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A-maze-ing Victory!

Defeat the Minotaur.

A-maze-ing Victory!-0.1
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Hans cabooseHans caboose162,032
11 Oct 2018
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The Minotaur can be found in Messania, in the South East corner of the map. If you roam a bit around the mainland you will find the ruins of Knossos. There you will find a young boy that will give you a questline. At the end of this questline he opens the way to the labyrinth hidden under the palace. Follow the golden thread on the floor and eventually you will come to an open space where the minotaur is waiting for you.

The minotaur fight is fairly simple and straightforward. The beast will throw rocks at you, then charge. Dodge out of the way and pepper him with arrows, while going for melee attacks when you pull off a perfect dodge to slow time. He hits like a truck, so be careful not to be to overconfident.

At some point during the fight, when he's down to about 1/3 of his health, there's a small cutscene of him smashing the arena a bit. The playing field is now significantly smaller, and he's much more aggressive for the remainder of the fight.

Just keep dodging and shooting and eventually you'll bring the beast down. Loot the corpse, watch the cutscene. Afterwards there's a small chat with the boy again before the achievement unlocks when the quest is finished.
MA5TER J3DIActually in Massara. Good guide, though.
Posted by MA5TER J3DI on 13 Oct 18 at 03:00
StabaCadaverTechnically spelled Messara in the area Mino's Legacy. Not trying to be a grammar Nazi, but there are so many places with similar names correct spelling probably helps.
Posted by StabaCadaver on 13 Oct 18 at 23:09
StabaCadaverTechnically spelled Messara in the area Mino's Legacy. Not trying to be a grammar Nazi, but there are so many places with similar names correct spelling probably helps.
Posted by StabaCadaver on 14 Oct 18 at 15:21
Apostle92627The beginning quest is called Myths and Minotaurs.

Also, if you want a good laugh, there's a Minotaur quest in Minotaur Hills.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 21 Oct 18 at 02:06
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzWhat's the lowest level you can take this on at?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 22 Oct 18 at 23:58
TheIcemanComethOne other thing you could possibly add is that the location of this is marked by the same "mysterious site" icon as the location where you upgrade your spear. I found this completely by accident ... "oooh, what's THIS for?" ... laugh
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 24 Oct 18 at 17:00
TheIcemanComethLooks like Level 40. I went down as a Level 32 and it said in big red letters it was 8 levels above me.
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 24 Oct 18 at 20:59
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzYeah it was 40. I think i went around 36-37 and knocked him on ass 🤣
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 24 Oct 18 at 21:07
FlabyoDoes using the Theseus armour make any actual difference in this fight? You get all the parts, but the stats are weaker than my current set and I wonder if it gives some sort of other buff?
Posted by Flabyo on 27 Oct 18 at 14:39
TheIcemanComethI did not use it at all and I was able to defeat it
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 27 Oct 18 at 18:57
FlabyoYeah, it seems like the Theseus armour would be good stats if you weren’t already fully kitted out in legendary gear by the time you get here... heh.
Posted by Flabyo on 28 Oct 18 at 09:32
Wingnut da CatI finally beat him but experienced a glitch, so watch out. I have no idea how this happened, but I saved the game manually just before I entered the arena. After two failed battles, all of my melee ability assignments disappeared (still had ranged assignments). WTH? From that point on, I had to enter the menu and reassign all of my melee abilities manually, which helped immensely in defeating him. Weird, but true. So just in case, check your assigned abilities while dodging this giant.
Posted by Wingnut da Cat on 13 Nov 18 at 22:34
QuixoticRocketThe quests leading up to the minotaur are easy to do at a low level. Early 30s. But once you get to "He Waits" where you enter the labyrinth you'll want to be level 40.

I didn't use Thesseus's armour at all and had no problems.

Remember to follow the string to get the ring before going off course to find the minotaur (he's not on the path the string takes but is easy to find).
Posted by QuixoticRocket on 23 Nov 18 at 13:32
Osirian08I took him down at level 50 wearing the Greek Heroes armour set & he barely touched my health bar.

Don’t jump off any ledges where there are skulls on the floor btw as this leads to insta-death.
Posted by Osirian08 on 07 Feb 19 at 01:08
UNDEADZ3LD4learn to get place right nothing to do with spelling, place is Messara went all the way here checked comments luckily good ppl here please change
Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 08 Feb 19 at 15:06
napoearthYou need to fix the place name. Also, the thread does not lead to the Minotaur.
Posted by napoearth on 14 Mar 19 at 11:32