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Force Dallis to retreat from combat in Fort Joy

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23 Sep 2018 29 Aug 2020
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When you first get to Fort Joy after the tutorial on the ship you will be greeted with a dialogue between Dallis, Alexander, and a Lizard. To earn this achievement, you will need to attack Dallis or Alexander during this dialogue sequence. If they have already left, you'll need to start up a new character to go for the achievement. This cannot be earned when you later confront Dallis at the end of Act 1.

There are two cheesy methods for doing this (one with a deathfog barrel and one with what's called barrelmancy). The other alternative is to wait to confront Dallis until you're much higher level though I haven't tried this method. In any case, there is a ladder to the right side of where the characters are talking so use sneaking to avoid talking to the characters and just leave them until you're ready to deal with them. They will stay in the conversation until you deal with them but might disappear once you escape Fort Joy (into the swamps), so maybe don't wait that long for safety.

Barrelmancy Method:
Barrelmancy is an alternative, game breaking way to play the game where you use a container full of heavy things like fire and water barrels to crush enemies before they engage in combat or even in combat (use the Executor perk to make this your main form of damage in combat). This is done by using the telekinesis skill which lets you move and pick up items of any weight. (You can see more detail here The basic trick is to find a high health or indestructible container. The best containers are certain indestructible ornate chests such as the ones in the Fort Joy Arena (make sure to pick them up while in combat, you won't be able to get them otherwise). But you can also just use any of the backpacks in the game, they just take a bit more precision.

1. Sneak past Dallis while she talks to the Lizard in front of Fort Joy by using the ladder to the right side of the main entrance. Then search around for heavy things.

2. Fill a container/backpack with a many heavy crates, paintings of Alexander, or barrels that you can find. You can select multiple items at once, access options on the container, then select put into. You will have to move it between companions to move your whole party around. Select the container from the inventory and select "send to ..." to allow the character the previously had the container to move. After Act 1 you will get some teleportation items that make this easier.

3. Once you've got enough weight, head back to Dallis in front of Fort Joy (I don't remember how much is needed but you can save before attacking Dallis in case you don't have enough). Sneak as close to Dallis or Alexander as possible. Then select your heavy container and use the throw option to put it next to the enemy you want to kill. This won't hurt them like it did in the original game. Instead, you need to move it from one side of the character to the other, as close as possible. So place it on one side then select it again and select move and place it on the other side. There is an option in the game that turns on circles around enemies this makes it easier to see how close the container needs to be to the enemy (within the circle will hurt/kill them). If you do it right, this will kill the enemy. When used on Dallis or Alexander it should cause Dallis to flee.

Deathfog Method: (May not work any more)
During the tutorial, there is a room marked with a big skull on it that requires a key. In this room are deathfog barrels which will instantly kill you or any NPCs that get caught in the poison cloud. If you are fast and using an undead character, you can grab one or two of these barrels before they all break. Undead characters are immune to the effects. Create a new undead character with the Pack Mule perk and points in sneaking. Grab one of these barrels and take it with you through the tutorial. Once you get to Fort Joy, sneak up as close to Dallis as you can then go to your inventory and choose to throw the deathfog barrel next to you. Attack it and it will kill everyone there. Note that this will kill Magister Borris who is a part of Ifan's quest.

In the comments, Scotty x360a said this method wasn't working when they tried it so it may have been patched out.
KumekerionSorry about that, I posted the solution more to warn players that it had to be done earlier than it might seem. I can improve it now that I've played the game some more.
Posted by Kumekerion on 10 Oct 18 at 15:11
GoGoActionTeamSo much better now.
I do have a couple things that helped me when using the deathfog barrel method.
I found it a bit tricky to get the barrel before they were destroyed so I made the following character to make it a lot easier.

Undead Dwarf
All available attribute points into strength
One combat ability point in pyromancy and the other in polymorph
Learned the skills Haste (pyro) and Chameleon Cloak (poly)

I ran through the prologue until I got to second floor (setting your base class to any that would typically use a bow will give the evidence chest a high chance of having a bow that can be used to detonate the barrel easier when you get to it). Then, after getting the key, stood outside the door and casted Haste on myself. Opened the door and booked it to the barrels mashing A button. I got both but dropped one. Once in Fort Joy I ran up the ladder on the right side of where Dallis and them are. Got a little behind the two guards by the main doors and casted Chameleon Cloak. Used the toss item option to place the barrel as close to Alexander I could and shot the barrel instantly.

This took less than 5 minutes...most of that being load times.
Hope that helps!
Posted by GoGoActionTeam on 12 Oct 18 at 06:12
NeilSBUKFor the deathfog method, it is easy with an undead character with thievery and a ranged weapon. You may also need good telekinesis skills (The Red Prince can help with that when you meet him at the start of Fort Joy anyway). It should be easy enough to run to one of the barrels in the ship and pick it up without worrying about skills. I had plenty of time after unlocking the door (with my bony fingers) to run straight to the barrels and pick one up first try.

Then, the positioning the deathfog barrel in Fort Joy. As you say, use sneak and go as close to the red area as possible, then drop the barrel and use "move", whilst staying in place, to get the barrel close to Alexander (not Dallis!
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
). Then just use a ranged attack to blow up the barrel.

Take a save before attempting any of it, just to make sure you get it right, and if you want to continue your game, you might want to reload the save and do it the normal way (or maybe not!).
Posted by NeilSBUK on 19 Oct 18 at 08:28
O4OURWas able to get her to flee with a satchel with 1038 lbs in it. I don't think anything less than 1000 works. I know 800 doesn't. A hidden gem for obtaining weight was plant pots and sacks. Plant pots were 20 and sacks were 100lbs.
Posted by O4OUR on 30 Oct 18 at 20:12
Scotty x360aI don't think the deathfog method works anymore, i've been trying it for almost an hour and no matter where i set it off, or how many people it kills, the battle starts and they all start having their turn, and of curse at level 2 it's impossible to win that fight. I haven't tried the barrelmancy method but i imagine that would still work. Not sure why, if they did, patch the deathfog method.
Posted by Scotty x360a on 28 Aug 20 at 13:47
KumekerionThanks for that Scotty, sounds like they patched it. I'll make a note of it in the solution.
Posted by Kumekerion on 29 Aug 20 at 03:13
Scotty x360aNo problem, maybe it was just me not doing something correctly, but either way the barrelmancy still works, i got a metal crate with around 1400lbs and dropped it on Alexandar.
Posted by Scotty x360a on 29 Aug 20 at 06:57
Cuthreddeathfog still works, did it on Oct 12th without problems.
Posted by Cuthred on 03 Nov 20 at 15:08