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Step on the Gas

In Classified, kill 50 zombies while affected by Nova 6 Crawler gas in a single game

Step on the Gas0
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The EchoSoldi3rThe EchoSoldi3r209,405
13 Oct 2018
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For all the achievements in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies, besides the ones relating to the quests, you can use casual mode, but cannot use mutations.

This one I heavily recommend playing on casual with 3 bots. I was able to unlock this at round 35. Casual makes it much easier, and the bots with take some zombies with them making you less swarmed. For the packed weapon I recommend the ICR, because it is right on the wall in your training area. Pack it once, then repack it 4 times to get the full benefit of Pack a Punch. You do not want Brain Rot as your AAT, this will make zombies kill each other, and it wont count!

I would heavily recommend these perks, in this order: Stronghold, Dying Wish, Electric Burst, and Stamin-up.

The general strategy is to train in the War Room, and get a pretty long train going. Once the area is clear of any dogs, find a Nova 6 Crawler, shoot him, then immediately run towards him to get gassed. You will know if you are gassed, it will sound like a flash bang, and act like an old concussion grenade, making your movements extremely slow. Take aim and unload. Do this a couple times to get the 50 kills.

Right now it seems glitchy, not counting certain kills, or sometimes not exploding, but if you keep at it, you should get it.

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ZeRoToXiKsThis is one messed up achievement.. Went to round 37 and it never unlocked. I would get stunned using my ICR, and quickly blast while stunned with the Winter's Howl.

Can we get a confirmation on if the Winter's Howl counts towards this achievement?
Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 21 Oct 18 at 03:42
intheshallowI CAN confirm. I used Winter's Howl upgraded, and was able to get 50 quite easily using this gun when I'm stunned. I only needed 2 stuns to myself to get this achievement. Either use Winter's Howl, or use your Special Weapon. For me, I would recommend Overkill.
Posted by intheshallow on 28 Oct 18 at 18:19
MaseyyMouseI also don't believe that it has to be 50 zombies at once. It can be cumulative, so there's no need to risk getting overwhelmed by a massive train of zombies.
Posted by MaseyyMouse on 29 Nov 18 at 05:44
Shadow 00 FoxI'm pretty sure nuking them works!! I just got the achievement as a nuke went off right before I shot my rocket launcher--I had just thrown monkeys, then went in shooting a Nova 6, stepped in the gas, ran into a nuke, pulled out my P-a-Punched rocket launcher and fired it.. but I think they already died from the nuke! LOL.
On Casual, Round 31.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 18 Feb 19 at 23:19
SunnshhineThis is much quicker if you run in the lab, as the Nova’s will spawn much more frequently. Though it will be much harder to run circles in there too.
Posted by Sunnshhine on 07 Jun 20 at 07:16
hus12345I had this done by round 15 by running around the lab
Posted by hus12345 on 09 Jun 20 at 08:33
The Dutch PonyDid this on casual, just run around and headshot the nova 6 zombies once they spawn in front of you, turn around and spray with the winter weapon. Took less than 10 times doing this to get the achievement
Posted by The Dutch Pony on 25 May at 19:48