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I Kinda Feel Like God

Sabotage 50 pieces of prison equipment across multiple escape attempts.

I Kinda Feel Like God+0.7
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09 Oct 2018
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For reference, I did this on my personal map, available in World of Wardens called "ta escape", but you can do this in any map where you have access to Servos, CCTV Cameras, and Metal Detectors.

- First, you will need skill points in Saboteur. It seems that the more ranks you have in this, the quicker you can sabotage an item.
- I'm not sure how many items this can be accomplished with, but I mainly used the screwdriver and drill, both located in the Workshop.
- Approach a Servo (connected to an automatic door), CCTV, or Metal Detector and make sure that you're not being observed. You can check the eyeball in the top-left of the screen.
- Once it appears that the coast is clear, equip one of your tools by pressing cn_left/cn_right. You should now have the option to hold cn_X to Sabotage. A bar will appear as you hold the button and disappear when the item has successfully been sabotaged.

If you're using my custom map, there are two Workshops in the bottom-right of the map for tools. There are also two Metal Detectors located between every cell block and Servos all over the place. In the bottom-middle is a Classroom with a Shop in it you can use to get skill points quickly. Make sure to recruit an inmate early and order them to 'Extort Convicts' to make enough money to keep your vitals up at the Shop. Putting skill points in Ninja will help you remain undetected while sabotaging equipment with guards nearby.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to see any changes to this solution.