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I Have the Power

Perform an Overpower Attack with every weapon type.

I Have the Power0
4 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Level - These achievements must be obtained by levelling up in-game components.Shop - These achievements require the purchase of an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.Buggy + - These achievements may unlock before the requirements have been met.
04 Oct 2018 05 Jun 2019
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Required abilities to unlock and acquire:
from the Hunter Ability tree
Archery Master level 10
Overpower Bow Strike level 16

from the Warrior Ability tree
Overpower Attacks level 16

If you want this ASAP, get the level 10 ability then save your level 15 ability point for when you hit level 16. Then acquire both Overpower abilities. (Or, instead of banking a point, you can respec the ability tree at a small cost of drachmae. Thanks QuixoticRocket)
Required weapon types:
Daelus1 claims:
I used bow, sword, spear, heavy blunt and staff.....never had a dagger or heavy bladed since I picked up the skill.....appears to count the number of types and not the actual type of weapon.
So if anyone else can verify, please let us know!

• Bows
• Swords
• Spears
• Daggers
• Heavy Blunts

Some people say they didn't need these types, but if your achievement doesn't unlock then go for these too.
• Heavy Bladed
• Staffs

There is an Overpower Attack for Unarmed, but you do NOT need Unarmed for the achievement - thanks Glass Swim
Collect all the weapon types you need and make sure you perform an Overpower Attack with each one on an enemy. You need at least 3 Adrenaline meter units to pull one off. Use cn_RT+cn_RB to initiate the Overpower. Keep landing normal attacks or assassinations to refill your Adrenaline.

video by PowerPyx on YouTube:
Glass SwimCan confirm you don't need to do it unarmed, just with the bow and the six melee weapons.
Posted by Glass Swim on 06 Oct 18 at 22:13
TheDude722Sweet. Nice to know.
Posted by TheDude722 on 06 Oct 18 at 23:36
Calex dEUSIt popped for me without using heavy bladed or staffs.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 09 Oct 18 at 17:47
TheDude722Interesting. Are you sure you never did it with them?
Posted by TheDude722 on 09 Oct 18 at 18:20
FlabyoSame for me, I know I’ve never used overpower with the staff, heavy blunts or heavy bladed. Just the sword, dagger, spear and bow.

It might even need less than that, because I didn’t get the bow skill for quite a while after getting the melee skill.
Posted by Flabyo on 10 Oct 18 at 06:53
TheDude722I know you need the bow because that's what the achievement popped on for me.
Posted by TheDude722 on 10 Oct 18 at 09:07
FlabyoIt might just be ‘one Melee weapon and the bow’, but I suspect most players will pick the Melee skill before the bow, so it’ll be hard to know until someone does it.
Posted by Flabyo on 10 Oct 18 at 10:35
TheDude722Lame. Using the word "every" for TWO types is rather dumb.
Posted by TheDude722 on 10 Oct 18 at 11:52
ChazzyChazPLDunno i did it with 6 weapons and bow and still didn't get this achiv.
Posted by ChazzyChazPL on 21 Oct 18 at 08:28
TheDude722Did you connect on enemies with them?
Posted by TheDude722 on 21 Oct 18 at 09:38
Live4joyAfter killing enemies with Overpower attacks for sword, daggers, spear and bow, the achievement didn't pop for me.
I then overpower killed with a Heavy Bladed weapon and then with a Heavy Blunt and the achievement popped for me after the Heavy Blunt kill.
Posted by Live4joy on 22 Oct 18 at 15:24
TheDude722Interesting... that's why I left all the weapon types in a segmented list. Some people are popping it with different combinations.
Posted by TheDude722 on 22 Oct 18 at 19:16
ROBBERT DHTDone daggers and spear first because of my main gear, went for the achievement and did swords followed by heavy blunt and it popped already.
Posted by ROBBERT DHT on 27 Oct 18 at 20:30
JKSullivanSimilar to Live4joy - I had done sword, dagger, heavy bladed, spears, and bow (in that order), then it popped when I did the heavy blunt.
Posted by JKSullivan on 01 Nov 18 at 21:29
QuixoticRocketI don't think you need to save an ability point at level 15. You can respec the ability tree whenever you want at no cost.
Posted by QuixoticRocket on 04 Nov 18 at 18:06
TheDude722I'll add that
Posted by TheDude722 on 04 Nov 18 at 21:21
Seeker74I didn't use Staff or Heavy Blade but I did need Heavy Blunt.
Posted by Seeker74 on 11 Nov 18 at 02:43
KennyannydennyI did bows, sword, dagger and spear. But I also had to do heavy blunt before it unlocked.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 25 Nov 18 at 21:59
TheDude722Ok... I moved heavy blunts to the Required list.
Posted by TheDude722 on 25 Nov 18 at 22:52
Daelus1I used bow, sword, spear, heavy blunt and staff.....never had a dagger or heavy bladed since I picked up the skill.....appears to count the number of types and not the actual type of weapon.
Posted by Daelus1 on 19 Jan 19 at 02:52
TheDude722So, any 5 of the 7 total weapons? That's funny.
Posted by TheDude722 on 19 Jan 19 at 11:23
TheDude722I'm pretty sure I did all the melee weapons and left Bows for last, and that's when mine popped. So that's why I think certain weapons are required.
Posted by TheDude722 on 19 Jan 19 at 17:12
TsukimiJust a little tip, you don't have to land the OP attacks on an enemy. You can save the AP and change the right weapon and use it to nothing and still counts.
Posted by Tsukimi on 07 Mar 19 at 09:36
IRL Games XI had to do it for all the weapons
Posted by IRL Games X on 05 Jun 19 at 06:09
TheDude722Which weapon was last?
Posted by TheDude722 on 05 Jun 19 at 09:16
iamtheguyver007I feel this one is a little glitchy since it didn’t unlock until I used the bow, spear, sword, dagger, staff, and both heavy blunt and bladed.
Posted by iamtheguyver007 on 28 May at 01:31
TheDude722Yeah, TA flagged it as "buggy". Glad you got it.
Posted by TheDude722 on 28 May at 01:46
Choppss DL2I've used all the weapons besides the bow and still haven't got it so it must be using all of them for me at least.
Posted by Choppss DL2 on 01 Jun at 16:51
TheDude722Bow is one of the definite required weapons, so for you, yes.
Posted by TheDude722 on 01 Jun at 18:15