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Hermes's Homie

Unveil all sub-regions of Greece.

Hermes's Homie-0.3
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
13 Oct 2018 06 Nov 2018
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Basically defog every area and small island on the map

Seems everyone has a different experience with this, I had been to every island no matter how small and still nothing popped, so decided to just de-fog the rest of the sea and after the last bit the achievement popped, so I'd recommend defogging the whole map before worrying that you're bugged.
Multiple people have had the same experience so I'd say at this point its required to defog the whole ocean and not just land areas.

I'll list a few spots that are easily missed (at least by me)
Kithairon Foothills in Megaris
Mount Koryphe in Argolis (there's two parts to this area)
Kradia Isle under Samos
Chytra Atoll under Kythera Island
Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia (Credit to Mr 4T7)
Marble Bay in Naxos, people saying it may look like you've been there but might not have so double check! (Credit to ManlyTorchic)
Typhons Revenge in Melos, both islands need to be touched (Credit to OwnedByOmar)

Any others please let me know and I'll add!

There are claims saying that the Volcanic Island Nisyros has two defogging areas so run around that to make sure its all clear, those islands are a pain as their colour is pretty similar to the fog colour.
Glass SwimThank you for pointing out the Kithairon Foothills! couldn't find my last place anywhere. Upvote for sure.
Posted by Glass Swim on 14 Oct 18 at 09:29
XBox Assassin83You might want to add that.....

a. You can track this achievement via Ubisoft Club under Statistics "Regions Discovered" and each Sub Region is roughly 0.50%

b. You have to actually step foot in each Sub Region
Posted by XBox Assassin83 on 14 Oct 18 at 15:50
Mr 4T7Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia, There is nothing in it and unless you zoom in its hard to spot.

Link to the picture from another user, without this help i would have been searching forever
Posted by Mr 4T7 on 14 Oct 18 at 18:32
DemonATX1337I was missing Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia.
Posted by DemonATX1337 on 14 Oct 18 at 21:38
Zero or Die453The Volcanic Island Nisyros increased my percentage. Also, not sure, but the valley of the two kings looked still grayed out even though i rode and walked throughout it. Wish there was a better way to track this achievement. Is there a map with every high point in the game? I do not have 100% high points apparently.
Posted by Zero or Die453 on 15 Oct 18 at 22:40
SuperDarkConkerrequire riddle locations unlock or not need? just unlock all of the maps?
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 16 Oct 18 at 00:04
Zeifer95No riddles needed, this is to just explore the whole world map so there's nothing covered up unexplored
Posted by Zeifer95 on 16 Oct 18 at 01:07
SuperDarkConkerok. Thanks for answer my question and i just asking. :)
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 16 Oct 18 at 15:28
Doktor ZeitMake sure Kradia Island actually registers that you've been there. I walked on it and left assuming it counted, then came back after I looked everywhere on the map for unexplored areas, and sure enough the achivement popped after I was on it the second time.
Posted by Doktor Zeit on 16 Oct 18 at 17:59
mikee363is one of the areas? stuck at 99% on the ubi app and im pretty sure ive been every single place
Posted by mikee363 on 17 Oct 18 at 04:07
Mikeplays00Valley of two kings glitched for me too. Anyone got a solution for this yet?
Posted by Mikeplays00 on 17 Oct 18 at 11:17
Im VendyIt's not. I have valley of two kings glitched though. Walked through it 20 times and nothing.

Edit: Apparently its fine if the name doesn't show up on the map, i had another area that looked like a mountain (not fog <,<) that i had to go to and got the achievement now!
Posted by Im Vendy on 17 Oct 18 at 13:42
NuttyleaderDo water locations count for this?
Posted by Nuttyleader on 17 Oct 18 at 13:46
Zeifer95For me it did, its best to defog the whole map including water just to make sure!
Posted by Zeifer95 on 17 Oct 18 at 15:05
kintarisConfirmed, water locations absolutely count (testing on PS4). I worked through all of the other problem areas first before I unveiled the last water area, just to test it. Popped as soon as I went into the last water area.
Posted by kintaris on 18 Oct 18 at 11:54
Xx Exodys xX+1 for Kradia Isle below Samos. Never set foot on it cause it didn't have a location to complete, thank you
Posted by Xx Exodys xX on 18 Oct 18 at 12:04
Faustus PHDThanks for the guide. I was missing a couple from it. @mikee363, any answer on whether that secret location counts? I am only on the fifth sequence, so I haven't been there and I am stuck at 99% as well.
Posted by Faustus PHD on 18 Oct 18 at 20:31
NapalmNikoCool guide
Posted by NapalmNiko on 18 Oct 18 at 22:33
Faustus PHDAnswered my own question. Atlantis is NOT needed. This can be obtained much earlier. Perhaps as soon as you obtain the ship.
Posted by Faustus PHD on 19 Oct 18 at 04:09
nickos24This achievement is beyond frustrating for me. Ive defogged the whole map, double checked those easy to miss ones listed here and been to atlantis etc and Im stuck at 99%.
Posted by nickos24 on 19 Oct 18 at 05:50
Epic LouieI was stuck at 99% for the longest time. I was missing Kradia Isle. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Epic Louie on 19 Oct 18 at 17:57
OzerovSec4Not only is the name of the locations indicated, ideally a location video or video.
Posted by OzerovSec4 on 20 Oct 18 at 03:51
Corwin613Was stuck at 99.06% but warrior pass and kradia isle weren't actually unfogged
Posted by Corwin613 on 20 Oct 18 at 04:44
SneakyofSneaksThere are 2 on nisyros one main bit and a really thin bit around east and north coast
Posted by SneakyofSneaks on 20 Oct 18 at 14:50
TehKrizzKradia Isle was my missing one as well.
Posted by TehKrizz on 20 Oct 18 at 17:38
NyufftierPlaying on PS4, but just got the achievement.

My last spot was : Lestris
Tiny ass island under Keos. Has a quest on it.
Posted by Nyufftier on 20 Oct 18 at 21:19
JappaCrappaKradia was my missing one too!!!! What a little pimple of an island.
Posted by JappaCrappa on 21 Oct 18 at 01:43
AmniosKradia Isle under Samos

That’s the one that did it for me, so easy to miss too.

Thanks for the list!
Posted by Amnios on 21 Oct 18 at 12:19
Saint G Man 93angryKradia Isle under Samosangry


Posted by Saint G Man 93 on 21 Oct 18 at 16:40
Cracker DarrellI am stuck at 99.5% and it would seem valley of the to kings in Lakonia is what I’m missing as it still isn’t named. I keep riding through it but it won’t appear. Any idea what I should do?
Posted by Cracker Darrell on 22 Oct 18 at 01:53
Dr ScruffletonSaw someone mention somewhere that Nisyros had two locations. I had already been there before and it was unfogged on the map. I went back to it coming from the north on my ship. Achievement unlocked the first step on the island. It does really only show 1 location on it though, not 2. So idk if it just didnt count the first time or what.
Posted by Dr Scruffleton on 22 Oct 18 at 19:40
wrhwkAnother one to look out for is Typhon's Revenge, northeast from Melos. It has a harbor and not much else, but you need to go some way into the middle of the island to register it.
Posted by wrhwk on 22 Oct 18 at 19:53
Ahoora2550A dumb question: should we discover all the question marks as well? I already checked all the regions and the only one missing is the name of "valley of 2 kings" some how it doesn't show it in the map (might be a glitch?!)
Rather than that i only have a couple question mark left
Posted by Ahoora2550 on 23 Oct 18 at 05:09
Zeifer95I never discovered all the question marks, its just about defogging the map, but some areas lie and say you've been there already!
Posted by Zeifer95 on 23 Oct 18 at 07:27
Blairi100% Regions Discovered , 100% Reach High Points Synched -> still no achievement. <- Nisyros fixed this.
Posted by Blairi on 23 Oct 18 at 15:23
WicelowWas missing Kradia Isle... Pesky hidden place laugh
Posted by Wicelow on 24 Oct 18 at 14:50
AStarfoxI was missing Mount Koryphe in Argolis. +1 from me.
Posted by AStarfox on 24 Oct 18 at 21:28
Calex dEUSI was missing Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia, it's right of pass of the warriors on the map. Doesn't show a name and is easy to miss.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 24 Oct 18 at 23:08
MathachewKradia Isle, curse that useless place!
Posted by Mathachew on 25 Oct 18 at 00:59
My dad finally came home last night
Posted on 25 Oct 18 at 01:57
Also Kradia Isle was my last
Posted on 25 Oct 18 at 07:04
HolyHalfDeadKradia Isle
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Oct 18 at 10:47
MacAarburgerChecking my ubisoft club statistics shows 98% high points synched and 99% regions.

The first is the valley of the kings, which i only found thx to this guide.

After painstakingly checking my viewpoints against this map:

I found the rightmost peninsula on southern makedonia is green, but has no sync point icon.
Synched it, still no achievement... And the club data doesn't refresh quick enough...

So, one found, one still missing. Will update, once I've found it

Done. It must have popped while i wrote this.
Check the rightmost peninsula in makedonia for a green / white syncpoint icon 😎
Posted by MacAarburger on 25 Oct 18 at 17:13
EgotisticGeckoFor me it was the islands above the island of Melos that caused me grief. I had (mistakenly) assumed that I had unlocked the entire chain of islands as when you select the main island all the islands get highlighted like they are one "zone", however I needed to step onto the larger island above the main one (Typhon's Revenge). Once I did that this finally unlocked. This was with the UBI Club showing 100% hihg points synched and 100% regions discovered for at least a day while trying to figure this out.
Posted by EgotisticGecko on 25 Oct 18 at 23:33
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz^please tell me I don't have to sync all those waypoints?! 😡😭
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Oct 18 at 16:45
Zeifer95Sync points aren't required
Posted by Zeifer95 on 26 Oct 18 at 17:48
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz^thank you!!!
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Oct 18 at 18:24
WarMachine 182Just unlocked I was missing Isle of Thisvi below Phokis and next to Boeotia. I completely overlooked it in favour of more obscure islands and the mainland, spent 4 hours last night looking for last .50% 😭
Posted by WarMachine 182 on 26 Oct 18 at 20:55
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzHow current and correct is the Ubisoft club stats? Real time? Delayed? Thnx!
**edit** it's a bit delayed..cheevo just popped and ubi says 97%
Glad that's over ! 😁
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Oct 18 at 21:52
OwnedByOmarWas missing Typhon’a Revenge on Melos. I already discovered the place, but not the right most island. You have to discover both islands. It has no objectives on it.
Posted by OwnedByOmar on 26 Oct 18 at 23:34
lepeau83Thank you OwnedByOmar this was my last location. Both islands for Typhon's Revenge need to be uncovered confirmed 100% and should be added to the guide.
Posted by lepeau83 on 27 Oct 18 at 16:45
Agent0fSlythrynMy gf missed Atoll Point, to the West of Sculptor’s Elysium. The island looks like it’s been defogged when it hasn’t....
Posted by Agent0fSlythryn on 28 Oct 18 at 07:32
BigBalrogHave 100% Regions Discovered, went through the comments here and stepped foot on every region mentioned (again), still no achievement. WTF Ubisoft, fix that shit!!!
Posted by BigBalrog on 30 Oct 18 at 01:29
BigBalrogJust FYI, the achievement popped like 24 hours later on my phone...
Posted by BigBalrog on 30 Oct 18 at 18:44
STK AetakI missed Aegina, the Island in between South Western Attika and the Foundry of Hephaistos. The Island looked like I had stepped on it and it even had an Undiscovered Location but it wasn’t there, I went to it and the achievement popped.
Posted by STK Aetak on 31 Oct 18 at 20:36
BobWingsThanks for the guide! This was not my favorite achievement... Champion Point on Melos Island was my last sub region.
Posted by BobWings on 01 Nov 18 at 04:58
NodeadVickyGot 100% in Ubisoft Club's "Regions Discovered" but still no achievement angry
Posted by NodeadVicky on 01 Nov 18 at 08:07
I AM CULLYIsle of Thisvi (off the south coast of Phokis) was my last one. It's a small island that's easily missed.
Posted by I AM CULLY on 01 Nov 18 at 19:48
AttitudeParkI have been everywhere and I still can't get anything to pop. I have zero idea what I'm missing since everything is defogged and I revisited every small island
Posted by AttitudePark on 02 Nov 18 at 02:45
Surfer2308Thank you so much for your guide. I was missing 3 areas and they were all on your guide
Posted by Surfer2308 on 02 Nov 18 at 18:59
Lyco499Last one for me was Typhon's Revenge on Melos. The little island which has a cloud over it on the map. Didn't look fogged at all so it took forever for me to figure it out.
Posted by Lyco499 on 02 Nov 18 at 19:26
MAJORPOOPY+1 for Valley of the 2 kings. Super hard to spot.
Posted by MAJORPOOPY on 04 Nov 18 at 18:25
irritatieJust got this one. Always nice to have a clear map :-)
Posted by irritatie on 05 Nov 18 at 12:12
FlabyoSpent ages making sure I got every little island as I went, and somehow completely missed Valley of the Two Kings. Heh.
Posted by Flabyo on 05 Nov 18 at 18:54
zZBJohnnyZzI was missing the valley of the two kings as well. This one is hidden. Thank you for the tips. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by zZBJohnnyZz on 10 Nov 18 at 11:00
zZBJohnnyZzI was missing the valley of the two kings as well. This one is hidden. Thank you for the tips. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by zZBJohnnyZz on 10 Nov 18 at 11:01
Kazusoyou do not need to set foot on both islands on typhoons revenge the last on for me was the pirate island of lestris, it’s south of keos east of seriohos
Posted by Kazuso on 10 Nov 18 at 19:55
Seeker74It was the Nisyros island and the Valley of the Two Kings for me. The Valley frames itself if you highlight it. It should be green, not brown, when you view it on the map. For Nisyros, if you dock at one port and walk to the other one it should fully count. They are directly north-south of each other.
Posted by Seeker74 on 11 Nov 18 at 02:32
AnnitixI also missed Aegina (although it looked unlocked) - south west of Attika
Posted by Annitix on 11 Nov 18 at 02:58
xbojThanks for the tips, I was missing Lestris (small island between Seriphos and Paros) because even if it looked unlocked, I never set foot on it
Posted by xboj on 11 Nov 18 at 09:57
dierbaldo you have to uncover every question mark?
Posted by dierbal on 11 Nov 18 at 14:00
Wingnut da CatHad to laugh at myself, and then self-punish by taming all of the lions on … Aegina! Right in the middle of the map. How in the heck did I miss that one? All good!
Posted by Wingnut da Cat on 11 Nov 18 at 17:40
zybchAs others have found, it was Kradia Isle for me. And nothing triggered till I'd collected the treasure and Orichalcum deposits. As soon as I'd picked up the deposit a little way away from the main lot it popped.
Posted by zybch on 13 Nov 18 at 06:27
BasileusI noted all the places mentioned here and then I went through them. The fourth was it. clap
Posted by Basileus on 13 Nov 18 at 08:09
Radic0nFor me, it was the rest of the ocean... the backside of Krete and the absolute south-west. Popped right away once I cleared this!
Posted by Radic0n on 13 Nov 18 at 12:19
SnarfgutsNisyros Island for me. Stats were showing as 100% completed and the island looked brown so I thought I had been on it. As soon and I docked and ran up the middle of the island the achievement popped. smile
Posted by Snarfguts on 16 Nov 18 at 22:25
sjpsjpsjpFor me the missing one was Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia. Thanks!
Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 16 Nov 18 at 23:09
SpinalSynopsisI was stuck with Typhon's Revenge, the little island to the north in Melos. I went there before but I guess didn't venture far enough inland for it to register. (The only thing on the island is a ship dock)
Posted by SpinalSynopsis on 17 Nov 18 at 17:54
Warboy925Another perhaps easy to miss in Lakonia, was Zarax Point at the east end.....

Update: Finally got this!!!! I was missing Heights of Thorikos, on the east coast of Attika...
Posted by Warboy925 on 21 Nov 18 at 19:05
Apostle92627I missed Kradia Isle as well. I got the achievement as soon as I set foot on it. It's literally smaller than the Andrestia.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 22 Nov 18 at 01:44
ShinwashaChecking on Ubisoft club fogged areas in the sea do count. It's increasing my progress as I defog the ocean.
Posted by Shinwasha on 24 Nov 18 at 14:19
BEAVCOMANDERI got this with the last spot to uncover was zarax point it's to the right of Sparta in lakonia
Posted by BEAVCOMANDER on 26 Nov 18 at 04:04
Warboy925Yeah, I mentioned that...
Posted by Warboy925 on 26 Nov 18 at 05:37
Andyhadpie247Kradia isle 💪🏻
Posted by Andyhadpie247 on 27 Nov 18 at 10:50
HeldMagicmanThe last spot I needed was( angry caldera of arges) make sure that there's( two ship 🚢 dock) on this island gg
Posted by HeldMagicman on 27 Nov 18 at 14:56
wosmacki was missing West Taygetos Foothills in Messenia..
Posted by wosmack on 27 Nov 18 at 20:26
VanGekothx for this, missing the smart isle at samos..
Posted by VanGeko on 29 Nov 18 at 21:21
PriorAndersonI've been following this guide repeating locations... today, for the third time I'm revisiting places, I got the achievement in Kradia Isle under Samos
Posted by PriorAnderson on 30 Nov 18 at 10:29
DaveNotRodneyFor me there was a little island underneath Delos I hadn't been too.
Posted by DaveNotRodney on 02 Dec 18 at 00:46
speedlimit7I also missed Kradia Isle. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by speedlimit7 on 07 Dec 18 at 15:33
Thragg AvengerKradia Isle for me. Still needed on region, didn't think I'd been to Kradia, but visited and still no achievement. Visited every other region mentioned in this guide, still not unlocked. Went back to Kradia Isle a second time and finally it unlocked. Make sure that Kradia turns a sandy white on the map before you leave - if it's still grey it hasn't registered...
Posted by Thragg Avenger on 12 Dec 18 at 17:25
gregor1408Under water locations don't count towards this achievement i have several uncompleted under water locations and the achievement popped up for me, hope this helps
Posted by gregor1408 on 13 Dec 18 at 11:13
A DefectorI have missed Mount Psophis in Arkadia. Just looks like part of the mountain range that was already discovered.
Posted by A Defector on 15 Dec 18 at 00:29
LizardKingv666l‘m at 99,53% and I‘ve searched for days. I give up.
Posted by LizardKingv666 on 16 Dec 18 at 17:14
Warboy925Hey LK, try Heights of Thorikos, on the east coast of Attika
Posted by Warboy925 on 17 Dec 18 at 03:19
rusinamunkki84I thought that I had found all the places already but randomly this achievement unlocked when I walked on an area where I had been already or at least some places has been seen on my map already on that area (In Keos, area Anciely ruins of Kunastros) when doing sidequest Bird of Feathers.
Posted by rusinamunkki84 on 17 Dec 18 at 19:56
EscapeTheRoachOn Ubisoft Club it says 100% discovered but no achievement :(
Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 22 Dec 18 at 13:46
EscapeTheRoachKradia Isle! I discovered it but only with the ship, you must walk on the isle
Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 23 Dec 18 at 09:45
Warboy925Glad you found it!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 23 Dec 18 at 14:41
VasKainthanks for the tips. For me it was Paros, Atoll Point.
Posted by VasKain on 23 Dec 18 at 21:05
LizardKingv666Got it! Valley of Artemis in the south of Arkadia. Can‘t believe I overlooked that one but it on the map it looked just like the top of Lakkonia‘s mountain line.
Posted by LizardKingv666 on 25 Dec 18 at 10:53
khelekrandirThank you @Zeifer95 – I had sailed past Kradia Isle but never stepped foot on it.
Posted by khelekrandir on 01 Jan 19 at 14:02
tntiseverywereWest Taygetos Foothills in Messenia for me as well..
Posted by tntiseverywere on 01 Jan 19 at 21:20
MAJDI70TYOHON'S REVENGE as other said :-)
Posted by MAJDI70 on 03 Jan 19 at 05:24
mric82hello . I come to you to tell you that for me in Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the Achievement "Hermes's Homie ", I was missing the valley of Artemis in ARKADIA. Why is that? Because we barely see the difference in color facepalm
Posted by mric82 on 03 Jan 19 at 23:54
Lu770 P3rP37u0I was stuck at 99% I had 100% synchronisation points and all the areas defogged. It was Kradia isle who unlocked it for me. Many thanks!
Posted by Lu770 P3rP37u0 on 07 Jan 19 at 15:52
fiodorPLKradia Isle - this one was missing for me. Many thanks! :D
Posted by fiodorPL on 08 Jan 19 at 19:11
LanDiThank you, I was missing Kradia Isle!
Posted by LanDi on 09 Jan 19 at 20:42
chaza1989Kradia Isle under Samos
make sure you go trees. must have checked everywhere just not this one.
thought been here lol.
thanks so much
Posted by chaza1989 on 13 Jan 19 at 14:09
Bootybandit1Kradia isle!!! You bastard! 🤣
Posted by Bootybandit1 on 16 Jan 19 at 12:04
KorbetOh c'mon!!!! Kradia Isle!!! rolllaugh
THX a lot! clap
Posted by Korbet on 16 Jan 19 at 21:35
Shadow NewfieAs said by others Valley of Artemis is very well fucking blended in
Posted by Shadow Newfie on 19 Jan 19 at 12:37
MondpixelUbisoft Club 99%. roll

Isle Kradia and it poped up. clap
Posted by Mondpixel on 24 Jan 19 at 19:36
Will Chill 246Mine was the other typhos revenge island
Posted by Will Chill 246 on 28 Jan 19 at 19:42
MoD AcrillixAgeina was mine in-between Foundry of Hephatstos and South West of Attika
Posted by MoD Acrillix on 30 Jan 19 at 21:54
Luckystar37Atoll Point next to Paros was last one i needed. +1 Thanks
Posted by Luckystar37 on 02 Feb 19 at 22:05
TheTokenHoboJust got the achieve. Somehow missed Valley of Two Kings. +1 thanks a bunch
Posted by TheTokenHobo on 08 Feb 19 at 04:24
JetdeathriderJust want to add, there is a tiny island without name to the Southeast of Typhons Revenge on Melos, i just run through the whole island and the achievement pop up.
Posted by Jetdeathrider on 12 Feb 19 at 05:13
TheLightMasterthanks for the tips. For me it was also Paros, Atoll Point.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 12 Feb 19 at 08:08
Deft KittehThanks for the tips. Kradia Isle did it for me. Had to make sure to swim to the Isle and explore it.
Posted by Deft Kitteh on 18 Feb 19 at 02:00
WickedColdSame. Damn that little Kradia.
Posted by WickedCold on 18 Feb 19 at 05:55
Gente BlancoNisyros for me. Thanks so much.
Posted by Gente Blanco on 19 Feb 19 at 00:19
supadryzTyphons Revenge was last for me, lucky I didn't have to search for too long
Posted by supadryz on 23 Feb 19 at 00:00
AgentOfAbyssFinally popped mine. My last area I missed was Apollo's Refuge on the south part of the Pirate Islands.

For anyone thinking they are glitched I highly recommend reading all these comments and just got to each person's missed location until one of them works for you. I found mine after reading a comment saying they missed a small island south of Pirate Islands and while I was chasing that I found mine!
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 23 Feb 19 at 13:58
KingMike999Spent all day going back and forth between the smaller islands trying to get this achievement, turns out i was missing Mount Psophis in Arkadia, its hard to notice when the map is zoomed out as it just looks like rocks.
Posted by KingMike999 on 26 Feb 19 at 19:39
Debon4ireKradia isle below samos was one I was missing, super easy to just glance by when searching the map.
Posted by Debon4ire on 07 Mar 19 at 13:50
CadmusTheDragonThank you all for the suggestions. I missed a small sliver on Keos. This achievement needs to be added to the list of most BS achievements.
Posted by CadmusTheDragon on 10 Mar 19 at 20:09
OhMyGoth1I've spent 4 hours straight trying to finish this. I've been stuck at 99.53% and even gotten the "new region discovered" pop up 2x while exploring but no achievement and the progress is still stuck at the same number. So incredibly frustrating.

I have systematically visited every tiny island on the entire map and nothing. I am losing my mind over this. Somehow I've managed to hit every place everyone else misses, but something is still not visited.
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 13 Mar 19 at 03:25
OhMyGoth1Okay so I am officially a blind idiot. Turns out I hadn't defogged "Phaleron Sandy Bay" which is just south of Athens. Not really sure how I missed a big brown patch just south of the biggest city in the game, but what can you do. Probably overlooked it because there were question marks on the map within that region so I must have assumed it was uncovered. And I just wasted so much of my life hopping back and forth between tiny islands too...
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 14 Mar 19 at 01:42
DarkeyedGrieverIt was Kradia Isle for me. Never would have noticed that one.
Posted by DarkeyedGriever on 14 Mar 19 at 12:31
TheBigHarvsterMy last place was Rhenea, a small island south-west from Delos.
Posted by TheBigHarvster on 17 Mar 19 at 09:51
Assassin PlLNisyros Island for me. You need to discover both south and north port to make it count.
Posted by Assassin PlL on 19 Mar 19 at 03:01
STRAPxASSASSIN1Nisyros for me. As soon as I discovered north port it popped
Posted by STRAPxASSASSIN1 on 24 Mar 19 at 03:54
RAIDERJUNKIEJust reiterating to make sure you defog all ocean areas as well. I was losing my mind looking at the land locations, only to sail into the northeast corner of the map for the first time and pop the achievement
Posted by RAIDERJUNKIE on 24 Mar 19 at 18:09
FalloutImminentOMG Valley of the Two Kings. It looks like a regular mountainside on the map until you zoom all the way in. Def upvote here!
Posted by FalloutImminent on 25 Mar 19 at 16:49
egiduxLithThank's, Valley of the two kings was lost for me in Lakonia.. 🤒
Posted by egiduxLith on 26 Mar 19 at 23:00
thomaskoratIndeed Naxos and Melos were my last.
Also I missed many spots near the mainland huge mountains.
Posted by thomaskorat on 02 Apr 19 at 23:00
DillionDayKradia Isle under Samos was the last thing for me.
Posted by DillionDay on 06 Apr 19 at 11:33
I Ebon Hawk II just got the achievement after looting the items in the middle of Kradia Isle. I had previously walked on Kradia Isle without looting the items, but that didn’t count for some reason. If you are stuck at 99.53% make sure you loot the items from Kradia Isle. After I looted the items, Kradia Isle became defogged and the achievement popped.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 10 Apr 19 at 16:03
PBreezeyI can’t get the achievement to pop and I’ve searched my map over and over and over. Coming up with nothing. My Xbox achievement tracker shows my progress at 0% - is this normal?
Posted by PBreezey on 25 Apr 19 at 21:34
SolidVexed@OhMyGoth1 you're not the only one: Phaleron Sandy Bay has a color that can be easily missed. This was my last region.
Posted by SolidVexed on 26 Apr 19 at 16:00
Sons O LibertyMne was Lestris it's a tiny tiny islad, was completely black (notice I missed some in OP's post, but that was my last personally), has the "quest" Lost and Found on it as well. Northwest of Paros Island.

The quest is a bunch of thugs telling the captain how much a fucking idiot hes is ior crashing. I feel like one after hunting this achievement to.
Posted by Sons O Liberty on 28 Apr 19 at 05:25
aww0Kradia did it for me too. Could have sworn I'd already checked though there. It popped when I ran right up into the trees.
Posted by aww0 on 04 May 19 at 19:39
hkmortensonThanks! I tried almost everything on the list and it ended up being one of the Typhon's Revenge islands (top left island). This one was driving me crazy lol. This and killing goats in Keph
Posted by hkmortenson on 14 May 19 at 20:32
MaskedMaccaI was stuck on 99% (checking on Ubisoft app) for like 30 mins or so... checking every small island I could find - turns out I was missing ‘Thermal Springs’ on ‘Hydrea’ (it’s pretty big!) might be worth checking!
Posted by MaskedMacca on 18 May 19 at 20:17
Juju JebusI would recommend adding the Valley of Artemis in Arkadia as when it's still fogged it looks like the rest of the mountain range it's attached to. It was the very last area I found for the achievement.
Posted by Juju Jebus on 19 May 19 at 10:27
prokopthis has to be the worst achievement that I've had to deal with in a long time. I feel like I'm going crazy.

99.53%. what kind of sick joke is this
Posted by prokop on 20 May 19 at 21:08
prokopwent to this damn island twice. once before i saw this guide and then again when i saw this guide. had to pick up the loot for it to register for me. thank you for this comment

Kradia Isle for me. Still needed on region, didn't think I'd been to Kradia, but visited and still no achievement. Visited every other region mentioned in this guide, still not unlocked. Went back to Kradia Isle a second time and finally it unlocked. Make sure that Kradia turns a sandy white on the map before you leave - if it's still grey it hasn't registered...
Posted by Thragg Avenger on 12 Dec 18 at 13:25
Posted by prokop on 22 May 19 at 23:25
XxTour GuidexX1Ok, so my ubi app says 100% regions discovered and no achievement. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx beforehand
Posted by XxTour GuidexX1 on 30 May 19 at 21:47
XxTour GuidexX1Never mind, it looks like the app counts progress from all playthroughs I'm on new game+ so very important to get this ach. Before restarting
Posted by XxTour GuidexX1 on 31 May 19 at 00:15
Antic OwlStrange, Ubisoft Club says 100% regions discovered and still no achievement.
Does all the "?" be discovered?
Posted by Antic Owl on 03 Jun 19 at 11:39
Bodhi JonesIt was Nisyros for me. I had definitely docked the Adrestia there once before but after reading all of these posts about it I decided to revisit and ride around my horse for a bit. Achievement popped soon after.
Posted by Bodhi Jones on 03 Jun 19 at 18:30
FoogaThis isn’t added for Typhon’s revenge, but when you do the 100 man arena quest on Melos and it takes you to Typhon’s, you won’t discover it staying in that little temple area during the quest. You gotta head towards the middle of the island. That’s what had me confused and I overlooked it reading this guide. Only realized going back that it was fogged (the terrain should be dark like Melos).
Posted by Fooga on 12 Jun 19 at 12:48
BenGooseI missed this one “Kradia Isle under Samos”. Thx man - 👍🏻
Posted by BenGoose on 01 Jul 19 at 09:54
MurdaMan09Just popped for me and like to add some things.

1. When people mean no fog, they mean no fog. You have to explore the water
2. The Ubisoft app will help but it doesn’t update fast. I was at 96% and it still popped. It’s a good guide but if you want to use it, make sure it’s updated.
3. All the above comments of missed locations are great. Follow them!
Posted by MurdaMan09 on 19 Jul 19 at 08:47
rudolph f"Just" Defog the whole map
Right now there are no glitches and no bugs with this at Xbox, unlocked immediately after I visit the last undiscovered region
Thx to this guide and the comments
Posted by rudolph f on 05 Aug 19 at 08:43
LozMacTo echo a lot of other comments, I found Ubisoft's tracker unreliable for this. My achievement just popped, though the tracker is still at 98.58%...which seems a weird percentage!

Anyway, great lead me to Kradia and Valley of the Two Kings which I had missed though the achievement didn't pop after I discovered them which was a major bummer. I was on the verge of giving up for a while but decided to do one last scan of my map... and there it was - Zeus's Playground in Messara, completely undiscovered! I couldn't believe I'd missed it as previously in the game I spent a good whack of time on that island. As soon as I ventured to Zeus's Playground it popped, hurrah!

Tldr : Scan your map loads of times because you might just have missed an area like me. redface Thanks for the guide! smile
Posted by LozMac on 07 Aug 19 at 19:24
DeehollzSpent a while at 99.53. I found my last one in the Kyllene Foothills - East Achaia fwiw.

It is a smallish region with only 3 points of interest within. Not sure how i missed it (probably a common find, since i fast travel mostly). My recommendation would be to double check the mainland before searching the islands. Just trying to help smile

Fantastic post by Zeifer though & the comments from other members
Posted by Deehollz on 12 Aug 19 at 03:16
AbsoIuteZero xWow, I was missing Marathon Beach in North Attika. Phew, finally done!
Posted by AbsoIuteZero x on 24 Aug 19 at 18:01
GrimmLAN13The last location for me was the Boulder Bay region in Abantis Island. I have no idea how I missed that.
Posted by GrimmLAN13 on 08 Sep 19 at 18:34
Lord Darkfungwhat would I do without you? like so many others it was KRADIA ISLE below Samos … be sure to walk on it.
Posted by Lord Darkfung on 15 Sep 19 at 05:34
qManballinSigh. I was looking through this thread to see what the common misses were. I double/triple-checked and said, "Ha! Look at all these suckers missing Kradia Isle. Glad I'm not one of them!" Lo and behold... I too fell to that trap.

When you're comparing your map to a completed one such as, be sure that you zoom in all the way in-game. Kradia Isle looked explored at first glance, but as I stared at it longer, I realized it was more blobby/glitchy looking as opposed to crappy pixelated green island. Then I immediately began to regret my previous thoughts redface
Posted by qManballin on 18 Sep 19 at 08:24
Some rogue dudeWhat if I've been everywhere in this whole entire game, including the dlc, and this achievement is still at zero percent. Not to mention I have unlocked every achievement in the game but this one. Any explanation?
Posted by Some rogue dude on 24 Sep 19 at 22:14
GPBlackstormGuys I found a solution, that really worked, in Reddit. The thing is that you have to loot the skeleton in the centre of Kradia isle. The moment I did it, the achievement popped.
Posted by GPBlackstorm on 29 Sep 19 at 00:28
NannerLoafValley Of Two Kings in Lakonia and Lestris of the Pirate Islands!
Thanks everyone who posted!
Posted by NannerLoaf on 29 Sep 19 at 17:50
Taro Korya SanNisyros unlocked it for me
Posted by Taro Korya San on 20 Oct 19 at 22:57
Panoramixx85Am I the only one this 6 viewpoints on Lesbos and 3 on Lemnos? In all the maps I see, rescpectively, 4 and 1 viewpoints!
Posted by Panoramixx85 on 27 Oct 19 at 18:05
Darth DuaneValley of the two kings was it for me, just blended in. Thanks!
Posted by Darth Duane on 26 Nov 19 at 06:52
iiAssassinXxiiBloody Kithairon Foothills for me. So hard to find what you’re missing.
Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 06 Dec 19 at 00:17
Tha Real CuberApollo’s Refugee did it for me
Posted by Tha Real Cuber on 17 Dec 19 at 19:25
cenGii91For me it was the ocean.

I did all the question marks, visited the islands with no question marks, every small island with a name.

Don't get confused on the "fog". I never realized there was a fog anyway, and it is literally invisible if you don't pay close attention.
If you are on the water, don't get confused on the more "blackish" areas. Those have nothing to say, if you see any cover made of ancient Greek pictures just ship there and it will disappear quickly.

Also don't get confused if you see a darkened area on the main islands, those are just shadows of the mountains.

My achievement unlocked when i uncovered the very southern-east of the map near Pefki (literally the corner of the map) and a bit over Lesbos and a bit of Andros where the ancient forge is.

If you still have problems there is a small island south of Chios where one of the DLC-Quests begin (red dot - Atlantis - Inheritor of Rememberance (roughly translated from German)

So in general, i can advise you to do all the question marks, not only because of loot, but you will have uncovered a nice amount of inland area - i had some places even uncovered, that i missed prior doing all the question marks.
Posted by cenGii91 on 18 Dec 19 at 18:14
ArsholisGardseyJust unlocked this one by setting foot on the small island of Lestris by the Wailing Cavern south of Keos, hope this helps
Posted by ArsholisGardsey on 09 Jan at 21:16
andersonbraga89Acabei de fazer maldita ilha Vingança do Tifão mesmo estando cinza só desbloqueou a conquista depois que andei até o meio da ilha
Posted by andersonbraga89 on 13 Jan at 06:02
mrcyberneticoNo meu era apenas a Ilha de Kardia clapclapclap
Posted by mrcybernetico on 14 Jan at 20:52
bbsteviebEven after closely scanning the map, i cannot find any fogged areas anymore. Ubi Club app shows 99.53%....argh!
[EDIT]Turns out it was my fault, I missed a rather large fogged area/mountain range. Got it now!
Posted by bbstevieb on 29 Jan at 08:51
KATAKL1ZMKithairon Foothills 🤘🏼
Posted by KATAKL1ZM on 01 Feb at 19:17
GerbasgamerDefogging definitely isn't enough.
I was at 97% when I defogged everything. After that I went to the two islands south of Naxos and my percentage went up to 99.53%. Now I'm pretty much at a point where I have no clue where to go for the remaining .47%.
Btw what do you mean with "Mount Koryphe in Argolis (there's two parts to this area)". What's the second part?
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 09 Feb at 12:27
purplecamelI'm at 99% on the app. Can't for the life of me see anywhere I've missed.
Posted by purplecamel on 15 Feb at 12:12
VaderAGStuck at 99% too and none of the above worked for me :(
Posted by VaderAG on 17 Feb at 19:48
VyCadeI was missing the very small island south of Samos for a long time. Turns out that it’s its own sub-region.
Posted by VyCade on 18 Feb at 01:14
VaderAGThanks @vycade but been there at least twice now.
I'm wondering if the dlc counts? Possible I didn't go everywhere in Hades
Posted by VaderAG on 18 Feb at 07:55
arikmoonAbsolutely the solution! Just popped once I set foot on this tiny island. Thank you VyCade.
Posted by arikmoon on 29 Feb at 04:45
VaderAGJust to confirm, DLC doesn't count. I found the place for me hiding in plain sight just by scrolling the map at full zone and actually paying attention!
Posted by VaderAG on 29 Feb at 09:37
MordellWeilThanks, this was really helpful, I had missed a few of these. There was also a small island halfway between Seriphos and Paros that I'd missed.
Posted by MordellWeil on 04 Mar at 13:18
xxseethThis actually helped out so much! Thank you
Posted by xxseeth on 09 Mar at 01:29
EurydaceMine was Marble Bay. It's right there in the solution and I still missed it the first time I skimmed over it. Definitely double check! It should have quite a bit of green and white, not brown.
Posted by Eurydace on 12 Mar at 04:56
Decaying DeadTyphons revenge second island for me, thanks a lot
Posted by Decaying Dead on 19 Mar at 23:50
JMJimmyI would add Lestris to the list. It's possible to complete the cave there without defogging the island
Posted by JMJimmy on 21 Mar at 06:48
JMJimmyAnd the last one for me was Atoll Point in Paros
Posted by JMJimmy on 21 Mar at 07:40
GoNatsKradia Isle south of Samos was my last place to visit.
Posted by GoNats on 22 Mar at 20:05
V3ntilatorI only missed Kradia, but it weren't enough.
You need to remove 100% fogging on the sea on map too before it ulocks.
Posted by V3ntilator on 27 Mar at 10:38
EricGarcia4You don’t have to physically step on the territory with your character... my last area was Thermal Springs and I just rushed over with Phobos and the achievement popped. Might help you save time getting off Phobos.... best of luck
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 28 Mar at 16:03
Mr Jay En EssLast one was Lestris. Tiny island south of Keos. The wailing cavern was complete but the mission marker not showing. If you are stuck at 99+% this may be the missing one. Upvoted solution and thanks to all commenters.
Posted by Mr Jay En Ess on 30 Mar at 14:35
PSYCH HDMy missing place was: Valley of the Two Kings in Lakonia

Posted by PSYCH HD on 19 Apr at 17:30
Aceball189Mine was also Valley of the Kings. It was obviously once I looked on my map I haven’t been there. Thank you guys!!!
Posted by Aceball189 on 22 Apr at 03:26
SunkenUnicorn56Mine was Zarax Point in Lakonia
Posted by SunkenUnicorn56 on 26 Apr at 16:54
rocking23nfMount Psophis in Arkadia, i looked all over the map many many times, the covered area looks alot like the mountain, and chances are you have never walked passed here.
Posted by rocking23nf on 01 May at 04:12
Sairc0rIt was the Valley of Judgement for me. Southern most part of Korinthia.
Posted by Sairc0r on 02 May at 00:39
huttonerThank you! It was that tiny speck Kradia Isle that I was missing.
Posted by huttoner on 06 May at 13:09
MulticronXIt was the Valley of Artemis in Arcadia for me - it looked a lot like the mountains right next to it when fogged.
Posted by MulticronX on 12 May at 16:41
THR3E XiThanks MulticronX, that was the exact one I was missing also
Posted by THR3E Xi on 12 May at 21:45
Kaji AF16For me, the last remaining spot was Kradia Isle (just south of Samos).
Posted by Kaji AF16 on 14 May at 18:32
THE Mr FillI'm sure I've uncovered the entire map, but it's still not unlocked for me - covered the list above and been over the map with a fine toothed comb, but still no luck

Any ideas would help, thanks smile
Posted by THE Mr Fill on 16 May at 15:03
Electric LymanJust got this. The ones I missed were Thermal Springs in Hydra & Valley of the two Kings and Pass of the warriors in Lakonia.
Posted by Electric Lyman on 16 May at 17:35
Zeta SighDo i have to complete all locations for this achievement or anything like that? And will this consist of me clearing every "?" from the map?
Posted by Zeta Sigh on 21 May at 13:28
BobabaccaValley of the Two Kings was the part I was missing quite easy to miss. Thanks for the great guide
Posted by Bobabacca on 21 May at 21:50
JackBlaiseI had missed the Kithairon Foothills in Megaris - thank you so much for this!
Posted by JackBlaise on 03 Jun at 19:53
Kannan84Kradia Isle under Samos was the one for me. It might appear defogged but unless you step on the island it will not be considered.
Posted by Kannan84 on 03 Jun at 22:46
Kannan84Terrific guide by the way. This was one achievement that seemed simple but took a lot of time and effort.
Posted by Kannan84 on 03 Jun at 22:47
THE Mr FillI got this after having the whole map uncovered for ages, but eventually got it in a quest when it sent me to Lestris (south of Keos and east of Seriphos)
I'm not sure if exposing the location to the SE of the island was the trigger, but literally popped as I exposed "Wailing Cavern"
Posted by THE Mr Fill on 13 Jun at 20:17
TuffyATLThanks y’all. This helped a lot!
Posted by TuffyATL on 15 Jun at 18:48
ULTIMATE BTDFor me it popped at Kradia
Posted by ULTIMATE BTD on 17 Jun at 01:29
GingerShrimp40got it after kradia
Posted by GingerShrimp40 on 24 Jun at 08:31