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No One Lives Forever

Stealth kill an elite guard after stunning him.

No One Lives Forever0
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11 Oct 2018
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The first time you can get this is during Level 8: The Inner Keep. You'll meet your first ever Elite enemy here, and it will be pointed out to you, stating they look tougher to take down. Unlock the vent in front of him, and you'll come out the other side of the door he's guarding, right by a switch.

Throw a dart at the light out here, and wait for him to come and investigate. Once he reaches the wires hanging from the ceiling, flip the switch to electrocute him to stun him. Flip it again to turn it off and finish him off to get the achievement.
vegansoundI was about to do that in my first try, but I forgot I had no weapon to finish him since I tried to kill no one in the level to get the no-kill bonus by wearing the suit that makes no noise (and has no weapon). So I was a bit dumb once in front of the elite guy.

BUT, I continued my path through the level anyway, and not that far from this solution spot --two rooms further--, I got this achievement by opening the poisoned gas valve after activating a lever. There were 3 guards together, and the gas killed them. There certainly was an elite guard among them as I got the achievement.
Posted by vegansound on 28 Nov 18 at 17:25