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Guilty Spark

Survive 343 total zombie waves in Daybreak.

Guilty Spark0
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02 Oct 2018 02 Oct 2018
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Wave 1 AFK Boosting

The first wave takes 4 minutes including loading times (based on XboxX)

You must pass 343 waves. I would not worry about this until after you are finished the rest of the DLC. I was at 48% when I completed all other achievements in this DLC.

When you are ready (you must have the explosive mines), you can do the following.

1. Start Daybreak
2. At Weapons selection, press cn_RBcn_RB the then select mines.
3. Start game. Hold cn_Y to bypass cinematic.
4. Drop both sets of mines close to the tech but apart from each other.
5. Rebuild fence.
6. Talk to tech and start waves.
7. Drop the controller and go do something more interesting. Return in 2-6 minutes.

At first I was restarting immediately after wave 1 because i was sitting nearby. Then I started leaving it and I found my AI allies and mines can sometimes complete 2 waves and the game is easier to restart after failing. They even completed wave 3 on occasion - Good job Red Talon!!!