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Scourge of the Aegean

Sink your first Epic Ship.

Scourge of the Aegean0
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10 Oct 2018 13 Jan 2019
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You do not need to raise your Bounty level so you get attacked by mercenary ships. You will ultimately get this when you kill the Cultist named Asterion, of the Gods of the Aegean Sea branch. He is stationed on an epic ship in the water between Skyros and Andros islands. (at least he was for me) You might have other cultists from this branch available who may also be on ships.

You can defeat his ship and sink it right away, OR board it and defeat him in open combat, confirm his death, then loot the chests and the ship will sink.

This video from Caravan Kidd on YouTube shows the battle with Asterion
SnarfgutsI sunk the ship with Asterion on it without boarding it. Just arrows and ramming to finish it off and the achievement popped. And then it showed up here 3 days later. :-)
Posted by Snarfguts on 23 Oct 18 at 01:47
TheDude722Thanks snarfguts
Posted by TheDude722 on 23 Oct 18 at 07:50
V3ntilatorI got this by accident, I were attacking a ship, and then another ship came and attacked me.
When i sinked the attacker, achievement popped. I didn't know it were epic.
Posted by V3ntilator on 12 May 19 at 22:12
TheDude722You did what is basically in the other guides. I just put this here for people who didn't go that route. Just showing you'll get it if you just stick to killing all cultists, namely Asterion on his epic ship. There's no reason to go out of your way to force it with other ships.
Posted by TheDude722 on 13 May 19 at 03:12