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Not My Bottle!

Knock off the opposing goalie's bottle from the net by scoring a goal.

Not My Bottle!0
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30 Sep 2018
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Hey Gamers! Welcome to NHL 19.

If you prefer video, check the video below!

This achievement is relatively easy and you will most likely get it in time just from playing the game. However, I thought I'd share some tips that seem to have the water bottle fly off the net more consistently. I have noticed a higher chance of knocking the bottle off the net from a one-timer slightly charged slap shot cn_X from a pass going directly across the goal. Now yes, this is just a good way to score, but it seems you can really get a shot to go to the upper corner more consistently and with a little charge (holding cn_X slightly as opposed to just tapping it) you can really have high changes of knocking the bottle off. Hope this helps!!

- Damron out!