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"Do you know what 'DK' stands for?"

Reach level 10 in The Drift Run.

Do you know what 'DK' stands for?0
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09 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018
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Car: Formula Drift Viper
Tune: Drift Zone by creator Tiptronik
Assists: Traction and Stability control both off. Some people have suggested using manual and keeping the car in a certain gear but I done all the zones on automatic so this isn't necessary. Also be sure to have rewinds on they can help a lot if you're on a good run but happen to ruin a corner.

The Formula Drift car pack is DLC however as far as I'm aware it was included with every edition of the game(I'm playing on game pass and it's definitely included there). You're supposed to get one of each car for free but it seems like only people with the ultimate edition got them for free so you will have to pay 300,000 credits for it if you just have the regular edition. It does have a mastery which gives you 300,000 back so really all you're actually paying for the car is skill points(It costs 19 skill points to get the credits).

For this achievement you don't need to get 3 stars on every zone but 3 stars are required for the Stunt Superhero achievement.

I got 3 stars on most zones with ease using this car but there were a few tricky ones which took me a while. All I can say is keep trying if you're stuck you will get there in the end with enough practice.

One of the other solutions suggested using the Hoonicorn which I would not recommend at all. That car is terrible for drifting so don't waste your money on it.

Edit: It seems not everyone actually got the Formula Drift pack for free with Game Pass so you may have to pay for it if you want to use this car. For me it was free with Game Pass so it seems pretty strange that not everyone got it.
Comrade SpannerThe Formula Drift pack is not included via Game Pass - for me at least. It comes up as £5.21 for the pack when I try to buy this car.
Posted by Comrade Spanner on 10 Oct 18 at 21:18
xArjenRobben10xHmm honestly not sure then it seems like a bit of a mess. Some people got it some didn't.
Posted by xArjenRobben10x on 10 Oct 18 at 21:46
Comrade SpannerSorry I take it back, the pack was ready to install so it was included - it just didn't install automatically. Sorry dude!

Thanks for adding the edit, it might be worth telling people to check their ready to install for the pack if they don't have it
Posted by Comrade Spanner on 11 Oct 18 at 12:56
romisthebestThe pack IS included with the Game Pass edition (Standard edition). Make sure it is installed and then the cars can be found under 'Manufacturer' Formula Drift in the Autoshow. Each car costs 300,000 CR.
Posted by romisthebest on 12 Oct 18 at 07:41
HolyHalfDead2 stars on every zone will get you to level 9 9/16th, so to get the remaining 3500 influence you do need to get 3 stars on 7 of the Drift PR stunts (47/60 drift zone stars in total).
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Oct 18 at 23:31
HolyHalfDeadTiptronik Viper all the way for 60 stars!

90,000 for 3 stars on S-Bends Drift Zone was a bitch.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 14 Oct 18 at 01:22
cuddy360You can also get influence toward this by doing #FORZATHON Live Events.
Posted by cuddy360 on 14 Oct 18 at 21:36
Rigpig1919I used this car and tune and got the achievement pretty easily. I’m not great at drifting and have tried dozens of combos but this one works for me it’s far more controllable. I used manual and left it in third gear, use the hand brake when needed and feather the throttle. A little bit of practice and you will get there 😁
Posted by Rigpig1919 on 15 Oct 18 at 08:46
Law ViolationThis car and tune is insane. I suggest anyone who struggles with drifting to use this combo.
Posted by Law Violation on 16 Oct 18 at 21:39
DisturbedDave87If anybody struggles to get 3 stars on most of these with this car and tune then maybe Forza isn't the game for you, great solution, was struggling until i read this
Posted by DisturbedDave87 on 18 Oct 18 at 12:41
ResinousHashishThis is included with Game Pass and if like me you have already used a trial I found a solution.

Game Pass can be shared, so;
-Login to another XBL account (gold is shared!)
-Start a Game Pass trial
-Download the Formula Drift Pack from the Microsoft Store (IMPORTANT!)
-Login with original XBL account
-Go to auction house, purchase car
-Finish drift zone before 2 week trial ends, cancel trial ;)
Posted by ResinousHashish on 21 Oct 18 at 03:32
Raptor DEM0NI did all drift zones with Formula Drift Viper. Half of them I did with automatic transmission and my friend suggested to try out with manual.

So I tried with manual, always used at gear 5, which u dont have to shift down / up. It became much easier with manual. I highly recommned to try out with manual, worth it.
Posted by Raptor DEM0N on 23 Oct 18 at 14:07
ExactBananasI eventually got this one by using the Viper with this tune. It took me a while to 'click' how best to drift, so my tips are:
- Go faster! I initially tried to do all the zones in 2nd, but that just wasn't working. Try it in 3rd or 4th gear and you're more able to keep the momentum.
- Forget the e-brake. I was able jamming the e-brake to invoke the slide, but eventually worked out that with this Viper, you just need to either brake slightly, or let off the gas and turn and accelerate and you'll get the drift going. This then means that you can practise getting the pendulum going, which is essential for some of the 3* zones.
- Use Y rewind! Yes, that's right I said it. On some zones I often managed a great section, but not consistently through the entire zone, so I started to use the rewind button. It didn't seem to matter how often I used it, either.
- Keep on the course. This is a really frustrating part of the zones. The game will stop accumulating a drift score if you even put one wheel off the road. Especially difficult on the off-road sections.
Posted by ExactBananas on 05 Nov 18 at 08:19
DVDUBBUsed a multitude of cars...BMW M6 FE, Mustang, Nissan GTR etc., but finally gave the Viper #43 a go...found it a pain in the ass to handle, but like other posts, I did manage to get the achievement using this car....have 7 two-star zones left to do, but would recommend this car as we just wait for the new expansion and get more drift zones to complete :-)
Posted by DVDUBB on 13 Nov 18 at 17:19
Dubs187Don't see why there are negative votes, this car worked just fine.
Posted by Dubs187 on 16 Nov 18 at 23:48
LlekNaiGreat car and tune, thanks. I'm terrible at drifting and this has really helped. I'm with HolyHalfDead though - the S-Bends 90,000 is evil.
Posted by LlekNai on 23 Nov 18 at 00:22
ChatteersWhen I click to purchase the car, it says I have to buy the game.

There is nothing for me to install, netiher.

Any ideas?
Posted by Chatteers on 23 Nov 18 at 01:03
Goggs25they can stick this game up there ass I am done with horizion games unless they get rid of these stupid pointless drift crap
Posted by Goggs25 on 12 Dec 18 at 06:37
FullNietzscheThe drift pack cars were included with the game pass for me, and when I view the DLC pack in game, the cars are free to buy once.
Posted by FullNietzsche on 14 Dec 18 at 01:04
nemesis646Is anyone having troubles getting drift zones to actually kick in?
Posted by nemesis646 on 21 Dec 18 at 22:54
Beam147I have 7 formula drift cars available and they are all free to buy. I only have basic edition and have not paid for any extras
Posted by Beam147 on 21 Mar 19 at 06:54
DubstepEdgelordI had no intention to complete this game because of the drift zones. Thanks to your guide, I already 3 starred a few much easier than I was and can now think about 100%.
Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 25 Mar 19 at 00:23
DOZER383Can someone teach me how to drift? I'm used to cart racers where drifting is mapped to a standalone button. When I look up tutorials, people keep mentioning throttles but I don't see a button for that under my xbox control settings. If anyone has time to show me in game with a mic to explain how to do it, it would be much appreciated.
Posted by DOZER383 on 06 Jun 19 at 03:15
Dislodged PumaTo anyone reading this, as others have mentioned, you do get the drift pack for free. You must download it first though. When hovering over Forza Horizon 4 on the dashboard, hit select and then pick "Manage Games and Addons" or w.e its called. It'll be in the waiting for downloads folder if you got FH4 through Gamepass - although every standard edition copy gets the pack for free as well.
Posted by Dislodged Puma on 21 Jun 19 at 14:11
ClumsyByFactIf you don't have any aditional cars, a lot of people are suggesting Willys Jeep with TYGAxxxx setup (A743). I used it and got 3 stars on every zone in 2 hours, so I would highly recommend it.
Posted by ClumsyByFact on 20 Apr 20 at 22:50
BK BuDHaHoonigan TwerkStallion, Tune with 10 launch, TC and SC turn off. Your Welcome!
Posted by BK BuDHa on 01 Jul 20 at 03:34
cterieThis is ridiculously hard. I can only get 2 stars on most. Using f-100 in the snow. Can download the drift pack for free anymore.
I don’t get why I’m drifting in between the flags and it’s not adding to the score.
Posted by cterie on 08 Nov 20 at 05:48
Skinfasst@cterie I have the same problem (not the same car though) and am finding this cheevo very hard, let alone the one for 3-starring everything. I've realised that you have to a) drive on the road and b) be above a certain speed for drifts to count. Several times I have lost my combo because my speed decreased too much. Or maybe I just suck at drifting.
Posted by Skinfasst on 24 Nov 20 at 08:43
IconoclasticGod'03 Nissan Fairlady Z - Search for a drift tune. I picked one that gave the car 1000+HP. I sucked at drifting until I used this car. Got all the drift zones after 1 or 2 attempts.
Posted by IconoclasticGod on 22 Jan at 22:14