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Complete the Cyber Horde special operation on Normal difficulty

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The SCHWARTZ 00The SCHWARTZ 00775,527
22 Oct 2018 11 Nov 2018
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Your team composition should be pure DPS. It's best to go with 5 Riflemen with decent damage/high mag LMGs (100-200 shots per mag is ideal) so you can constantly spray bullets everywhere without having to keep reloading, but you can probably get away with 1 Sniper and 4 Rifles, provided your sniper is a beast. There's no need for a Medic in this mission, especially if everyone is rocking Warlord gear. You really won't take much damage for about 80% of the op unless you play really reckless.

This mission is actually fairly simple.....right up to the point where the EMP Carrier arrives at the entrance of the tunnel, which is Checkpoint 7 of 8. That's when things get hairy. (There's not much to say for anything before that part, as its really easy. Literally, just shoot everything that moves. I hadn't played this mission before I got the achievement and my group still managed to make it to the very end. Try to keep the Carrier at near max health and that's it. Stay near the truck, shoot for your teammates/watch their backs, and you'll survive.)

When you get to the tunnel entrance, you'll start to run into heavy resistance. Basically, everyone needs to be focused on Bombers (cyborgs carrying big ass red propane tanks) and Mechs. Bombers especially are your main priority. They will ruin your run quickly if they aren't taken out quickly. Watch the ads from the left and right too, don't let them get too close to the truck. Use your grenades! Don't forget about them. They can help take out mobs when you have to reload.

You want to have the Carrier at about 75% health once you hit Checkpoint 8/8. Don't be fooled, there are three more checkpoints once you get here, so stay sharp. As you press on into the tunnel, there will be even more mobs of Bombers and Mechs. Same strategy as before, just focus fire on the Bombers and take out Mechs as quick as you can. Towards the end of the escort, keep an eye on the rear of the Carrier, as there will be enemies attacking from behind and they could be the difference between success and failure.

Once you've safely guided the truck into the hangar, an EMP blast will go off, you will go into a small garage, and the Carrier will explode after about 30 seconds. This is the boss fight. Luckily for you, it is very, very, VERY easy, thanks to a glitch spot. All you have to do is hug the middle wall on the right side of the room. That's it. The boss can't hit you there, and you just have to have one guy watching out for ads coming from the left. With four guys emptying LMG rounds into him, his health bar just melts, and he goes down within 2-3 minutes. Once he goes down, it's over. Congrats! You've beaten one of the easier missions. Now for the HQ op. Just don't forget to prepare your anus before starting it.
KiRRAYNEGreat write-up! Was fun knocking this out. +1
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 22 Oct 18 at 12:37
SneezeSomeMilkDo you maybe have a video or a screen shot of the wall? I tried the middle part of the wall on the right (right from when you enter the room). But the Boss just walked up to me and slammed me and I was gone. Same for my teammates.
I found a video of the glitch but it shows the PC version from 2015 and the spot looks different with some kind of a ramp that is not there in the xbox version.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 28 Oct 18 at 23:29
The SCHWARTZ 00I think they may have patched the glitch spot. I tried doing this with a crew a week ago and the same thing happened to me and the rest of us. Unless we all did something wrong. I need more reports before I say it's been fixed for certain.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 28 Oct 18 at 23:36
The SCHWARTZ 00Ok, I can confirm it is NOT patched and you can still back up against the wall. All 5 players must be lined up against the wall for the boss to not do any damage to you all. I just beat Cyber Horde again for a friend and it worked. Just have one guy on the far right of the wall, the rest spread out against the middle and left.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 31 Oct 18 at 02:34
MannedPython070Special events now cycle with the latest update. Now we must wait for the mission to rotate in
Posted by MannedPython070 on 02 Mar 19 at 01:52
MannedPython070Cyber Horde is returning this month as part of the Halloween season. Get ready
Posted by MannedPython070 on 11 Oct 19 at 05:01
MannedPython070Cyber Horde is now in rotation
Posted by MannedPython070 on 23 Oct 19 at 06:36
My Name is BaRtI need a team for this so if anyone is making a session please message me

Just got it with randoms
Posted by My Name is BaRt on 24 Oct 19 at 18:30
FEAR EPIDEMICSomeone please let me know when this is back.
Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 19 Aug at 10:49
PSN SONY PSNHonestly it changes in rotation
In theory say it has max of ten spec-ops missions.Due to the ltd number showed seven then that means the three of em would be out until it rotates back to em im pretty sure it does,Look Overwatch,Events at Summer,Then Halloween,Then Christmas
Every year

Posted by PSN SONY PSN on 21 Aug at 09:05