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In Zombie Rush, get your score multiplier up to 100

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14 Oct 2018 24 Oct 2018
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For this achievement you will need to head into the rush gamemode of zombies and gain a score multiplier of 100.

EDIT : Have been told that you need to pass 100 for the achievement to pop

When inside this gamemode whenever you kill a zombie you will increase your score multiplier by 1 (example if you were on a x5 you would move to x6). Other ways to increase your multiplier are things such as collecting yellow symbols that appear on the ground and picking up nukes. Your multiplier goes down when you are either hit by a zombie or do not perform an action that rises your multiplier within a certain time (about 25 secs).

Some tips for not getting hit by zombies are buying every gun/perk that you see so you always have ammo and sometimes perks may save you from being hit, also using the box and pack. these are both free and can be used every 30 seconds. GET THE SHIELD, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM TO GETTING THIS ACHIEVEMENT. Another thing is that barriers can be rebuild instantly if you press cn_X, you can also constantly have traps on.

This took me a couple of matches to complete and you can also work on the other Rush achievements while going for this one. I did this on the map IX for anyone wondering.

Happy Achievement Hunting !
JonkerI got exactly x100 and it didn’t pop... had to go over, not sure if it was just me but may be worth noting. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Jonker on 23 Oct 18 at 03:12
T5O2Do we have to build the shield?
Posted by T5O2 on 26 Oct 18 at 09:14
JonkerNo, it's already there just need to get to The Pit. Everything is already done and free in Rush mode (Acid Traps and all).
Posted by Jonker on 27 Oct 18 at 21:07
StelioKontos101 unlocks the achievement
Posted by StelioKontos on 14 Feb 19 at 23:07