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Green Talon

Fail during the first wave in a session of Daybreak.

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29 Sep 2018 02 Sep 2020
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Edit: Solution no longer works because the tech doesn’t take friendly fire damage anymore. The rest of the solution should still apply.

Start a solo game with all multiplayer options turned off. Equip Deployable Pyro Minefield as your explosive. This explosive is earned the third time you reach Wave 5.
When the game starts do not repair the damaged wall and instead plant the pyro minefield right on top of the technician and deploy it. This explosive actually damages the technician if the trap sets him on fire. When the wave starts bump into AI's shooting at the zombies (as per SirScatterbrain on the other solution). This will stop the AI from killing the zombies. The zombies will come in and activate the pyro minefield which will damage and eventually kill the technician.
Using this method I got this achievement the first time I tried this method with more than a minute remaining in the wave.
RecovskiI seriously dont get the negative vote, and how the other solution which isnt really a solution got more upvotes. THIS HERE is the way to go. Thank You !
Posted by Recovski on 05 Apr 19 at 09:20
MercadoYou're welcome : )
Posted by Mercado on 06 Apr 19 at 00:41
Solo P3T3RTried it three times. When the tech catches on fire his health does not drain at all. Thumbs down.
Posted by Solo P3T3R on 02 Sep at 21:15
MercadoMust have patched it then. Thanks for letting me know.
Posted by Mercado on 02 Sep at 22:05