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Test your Might

Complete The Trial.

Test your Might0
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02 Oct 2018 11 Dec 2018
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*A lot of people are reporting issues that no trials have been showing up in recent weeks. When I can, I'll investigate this to see what I can find for people!*

This one is easy but a bit confusing to find.

Trials are types of seasonal championships, which are the red shields. You will have needed to qualify for the Horizon Roster to get access to these.

However, not all seasonal championships are trials. The one you're looking for is with a lion's head.

If you're still struggling to find it, to get around this, I would recommend quitting Forza Horizon 4 and re-launching it. When you load in, it should show you a menu of all the seasonal championships available to you before you can access the full map. Pay attention to these prompts, as when it goes through them all one of them will say "trial" in a way much more obvious than just reading the map.

Just matchmake a session, complete the two races (its pretty difficult, but placement doesn't matter) and you'll get your achievement (in this instance you'll, of course, need to purchase or hire a Lamborghini.) I'm not certain if you need to be a certain level to unlock the championships, but I'm around Level 4 in all the racing disciplines so I don't think you need to be a high level in that week's trial discipline unless something changes going forward. Following the above method should always allow you to "find" your seasonal trial championship toast
Iron Man TStarkI cannot see the 'cheeky lambos' one at all?
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 02 Oct 18 at 21:12
Antr0p0phagusYou don't have to re-launch the game. When you're in the menu, go to the "home" tab. On the left side right under the weather you'll find the "Welcome back" tile. Click on that and there you'll see the "Horizon xx season", click on that and you can find more information on this seasons specific trial and other specific races.
Posted by Antr0p0phagus on 05 Oct 18 at 16:40
JH x p1ayer90If anybody wants to do this my GT is JH x p1ayer90
Posted by JH x p1ayer90 on 06 Oct 18 at 12:51
BeanpotterAutumn was Holyrood Park Trail but it's expired. New trial coming in Winter, which should happen on Thursday, 11th Oct, 7 or 8pm GMT and is called 'Break The Ice. It says it starts on the beach at Bamburgh.
Posted by Beanpotter on 06 Oct 18 at 17:37
rustikalfoxI just finished the Autumn one, so maybe they expire at different times? It was 5 events/races, the last being the actual trial. Placement doesn't matter, and appears neither does if the rsce finishes before you finish it.
Posted by rustikalfox on 08 Oct 18 at 06:29
BeanpotterI'll try again. Perhaps the servers were playing up.
Posted by Beanpotter on 08 Oct 18 at 09:01
BeanpotterYep, got it!
Posted by Beanpotter on 08 Oct 18 at 20:18
ManuxBakaTeamAnyone know wich one it is for winter season ?
Posted by ManuxBakaTeam on 12 Oct 18 at 08:23
DucKy BaByBeach View Cross Country is the winter trial in the East South East of the map
Posted by DucKy BaBy on 12 Oct 18 at 09:07
Iron Man TStarkThanks for that one Ducky BaBy - Just got this a moment ago!!
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 13 Oct 18 at 16:11
JJ DANG3RThanks Ducky
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 15 Oct 18 at 15:55
ManuxBakaTeamSorry guys , but i can't seems to find how to get this achievement.

I've win the Lion race in a B700 car but nothing happens when i receive the influence points/CR .

Did i do something wrong or did i miss something ?

Thanks for your help

EDIT: i'm stil on winter season btw
Posted by ManuxBakaTeam on 18 Oct 18 at 13:21
ManuxBakaTeamany tips for doing this in spring ?
Posted by ManuxBakaTeam on 20 Oct 18 at 11:58
Ginuwine AI3Just got this in spring....picked the Highland Farm Scramble and did the match-making session. Borrowed a Corvette that met the requirements. Best 2 out of 3 races, but since my team got crushed by the "avatar team" we only had to play two. Bloop achievement!
Posted by Ginuwine AI3 on 22 Oct 18 at 22:48
Pedle Zelnip"Mud & Guts" is the current trial (Winter Nov). 3 rounds. Just did it and got the ach at the end.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 08 Nov 18 at 19:55
xer0c00li0Anyone know the current trial I don't see anything listing trial
Posted by xer0c00li0 on 25 Nov 18 at 11:32
KalonnI can't find it.
Posted by Kalonn on 30 Nov 18 at 04:28
NoHeroes94Hey; been over a month since I've played this, so sorry I never updated the guide.

Given it a tweak now; can confirm it should be the events with a lions head logo smile
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Nov 18 at 08:09
Ya Big GoofThere's something wrong with this season...this and Overachiever are definitely not showing. It doesn't look like anyone's unlocked this in a week+ either.
Posted by Ya Big Goof on 01 Dec 18 at 00:37
THU31No Trial during the last Summer season, no Trial this Autumn season, and no Trial next Winter season. Why are they doing that?
Posted by THU31 on 01 Dec 18 at 13:54
etcher1981@THU31 same here...I have yet to see a "Trial" since weeks ago. Kinda BS if you ask me..
Posted by etcher1981 on 02 Dec 18 at 19:54
BRANIAC1972Thought I was losing my mind - only started the game a week ago and have never seen a seasonal trial, and nothing for overachiever in Autumn or Winter. Hope this gets fixed
Posted by BRANIAC1972 on 07 Dec 18 at 07:49
Tankk OGI'm over level 200 and have played all seasons except spring so far and no trial or seasonal PR stunt? Getting really annoying.
Posted by Tankk OG on 07 Dec 18 at 16:25
Larvi1I found a PR stunt by backdating my PC and was able to complete that but that didn't work for the trial. The TA flagging indicates you can do the trial offline but that wasn't my experience as it insists on finding a co-op partner before it lets you enter. How do you do this one offline?
Posted by Larvi1 on 07 Dec 18 at 22:25
Blue n Gold EelNothing for Spring either :(
Posted by Blue n Gold Eel on 08 Dec 18 at 22:50
Kalonncan't get this
Posted by Kalonn on 10 Dec 18 at 07:09
tjw CENA2000Sadly, doing the offline time switch won't work since it appears to be that all of thr "trials" are co-op
Posted by tjw CENA2000 on 10 Dec 18 at 15:42
DropDeadArtemusSpring season just kicked off with no trial. However, it does appear that next week's Summer season will feature one. Looks like we may finally be able to get our achievement.
Posted by DropDeadArtemus on 13 Dec 18 at 14:43
aUMi PolarisIt’s now obtainable! I’ve just unlocked it myself and seeing lots of others doing so. Looks like Playground have finally addressed the issue. smile
Posted by aUMi Polaris on 20 Dec 18 at 19:28
HolyHalfDead21-12-18: Summer

Broadway Village Scramble (Dirt Racing Series) A800 Truck
- Unbeatable Reward: Santa Outfit
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Dec 18 at 23:57
mosin360Got this during summer Broadway Village Scramble. Two of the AI were unbeatable but the other five were cake.
Posted by mosin360 on 27 Dec 18 at 04:11
TheWings977If anyone wants to boost this, send me a message!
Posted by TheWings977 on 27 Dec 18 at 18:57
HolyHalfDead28-12-18: Autumn

Holyrood Park Circuit (Road Racing Series) S2 998 Hypercar
- Unbeatable Reward: Mosler 2010 MT900S
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 31 Dec 18 at 19:24
HolyHalfDead11-01-19: Spring

Glen Rannoch Cross Country (Cross Country Series) A 800 Sports Utility Heroes
- Unbeatable Reward: Trial Tee
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 11 Jan 19 at 04:52
kveltevigThis spring trial event unlock the achievement, just done it
Posted by kveltevig on 07 Feb 19 at 15:13
FailedSeppukuJust completed The Trial (4th May 2019) and the achievement didn't pop, played it twice, won it the 2nd time round too. Does DNF void the achievement?
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 04 May 19 at 20:59
TheAmazinKazinI got a DNF on the first of the three races and still got the achievement
Posted by TheAmazinKazin on 16 Jun 19 at 23:09
Whats a ChundyAlso got a DNF on the first of the three races, still got the achievement.
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 14 Jul 20 at 03:37