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The Moral High Ground is Mine

Reach the fourth wave in a session of Daybreak without any player using guns.

The Moral High Ground is Mine-1.2
2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativePlayers Required3 Players Required
24 Sep 2018
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Not much of a guide but it looks like you will need to do this with a full group, have them all load in before any action starts, and only use melee and explosives. I met the quota solo but it seems like the A.i soldiers will nullify the achievement since they're still technically firing upon the Zeds.
Use whatever explosives suit you- the hand axe will probably be the most effective melee weapon considering its damage output in conjunction with its ease of use and stamina usage, and for once the snacks and stimulants will definitely be worth collecting
JORGO DER GROBENeed one more player to do this....pls add me 😎
Posted by JORGO DER GROBE on 26 Sep 18 at 09:07
TenrethNeed help with this, the explosive and the 25 drops achievement. :)
Posted by Tenreth on 30 Sep 18 at 20:19
ox BlackJack xoAdd me2,I have a friend 😉
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 08 Oct 18 at 22:04
mastergaming32Add me GT mastergaming32
Posted by mastergaming32 on 11 Jan 19 at 06:07
Fiction0713I'm looking to get this and some of the other daybreak achievements, seeing as no one is playing this game anymore makes things difficult. Send me a message if interested, fiction0713
Posted by Fiction0713 on 14 Jan 19 at 01:36
SkorpzTNAdd me... lets do it
Posted by SkorpzTN on 03 Feb 19 at 17:12
Paul LaserbeamSolution is incorrect, literally just did it with AI. they shot every round.
Posted by Paul Laserbeam on 30 Mar 19 at 08:37
Fang FoomStill Need this and someone to help open every crate. GT is Fang Foom.
Posted by Fang Foom on 30 Apr 19 at 15:36