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Shell Inspector

Open all the clam shells.

Shell Inspector0
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05 Oct 2018 18 Jun 2019
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Chapter 4

There are some large shells (4 dark shells and 1 yellow one) across 3 different screens that you need to click on to open them up for this achievement.

The first two shells are in the first scene when you are underwater, on the right of the submarine. Click them both so they open.
External image

The next shell is one level up from this previous scene, on the far left. Click it so it opens.
External image

The last two are one more level up, on the far left. Click both of the large shells so they open.
External image

Achievement unlocked! :)
pezboybenI saved the big yellow shell until last and achievement didn't pop until I opened it so I do believe it is part of the requirement.
Posted by pezboyben on 18 Jun 19 at 12:22
SpiralOut46and2Thank you so much for that confirmation! I appreciate it. I'll update the solution now. :)
Posted by SpiralOut46and2 on 18 Jun 19 at 18:04