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Complete a Season PR Stunt and receive a reward.

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06 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018
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For people saying this achievement is glitched or missable...

I can confirm it's not missable (for me...)**

I got it today with the Autumn danger sign, I had already 3 starred the sign a little over the 550ft

I went back to my home, and modified my Agera RS to the max, and gave the gearbox more speed, and the rear wing on full cornering for aerodynamics

After this went back and run the Jump again, smashed the 749ft that it needed and achievement popped...

Now if you beat the jump by over 800ft,.. My guess is you need to beat your own personal score for the achievement to pop***

*EDIT:: The Seasonal PR Stunt have to be unlocked before it can be accessed
Autumn Stunt Name: Roman Ruins
Location: Top left of the map
Car to use: Agera RS fully modified or anything with grip in X class (Porsche 918 Spyder also another beast of a car in x class)
Winter Stunt Name:
Spring Stunt Name:
Summer Stunt Name:

**EDIT: this might not be the case for you... If you have beaten the PR stunt with a higher score than the SEASON Objective YOU WILL NOT GET THE ACHIEVEMENT FOR THAT SEASON


Jet KlaatuWhich danger sign did you use?
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 06 Oct 18 at 16:28
N30YRDWhen you go into the Welcome Back menu in the Pause section, it tells you about autumn, click on it and it shows you all of the Autumn events available

Remember the game will go through the 4 seasons then repeat and repeat
Posted by N30YRD on 06 Oct 18 at 19:42
xmargo86xYou have to reach the goal.
You can see the goal on the map.
Posted by xmargo86x on 07 Oct 18 at 00:54
Jet KlaatuI go to the Welcome Back screen for the Autumn season however I don't see any challenges other than the "AUTUMN #FORZATHON". When I go there, there's a weekly challenge I've beaten that's in 4 parts and daily challenges, none of which are PR stunts?

Any suggests would be great please? :)
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 07 Oct 18 at 03:08
N30YRDHave you been through the tutorial and signed to the horizon roster??

Try rebooting your game, and it comes up with the Autumn challenges they end in like 3 days, and changes to winter challenges
Posted by N30YRD on 07 Oct 18 at 07:21
CCS p01nt bL4nkI agree only thing I see in Autumn is 007: Skyfall, Horizon Seasonal: All Fall Down & The Trial: The Dirt Locker & those are all races!

No PR Stunt!
Posted by CCS p01nt bL4nk on 07 Oct 18 at 22:32
Jet KlaatuSame. Anybody got a screenshot showing it?
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 08 Oct 18 at 02:12
Ink SplittersYou need to level up enough in the danger sign stunts to be able to see it on the map. At the beginning of the season the seasonal objective was not there for me neither but after leveling up it appeared. The event is called Roman Ruins and located on the left side of the map North West of Derwent Water
Posted by Ink Splitters on 08 Oct 18 at 04:44
N30YRDThanks ink splitter, I was about to mention what you have said there...

Remember if you can't get it in autumn there's always winter, spring and summer to go...
Posted by N30YRD on 08 Oct 18 at 10:00
Ink SplittersNo problem, do you recommend another car to accomplish this stunt? I do not own the Agera RS dlc plus in general I am very bad at tuning cars. I tried with the Centanario, Nomad and Zonda R but I barely hit the 3 stars requirement.
Posted by Ink Splitters on 08 Oct 18 at 22:11
Jet KlaatuI already 3 starred that jump at 208 meters (168M) but hasn't popped when I beat it. Any suggestions?
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 08 Oct 18 at 23:49
Ink SplittersIt’s 749 feet so 228 meters
Posted by Ink Splitters on 09 Oct 18 at 01:45
Jet KlaatuOkay, so I got it but there are some things you may want to make clear in your solution just to make life easier :) Don't have to use these point but might be worth adding, up to you.

- For Autumn (current season) the jump at the Roman ruins is well hidden so you have to filter just on the PR seasonal stunt and look to the top left of the map.
- If 3 stars has already been obtained then you have to repeat it and smash the 168M 3 star the regular Danger Sign says it has. It should read 228M+ to get this achievement.
- Take a long run up with traction on in an X class high end car.
- Aim for the water to further the distance.
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 09 Oct 18 at 10:50
HolyHalfDeadFirst you "confirm it's NOT (missable)" and they you go on to say you don't actually know "My guess is you need to beat your own personal score for the achievement to pop".

You hadn't actually exceed the Season PR requirement before you attempted it, so of course it unlocked for you.

That's not to say that exceeding your previous score won't unlock it, but you are in no position to confirm it.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 09 Oct 18 at 11:01
dilemmaemma15It does not unlock if youve already beaten the PR stunt challenge before it is active, or if you then beat your personal best. I got over 800 feet yesterday while the seasonal pr stunt was inactive and then beat my personal best today and it did not unlock. Oh well I’ll try again next week
Posted by dilemmaemma15 on 09 Oct 18 at 11:11
DAN5KI97Yeah this is kinda bullshit. Not the solution but the achievent, even says seasonal objective complete but after multiple jumps, still nothing.
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 09 Oct 18 at 13:24
N30YRDHolyhalfdead if you read other forums and solutions people are saying it's missable... Also if you unlocked the PR stunt before the Autumn season event started and beat the jump by a massive amount, then achievement should have popped without doing it again once the season started...

There's folk had that problem of beating it with less than the score they set... And no achievement... So I guessed that they had to beat there own PB score for that PR stunt.... Common sense to be honest...

Luckily for me I 3 starred the PR stunt under 749ft, and then done it again and beat it... Achievement popped
Posted by N30YRD on 09 Oct 18 at 14:13
Jet Klaatu@Holyhalfdead @DAN5K197
It is not missable. It's just got a higher limit than what is displayed for the 3 stars. I already got 3 stars at the Roman Ruins a few days ago and I had to go a LOT further with the jump today to get it to pop. My advise is you give it another try with traction control on and use rewind plenty to line up the jump with a very fast car (I used the Agera). I'd suggest over 220M to be on the safe side.
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 09 Oct 18 at 15:49
N30YRDPretty sure holyhalfdead already has the achievement...

But glad you got the achievement today Jet
Posted by N30YRD on 09 Oct 18 at 16:16
Jet KlaatuI've got it and now the only thing stopping me from getting 1000G is the barn finds I now have to wait 2 weeks to finish up! I'm not doing the suggested hack, not worth the effort. I'll just be patient :)
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 09 Oct 18 at 16:36
DAN5KI97Thing is I somehow managed 919 FT when I originally did it, which I haven't even come close to beating.
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 09 Oct 18 at 16:41
iTz CRUSHERDidnt pop for me. Got better jumps and everything. Now it's disappeared from autumn.
Posted by iTz CRUSHER on 09 Oct 18 at 19:18
iTz CRUSHERDidnt pop for me. Got better jumps and everything. Now it's disappeared from autumn.
Posted by iTz CRUSHER on 09 Oct 18 at 19:34
iTz CRUSHERThat is weird. I thought why not restart the game. Loaded into it and popped the achievement before welcome screen came up. Not sure but try getting a better score than what you had on the autumn jump one, then make sure it says PB on the jump. Of course get past the required jump. Just a theory. I also had the jump disappear from the autumn selection. It turnes back into regular. Tried again and beat previous score. Hope this works. Again, just theory
Posted by iTz CRUSHER on 09 Oct 18 at 19:45
Grend3lPr1meFor anyone having issues with the X Class cars I just picked this up with the Rally Fighter using the Low Gravity Jump tune. Hit close to 800 feet with a bad angle. As long as you hit the ramp at 145mph or faster you should be good.
Posted by Grend3lPr1me on 10 Oct 18 at 06:15
InLoveWithR6I got now something about 880 feet and still miss my achievement
Posted by InLoveWithR6 on 10 Oct 18 at 07:47
dilemmaemma15I beat my PB (which was higher than the seasonal goal) while the seasonal goal was active and it didn’t pop. So saying “beta your PB and see what happens”.... nothing, nothing happens
Posted by dilemmaemma15 on 10 Oct 18 at 12:16
DF I PhoenixWhen Autumn arrived, I already had 3 stars on this jump, but not 228M. In a first time I've reached exactly 228M and nothing happened, but I wasn't able to achieve further so I did stuff before coming back with a better car. Now that I've better cars, I went to beat it up to 244M which is :
- Beating the seasonal goal
- Beating the 3 stars
- Beating my last score
- Beating my last score during the event

And....still nothing.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 18 at 15:42
bigfatwalletPerfect solution.
For me it wasn't showing for Autumn so I 1 starred a few til it unlocked. Then I quit the game and reloaded and low and behold it showed. Tuned my lambo huracan to X class and turned on traction control. A few rewinds later smashed the 228 target (243m)

It was really helpful knowing which stunt to look for.
Posted by bigfatwallet on 10 Oct 18 at 17:19
N30YRDThank you bigfatwallet, totally appreciate your comment...

Along with the rest of the great comments, good and bad, also thanks for the Positive responses too

Thanks everyone
Posted by N30YRD on 10 Oct 18 at 19:41
SuperS0nicSamThe achievement is 100% missable, we are in Winter now, and the PR Stunt showed the seasonal objective to be completed. I did the stunt again and beat my previous best, and no achievement.
Posted by SuperS0nicSam on 11 Oct 18 at 19:35
WhiteShadow994When season challenge started ,my season object is already complete(so i beat my own record three times in autumn and in winter -no achievement.So it is missiable (((
Posted by WhiteShadow994 on 11 Oct 18 at 23:22
DURDENS WRATHThis achievement is stupid as hell. Missable and you can dick yourself out of it by playing the game.

This achievement needs to be marked as bugged.

I just redid the "The Great Ridge" Danger sign. Beat the seasonal objective and blew away my own objective by 100 feet. Nothing.

I downvoted your solution due to the sheer bullshit that you "confirmed" it isn't bugged.
Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 12 Oct 18 at 01:53
N30YRDEveryone has there own opinion... Down votes are welcome... Not that I'm fussed...

If you have blasted through the game completing every PR stunt then that's your fault... it's missable for you... But not for others...

It wasn't missable for me... Which reading other solutions on the matter people where saying missable even if you 3 starred the event...

But thanks for your time anyway
Posted by N30YRD on 12 Oct 18 at 09:26
HolyHalfDeadWhy are you ignoring all the comments telling you that it is missable? I’m sure they are not all just coming on here and lying.

Let me try and explain it as simply as I can.

3 stars = 100 mph
You set 200 mph and get 3 stars
They set Season challenge of 150 mph
You set 250 mph and don’t get the achievement

At this point the only way for to get the achievement is to delete your save and start again - hence MISSABLE.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Oct 18 at 09:35
WhiteShadow994When season challenge started ,my season object is already complete(so i beat my own record three times in autumn and in winter -no achievement.So it is missiable (((
Posted by WhiteShadow994 on 12 Oct 18 at 09:36
N30YRDI have been editing the solution while getting the comments as per comment...

If you read back through it now it should be changed in ways to allow you to understand it more... Your right in saying it is missable (for now) but in 7 days time the season changes to spring, another PR stunt will appear...

I don't believe that everyone has SMASHED RECORDS for all stunts... There are stunts out there I completed by 1-5ft

Im sure other drivers will be the same... And for them it's a waiting game...
Posted by N30YRD on 12 Oct 18 at 09:43
HolyHalfDeadI don’t think you understand what we use the Missable flag for on TA. For example if game has a good and a bad ending, and there is an achievement for the bad ending - then it is missable. It doesn’t matter if 99,999 gamers chose the bad ending and got the achievement and only 1 gamer chose the good ending and missed it - we still consider the achievement to be missable. It is neither their fault, nor their opinion that they chose the good ending and so didn’t get the achievement.

The Missable flag is all about warning people that if they take certain actions (like just being too damn good at FH4) then they will not get the achievement.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Oct 18 at 09:47
HolyHalfDeadIt’s good that you are taking the comments into consideration and updating your solution :)
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Oct 18 at 09:51
N30YRDThank you... I am trying to read all comments and act quickly as possible to update and help everyone out

So if you think I have ignored you... I haven't, I have read your comment and tried to add the information to the guide
Posted by N30YRD on 12 Oct 18 at 10:00
eduh000Winter Stunt: The great ridge.
3 Stars: 274m (I had beaten 281 m)
Week Challenge: 293m
I beat 300m on Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020, no tuning
Achievement unlocked.

I did my best to write in English.
Posted by eduh000 on 12 Oct 18 at 16:40
OdadjianActualI was finally able to get this. The Great Ridge finally started showing up as a seasonal PR stunt after I finished a seasonal championship.

But more bugs/glitches. The seasonal goal for The Great Ridge is 297m. I best 297 metres with a score of 297.2 metres or something similar. No achievement. I had to do it again with 298m before it would give me the achievement. Unbelievable. At least that’s done with.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 12 Oct 18 at 17:48
RageousThree straight weeks with "seasonal objective complete" already highlighted as soon as they show up on the map. I set new personal bests, I get nothing. This is ridiculous punishment for actually playing the game. Definitely needs to be marked as "missable" until a patch is issued to fix it.
Posted by Rageous on 12 Oct 18 at 23:11
N30YRDI have another issue but not this achievement...

The Barn find is messed up for me and so is the Ranked Adventure league achievements
Posted by N30YRD on 13 Oct 18 at 12:09
DURDENS WRATHSo. This is 100% missable currently.

I just got it. I only had 1 star on the event. The others I had 3 on.

If you have finished all events with 3 stars as it stands you are screwed.
Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 19 Oct 18 at 00:26
qManballinSpring Stunt: The Roman Mile
Location: Top left of the map
Car to use: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2012
Tune: MAXED S2 by iDeKa Jr
3 Stars: 235 mph (I was able to get 244 mph)

Originally, I had only gotten 1 star on this event (prior to PR stunt). With the above setup, I was able to get it easily. Just start to the east at the corner near Queensforth Golf Course and watch for a little bump along the way. Use rewinds as needed.
Posted by qManballin on 21 Oct 18 at 05:48
lLeoOneBRGot 235 meters in outumn Roman sign and no achievement.
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 02 Dec 18 at 22:22
N30YRDYou need to check your events, as it changes every week...

You can filter your map also to remove all the carp to find the PR Stunt
Posted by N30YRD on 05 Dec 18 at 11:28
FragiPLWhere is Pr sunt in this week?
I see nothing....
Posted by FragiPL on 05 Dec 18 at 18:58
BTG ED35can't find it.
Posted by BTG ED35 on 05 Dec 18 at 20:42
lLeoOneBRAnother season and no stunt...for now its unobtanable for me.
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 06 Dec 18 at 20:47
FragiPLGuys, i got this today.
We must change your time in console to 21 October and find this:
Spring Stunt: The Roman Mile
Location: Top left of the map

Sorry for my english.
For me, works perfect
Posted by FragiPL on 07 Dec 18 at 01:44
I3ruto@FragiPL really? But if you tried offline , you can see the PR STUNTS?
Posted by I3ruto on 07 Dec 18 at 10:03
FragiPLYes, i seen Pr stunt when i Turn date to 21 October 2018.
Posted by FragiPL on 07 Dec 18 at 13:22
lLeoOneBRWow! Can confirm the FragiPL solution works like a charm, Thank you for share with us!
Well, based on the FragiPL solution, what I did:

Put the console offline
Reset console (restart)
Change the date to 21 October
Start the game offline and the Roman mile PR Stunt appeared
After beat the score, put the console online, load the game and achievement popped up.
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 08 Dec 18 at 09:48