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Outta Nowhere

Hit your Finisher immediately after activating Blackout Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Outta Nowhere0
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Captn Insano72Captn Insano72344,121
06 Oct 2018
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I got this by choosing Sting. He already has the Blackout Payback and you can hit his finisher (Scorpion Death Drop) right after you activate Blackout. Charge up Blackout then Hold RB and press LB, as soon as the lights come back on, Hit Y. You should get the achievement right after hitting the Finisher.
KashThePriestIf you don’t want to use vc to purchase Sting (I mean why wouldn’t you want Sting?) then Bray Wyatt is a good option as an already unlocked character
Posted by KashThePriest on 03 Apr 20 at 13:59