock like 3000 classic tickets and you dont have to finish the event if you can beat the end car. just back out. just save all upgrades for red and blue classic, and boost another car (i had the green modern 4 Star). just gotta play everyday to finish quicker
Posted by Mike United 007 on 01 Mar 21 at 15:43
paddycfc22Got this achievement finally by only focusing on the classic Pontiac GTO 'The judge' level 623 and I had my 350z at 614. Saved up 200 gold credits and done the last level first try. Highly recommended the Pontiac
Posted by paddycfc22 on 08 Mar 21 at 20:57
NomstuffChallenge Cards give credits now too and the rivals event gives credits everytime you rank up (resets weekly) and it gives its own currency which can be used yo get upgrade parts and more cars
Posted by Nomstuff on 14 May 21 at 09:42
Marsi4egAfter one of recent updates they added one-time boosts up to +20 PI (or now PR) purchasable before any race, so 3-star rare classic muscle can be 595PR max. Could be easier to beat Ep3-P4-Event6 without 4-star car. I'm on Ep3-Part4-Event 2 now though
Posted by Marsi4eg on 24 May 21 at 14:03
RamonGamer01thanks for the guide if you had come here before it would definitely have saved time and game coins.
excellent guide friend congratulations
Posted by RamonGamer01 on 19 Jun 21 at 05:49
planchetflawMarsi4eg - wow. That should make this much easier being able to boost +20PI without upgrades for a single race. It's really only 2 or so races that are an issue.
Posted by planchetflaw on 29 Nov 21 at 08:02
F3 SeaKeRIf it can help someone here was my lineup

Alfa romeo Giulia tz2 @ 666 - Classic - Sport
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R @ 647 - Classic - Street
Dodge Charger R/T @ 641 - Classic - Muscle
Alfa romeo 33 Stradale @ 631 - Classic - Super
Posted by F3 SeaKeR on 06 Dec 21 at 23:21
OvershotSoulsI completed the last race today and it didn’t unlock, any ideas? I haven’t 100% it all, is that why?
Posted by OvershotSouls on 11 Jan at 20:53
LeadVein7@OvershotSouls - you are correct. We now need to dominate the entire episode to get the achievement as confirmed by Turbo Orange in the forum
Posted by LeadVein7 on 11 Jan at 23:06
OvershotSouls@LeadVein7 okay thanks, looks like I have a lot of work to do then
Posted by OvershotSouls on 11 Jan at 23:21
Slayer ReigningHaving to now dominate this is a complete fuck you from the devs. Wtf.
Posted by Slayer Reigning on 12 Jan at 04:35
MrNoLuckFoxWell. I don't even know if I'll be able to do this by spring now...
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 14 Jan at 03:36
Friggin GreaseSo do you just need to dominate the last chunk of races. Part 6? Or the entire chapter 4. The game randomly doesn't give me a few chapters as dominated despite me having beat every race and collected every item
Posted by Friggin Grease on 15 Jan at 03:36
Nomstuffall of chapter 4 as best I can tell. yiu need to have travelled every square as well
Posted by Nomstuff on 16 Jan at 00:50
Friggin GreaseYeah I got the every square bit on the ones that weren't 100%.

I just dominated the last race, no achievement. Will have to dominate the rest i guess. Should be easier now
Posted by Friggin Grease on 17 Jan at 19:01
Sgt Lubasz12Well I can say goodbye to this completion, I just can't do it, too much grind, I should completed this game in 2019 instead jumping back to it in 2022 cry
Posted by Sgt Lubasz12 on 18 Jan at 13:31
xP1kaBoyI’m on episode 3 part 3, can I finish before they discontinue the game? It’s gonna be so tight 😬
Posted by xP1kaBoy on 19 Jan at 22:18
VENTIEEEEEELol I started this 4days ago.... biggest problem is the special upgrade parts. You have to make sure you do all the spotlights events as far as you can go.. And all the carshows 4 times a day. And when you get a double down offer use it on classic Blue/red/yellow/green. Specially blue and red you need the 4 star. When you have that you can use the remaining gold on whatever you like.
Go back events if you haven't already to dominate them. This gives loads off rewards.

There are 2 tracks that you can gain a massive advantage.
Miami Bayside you can full throttle the 2nd corner.
Miami South beach you can full throttle the 3rd corner.
Doing this will make winning on these tracks super easy even in a lesser car.
Posted by VENTIEEEEEE on 20 Jan at 08:15
LilMinmax@xP1kaBoy - if you do the car shows regularly for a bit you should get there no problem. I went for overkill so I could auto-race each race except the final one EP3 P4 EV6. Prior to the server closing buffs I was at EP3 P3 EV1 so it went very quick.

With the server-closing buffs I was able to quickly get my cars in order for the final events. I completed the last part of the last event and the achievement didn't pop (it shows 70% complete). I quit the app and came back, etc. Anyone else experiencing this?
Posted by LilMinmax on 21 Jan at 00:37
Friggin GreaseFor the record, and the guide should be updated. You need to dominate EVERY race in Part 3. Not just Chapter 4. I did Chapter 4, to 100% completion, no achievement. I was dominating every race I could for resources and had a couple races left in Part Chapter 3 of Part 4. Finished those up, and it popped.

And even if you are far away from this, with the developers halving the time for car shows, It's very easy to get so many tuning kits and whatnot now. You should be able to make steady progression toward this. Doing the spotlight events as far as you can go, as previously mentioned will allow you to rip more cars, and thus, tuning kits. Dominating every race you can will give you massive rewards. I personally didn't use the offer to buy a card too often. Was more focused on tuning kits, and keep money for upgrades. This far into the game you shouldn't need to worry about parts to upgrade, you should have a plethora.

Another thing I wish I knew early on, is the Rivals Store. You can do rival races and get elite upgrade parts, suspension, transmission and engines. I have no idea what these do, but I had no idea these kinds of upgrade parts existed until like Chapter 4 of Part 3. Do they need to be applied? I have no idea how they work.
Posted by Friggin Grease on 21 Jan at 01:22
LilMinmaxOh wow, I missed the part where they changed it to where you have to dominate each event. ANNOYING. I know the previous events I finished and they popped without needing to dominate, so I assumed the same here. I thought I was done but now I have to grind to get a yellow classic up to snuff. Shouldn't take long, but wow, what a terrible change to make.
Posted by LilMinmax on 21 Jan at 03:26
Friggin Grease@LilMinmax, you'll also need a Modern variation of each car to dominate Chapter 4 of part 3. I remember the Blue cars PI was about 615, but mine was 590. Get them above 580 and you should be able to do it.

But you also have to do Chapters 1, 2, and 3 domination as well. If you can beat the last Chapter, you're probably not far off. Might take you a week or so.
Posted by Friggin Grease on 21 Jan at 03:47
LilMinmaxThanks for the info. I've dominated all the other episodes in entirety just as part of the grind. I just have 2-6 left in ep3 p4 I also have some moderns that are up there, just neglected the yellow classic. I'm going to try my best to finish up tomorrow. They throw a lot of energy at you these days, and I have a ton of batteries, and I'm grinding the ep1 s1 ev2 repeatedly.

Edited to add:

Red Modern 656
Green Modern 646
Blue Modern 575
Yellow Modern 588

Red Classic 640
Green Classic 603
Blue Classic 622
Yellow Classic 509 => ouch

My retros are trash
Red 484
Green 503
Blue 543
Yellow 467
Posted by LilMinmax on 21 Jan at 03:53
Friggin GreaseI'm so mad that Retro's were hardly needed. I had the Delorean and everything
Posted by Friggin Grease on 21 Jan at 11:28
BlueGogoboyIt seems like bugged for me. I won all the events 1-6 in Episode 3 but it stuck at 87%.
Posted by BlueGogoboy on 21 Jan at 21:25
IcefiretnMake sure to carefully check that you’ve taken all routes, picked up all rewards, and see blue checks above all races. Each part 1-6 should say 100%. Whichever one doesn’t have 100%, you probably missed something.
Posted by Icefiretn on 21 Jan at 23:34
LilMinmaxThis final grind is some BS
Posted by LilMinmax on 23 Jan at 07:17
VainxyI finished the final race against Madison but I didn’t get the Achievement. Can anyone help me out? I’m going to try and log in on a Windows 11 computer but really I have no clue what to do
Posted by Vainxy on 23 Jan at 15:57
Pursuit of Loot@Vainxy You don’t just need to beat the episode, you also have to 100% each of the subsections. Bit of a chore, but if you haven’t got the “Would you walk?” cheevo yet, you can kill 2 birds with one monotonous stone.
Posted by Pursuit of Loot on 23 Jan at 17:08
Vainxy@Pursuit of Loot, thank you very much for the clarification. I did complete the “Would you Walk?” Achievement before starting Chapter 3. I am pretty motivated to complete Forza Street before it’s unplayable in March, so I’m ready for the grind.
Posted by Vainxy on 23 Jan at 19:29
xP1kaBoyDefinitely focus on completing the 4 parts first and only look to dominate events after that’s completed, by which time ur classic and modern cars should all be highly upgraded and u can autorace ur way through pretty much the first 3 parts~ yes it’s a pain u have to dominate the entire episode now, but for 150GS definitely worth just an extra few hours of grinding for domination
Posted by xP1kaBoy on 23 Jan at 22:22
VikingDonutJust finished it with the following setup for Chapter 3

All cars have 4 stars

Blue: Porsche - 904 Carrera GTS - 641
Red: Chevrolet - Chevelle Super Sport 454 - 639
Yellow: Mercedes-Benz - 300 SL Coupé - 633
Green: Ford - Escort RS1600 - 626

Blue: Ford - GT - 616
Green: BMW - M3 - 583
Yellow: Porsche - Cayman GTS - 573
Red: Dodge - Charger SRT Hellcat - 598

Except for the Modern Red everything was very easy and could have had lower PI. I never used the +10 Boosts you can buy, so if you have trouble with this or a similar setup, try these boosts.
Posted by VikingDonut on 31 Jan at 14:41
PhilAllInsDoes anyone know if you have to 100% on all E3 for it to unlock?
Posted by PhilAllIns on 31 Jan at 20:07
NomstuffYes you do
Posted by Nomstuff on 31 Jan at 20:09
BILLION PLProblem unlocking the achievements
Posted by BILLION PL on 01 Feb at 01:18
a13onSlowly but surely getting there. Finished Episode 3. Dominated part 1. Still some upgrading and grinding to do, but it should be possible to complete in the remaining time.

Current cars:

Muscle Classic 628
Super Classic 605
Street Classic 603
Sport Classic 575
Sport Classic 557

Sport Modern 600
Muscle Modern 580
Super Modern 556
Street Modern 546

Any suggestions which ones I should focus on? I manage to beat cars that are 30 PI above me regularly.
Posted by a13on on 04 Feb at 19:30
Steve RedmanHas anybody found a workaround for the glitch? I have 100% completed every race on episode 4 and I do not have the achievement. Part 3 episode 5 seems to glitch for me where it will only be at 90% no matter what I do there is nothing in there to get it to 100%

Edit found the workaround, even if you don't see a upgrade part, wrench or any icon on a branching path on your glitched event. Continue to replay it and go down each path. It should pop. At the end of the event giving you the 100%
Posted by Steve Redman on 06 Feb at 04:15
True VeteranThanks for that Steve! Same thing happened to me.
Posted by True Veteran on 06 Feb at 13:27
MrNoLuckFox*sobs* I finally did it. I hated everything about it...But I finished this menace of a game.
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 06 Feb at 17:54
MrNoLuckFox*sobs* I finally did it. I hated everything about it...But I finished this menace of a game.
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 06 Feb at 19:23
wosmackJust finished :p finally
Posted by wosmack on 07 Feb at 00:06
a13onFinally done. I don't think I have ever uninstalled a game that fast. I can only imagine the frustration others must have experienced before they made it so much easier. In the end I just brute forced my way through, using up wrenches like craza and spending everything on the two +10s. I went into the final stretch with a million in cash and around 150 wrenches. Ended up with half of each. Definitely the most important tip for me was to spend gold on money exclusively once you have a decent garage.

Good luck to everyone still going for it.
Posted by a13on on 07 Feb at 21:31
DudS WbRDo I have to dominate all events? I finished it using 2 routes already and it did not pop for me...
Posted by DudS WbR on 08 Feb at 01:00
NomstuffYes all in Chapter 3
Posted by Nomstuff on 08 Feb at 14:14

Actually quite enjoyed it this second time around.
Posted by Bonxy on 15 Feb at 23:11
Moelhede42Hmm. I am at 97% in this chapter and all races are won :-(
Edit: i uninstalled the game and played the last chapter again and it unlocked :-)
Posted by Moelhede42 on 20 Mar at 18:27
CheshireMulishaI've beaten episode 3, part 4, event 6 twice now and the achievement hasn't popped. Achievement progress shows 95%.
Any ideas?
Posted by CheshireMulisha on 28 Mar at 17:50
Not ExactlyyFinally finished this game today, only reason I can think of is because you missed dominating an event somewhere down the line. Did you ever start an event, grab a reward, then exit the event? If so, that route still needs to be completed even if the game registers that event as 100%.
Posted by Not Exactlyy on 29 Mar at 01:10
xX M4CCATrying to finish this off before the server shuts, I’m currently stuck with specific exhaust parts. I’m currently getting them via the shows but have to wait 4 days for the specific rotation I need. Is there any other way to get those specific class exhaust parts?
Posted by xX M4CCA on 30 Mar at 12:33
AbsconderJust finished this absolutely awful game. The second this last achievement popped, I deleted the app. Terrible game that should never have had the name ‘Forza’
Posted by Absconder on 02 Apr at 21:14
meyerparkXI got all the achievements now, i started it on January 14, 2022 also. I did it without a single penny on microtransactions as it was already turned off in final update. Took me 135 hrs. My highest lvl car was 614 and at least try to have all your other car classes at 585-595 and you should be able to beat the races that they're at 627 etc etc
Posted by meyerparkX on 06 Apr at 14:54
By AlJoNmoRUfff casi no se logra pero lo termine justo hoy dance
Posted by By AlJoNmoR on 09 Apr at 07:45
BanyangodRan out of time at Episode 2 Part 4. then the game was shut down.
This app was so poorly supported. Often would go months w/o working. Might work one day and then the next not, until you uninstalled and re-installed.

If my daughter did not want to keep getting further ahead than I was I would have given up on this junk long long ago
Posted by Banyangod on 20 Apr at 15:08