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#Forzathon January 3

Perform 15 Sideswipe Skills in the Terradyne Gurkha LAPV to earn 55,000 CR

11 Sep 2018 until 07 Dec 2018

#Forzathon January 3
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08 Oct 2018
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Getting sideswipe skills (slide sideways through most breakable objects) are very easy with virtually every vehicle in the game--except this beast. In stock form, this armored car is almost impossible to get sideways in a slide. Upgrades will help dramatically, so install the most powerful engine, switch to RWD, and minimize weight (from 5.5 tons to 4 tons!). Then go to Blizzard Mountain if you have the DLC. You can knock over snowmen while you are at it and get another challenge out of the