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Venerated Warrior

In IX, defeat the most venerated opponent

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This is for doing the easter egg on the map XI. It can be done with any amount of players. Must be done on normal or higher.

Step 1 - Pack a Punch

The first step is to unlock PaP. To do this go to the top of a gods alter and press X on the gong, this will spawn in a champion. Kill it and it'll drop a head, do this to all 4 champions.

Take these heads down to The Temple and place them on the spikes in the middle of this area. Wait a few seconds and this will cause the PaP machine to appear next to them.

Step 2 - Wonder Weapon

The next step is to get the wonder weapon.

This will also unlock you
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Gift of SerketThe Gift of Serket achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 worth 32 pointsIn IX, acquire Serket's Kiss

I recommend just following one of the amazing guides posted for that achievement.

Step 3 - Purge the Blight

Go to the arena and wait for an axe wielding zombie to spawn in, the ones that throw the axe at you. Force the zombie to throw hi axe at one of the two pyres on the sides of The Arena. This will cause wood to break off of it. Pick it up and take it to the cauldron at the bottom of Odins Tower. Place it inside with X and wait 3 rounds. The wood will turn into charcoal that you can now pick up.

Next you have to find the skull with a faint blue symbol on its forehead.

This will spawn in The Temple (PaP Area) on one of the many walls with rows of skulls embedded in them. When you find it, look at it and activate your special weapon (LB+RB). You may need to hit it with it too. This will cause the skull to dislodge and you can now pick it up. Here is a map of all known locations it can spawn in.

Take this skull to the grinder that is found inside the wall in the Flooded Crypt area. Place it in the grinder and used a fully charged shot from the Wonder Weapon to activate it. After a few seconds it can be picked up again.

Now you need to collect some poop. This is simple, go to The Arena and throw some grenades into the crowd and run into the fire so you get bad affinity with them. They will get annoyed and throw poop at you. Pick it up. Take the poop the Zeus Bathouse (Bottom floor of Zeus Temple) and place it in the bowl, on one of the ledges at the side of the bath. Wait two rounds and it will become fertilizer. Pick this up.

External image

Take the fertilizer to the bottom floor of Danu Tower and place it between the two trees.

External image

Wait 3 rounds and you'll see green smoke from where you placed it. Now use a PaP gun with the Firebomb ammo type. Use it to kill zombies as they run over the smoke. Keep doing this until the floor is blue. Stand on the blue symbol and you'll be taken to a black and white version of this area. Survive the zombie onslaught while shooting the red spores on the trees. If done correctly the quest at the side will change to Answer The Dawn.

Step 4 - Build the Shield

Now there is a good chance you will have done this already but if not get it made. There are 3 pieces you need to find, here are the locations:

- Ra Tower Altar Room - on the floor opposite mystery box location
- Ra Tower Altar Room - in the corner to the right of the gong
- Zeus Altar Room - at the foot of the stone statue
- Zeus Tower Entrance - on the statue with the outreaching arm
- Zeus Tower Bath Room - by the stone mural on a ledge
- Odin Altar Room - in the barrel with the spears
- Odin Tower Cauldron - to the left of the two shields on the wall

Once you have all the pieces go to The Pit and craft it on the table in there.

Step 5 - Answer the Dawn.

Now you have to shoot 4 bulls that are located in random spawns around the map using the shield. Hitting a bull will cause a champion to spawn. Kill it and his soul will be taken to the Ra statue atop the Ra Temple. Locations for the bulls are as follows:

- Flooded Crypt - through the window
- Drawbridge - over the edge on a wall
- Danu Tunnel - on the wall leading up the stairs
- Odin Zeus Entrance - on the wall, high up where the light shines through the ceiling
- The Pit - on the wall near the ceiling lanterns
- Temple - through the window to the left of the arch
- Arena - high above, near the crowd and barrels
- Danu Altar Room - out the window towards the crowd
- Ra Tower Burial Chamber - above the pillar near metal grate

Once you have done this and killed the champions make your way to the top of Ra Temple. You will see it shoot the pillar infront of it and a blue symbol will appear. Activate this and you'll be taken to another instance of Ra Temple. Look at this pillar and 4 blue symbols will appear. These symbols relate to a special zombie type. You must kill the 4 that are shown in the same order. Killing them out of order causes you to fail and you'll have to wait a round before retrying. Once you kill the first 4, another 4 will be shown on the pillar. Do the same again. Here is a guide for each symbol.

Once this is done the quest will change to Summon the Storm

Step 6 - Summon the Storm

4 poles will have spawned under ground, they look like long cables with circles on the end of them. Shoot them until the disappear. They are always found in the same locations.

- The Collapsed Tunnel - through the window on the ceiling
- Odin Tunnel - suspended from the ceiling where the large chains are
- Danu Tunnel - through the window where the foliage is
- Cursed Room - through the window, hanging from the ceiling where the spears are

Once this is done return to The Arena and have all players interact with the pillar in the middle of this area at the same time. You'll be taken underground. Run back to The Arena and you'll see that the poles you shot earlier are now visible around the edges of The Arena. Go and re-pack-a-punch your gun until it gets the Killowatt ammo type on it. Now use this to stun zombies near the poles, then kill them when they are stunned. Doing so causes the souls to be absorbed into it. Killing a big zombie will cause 5 souls to be absorbed. Once all 4 are done, go to the centre and get everyone to interact with that same pillar again. The area gates will lock and loads of gladiators will spawn in, during this time you have unlimited special weapon (LB+RB) so it makes this much easier. Survive for a few minutes and the gates will reopen and the quest will change to Channel the Flood.

Step 7 - Channel the Flood

9 blue symbols will have spawned around the map.

- 2 in Danu Tunnel
- 1 in Odin Tunnel
- 1 in Ra Tunnel
- 1 in Danu-Ra Entrance
- 1 in Odin-Zeus Entrance

You have to shoot 3 of them in one charged shot of Serkets Kiss. Don't worry about shooting through the walls, the shot will travel through them. You must hit all 9 but in sets of three. This is how it is advised to be done.

- The Pit - stand to the right of the window, aim left at the symbol and shoot just under the - hanging hook
- Danu Tunnel - jump in front of pillar symbol and aim shot down the hallway
- The Crypts - stand to the right of brick window, aiming diagonally left towards the symbol

Once this is done get every player to stand on the grate in The Pit. You should here a slight clink. Shoot a special weapon (LB+RB) at the grate and have everyone hold X at the same time. The screen will fade white and you'll have a zombie onslaught and waters will be rising. Survive the onslaught and its done.

Step 8 - Boss Fight

This is it, the final step! Before doing anything, make sure you are stocked up on Ammo and have your perks.

Go the The Arena and you'll see a portal. Go into it and you'll be at a larger arena. Keep killing enemies until an elephant spawns in. Hit the armour on it until the rider is knocked off. Once the rider is gone, shoot the elephant in the head until it dies.

Then a second, stronger one will spawn in. Do the same tactic again until it dies. When it does the cutscene will play and the achievement is yours!
Eisenhovver... holy hell that is a long one. Nice write up.
Posted by Eisenhovver on 16 Oct 18 at 15:53
Alcoholic SocksAhh thanks!

Yeah, it's honestly not too difficult. Just a lot of waiting for rounds to pass. Haven't managed to get it done yet but come close a few times
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 16 Oct 18 at 16:34
Dan New xAdd me up if anyone wants to give this a try,
GT: Ecko Danny x
Posted by Dan New x on 16 Oct 18 at 21:40
Bald DrewIs there a difficulty level requirement?
Posted by Bald Drew on 16 Oct 18 at 22:01
Alcoholic SocksNormal or higher. Ill add it to the guide
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 16 Oct 18 at 22:51
DarkR PhantomWhy can't it be done on casual?
Posted by DarkR Phantom on 17 Oct 18 at 06:28
Alcoholic SocksOn casual you cant pick items up that are used for Easter eggs.
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 17 Oct 18 at 14:56
IINUMB3R44Would be great if the skull would actually spawn!!
Posted by IINUMB3R44 on 19 Oct 18 at 19:57
Jager XCVAnyone else having an issue on Step 6 - Summon the Storm, where the rods do not appear?
Posted by Jager XCV on 20 Oct 18 at 17:50
Sky Maniac@jager XCV we had that issue, you have to activate the centre pedestal in the arena for them to appear.
Posted by Sky Maniac on 20 Oct 18 at 23:38
good Super manYou may want to make a slight edit to this guide since due to the recent change in the recent patch they changed how a step work. The step they changed in IX is the step when you're appeasing zeus where you have to turn screws by shooting them in the underground area then teleporting back up to have them appear above ground has now changed. The step now is teleport there first and then you're locked underground until you've turned all the screws and then you go do the next step of filling them up. Here's a video from MrRoflWaffles explaining some of the changes on IX and Blood of the Dead
Posted by good Super man on 23 Oct 18 at 03:13
Alcoholic SocksAhh thanks for letting me know! I've been away the last few days and using my phone right now. I'll get it updated when I'm back on my computer!
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 24 Oct 18 at 01:29
Itzz Sh0wt1m3Ran into a glitch today. Couldnt pick up key, all zombies were killed. Even wasted a nuke. Come on Treyarch!
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 28 Oct 18 at 18:59
AdamJLinkDont forget about the step before the boss fight where you get a connection interrupted and it takes you back to the zombies menu. That step is crucial.
Posted by AdamJLink on 02 Nov 18 at 06:43
ZeRoToXiKsI’m having trouble on the Ra challenge. Its extremely difficult not to shoot the wrong elemental zombie when their is so many and barely any room to run. Any advice?
Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 05 Nov 18 at 21:09
m5coatwe use undead man walking elixer for the Ra step it makes it sooo much easier
Posted by m5coat on 06 Nov 18 at 13:19
Bald DrewAnybody else having problems getting the temple skull and the grinder to spawn in?
Posted by Bald Drew on 06 Nov 18 at 23:08
McAwesomePTfunny how you manage to typo the very first sentence with the map name :p lemme have a look ar the rest ;)
Posted by McAwesomePT on 10 Nov 18 at 13:49
KanchanaburiMy suggestion. If you are putting in a guide, make it complete (ex. when you talk about the wonder weapon, put the steps in, don't tell us to go to another page since that requires changing the page. It would be nice to have EVERY step on one solution.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 22 Dec 18 at 01:57
GiinceeA friend an me just tried it and we got to the Range challenge. Did it one time and after that we died immediately. We played for over 2 hours. This easter egg is really insane.
Posted by Giincee on 17 Jan 19 at 01:33
SummitVikingYou never updated the Zeus step about activating the pedestal first to get the screws to spawn in. Easter Egg run ruined because of this confusion. Negative vote from me.
Posted by SummitViking on 06 Aug 19 at 05:32
Feend ReturnsSo we tried this and after 4 hours playing we got to picking up the key from the grate and we COULDNT. Super frustrating. 4 hours wasted. Anyone else still encountering this glitch?
Posted by Feend Returns on 14 Nov 19 at 10:44
Nathan6260Hey - Helpful comment for the Champions & Final Boss is to have the Hellion Salvo PAPed with full damage boost from the random box. 1 hit on champions and 5-10 hits on final boss elephants. Me and a friend used this tactic and wiped them out in minutes. Overall this whole process took us around 3 hrs to complete and some steps of this are known to be glitchy so no fault to the original author
Posted by Nathan6260 on 20 Apr 20 at 14:55
KriSpy CharMZWould like to add that if you kill more than one brawler/gladiator while shooting the bulls with the shield, it will glitch out the game and you can't finish the easter egg. So kill one at a time.
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 23 May 20 at 06:54