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It was THIS Big!

Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

It was THIS Big!0
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29 Oct 2018
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If you are willing to wait until chapter 5/6, there is a stranger mission from a man named Hamish. After you complete this, he will tell you to meet up sometime and go fishing with him. During this fishing mission you will catch a fish that will unlock you this achievement.

Also he will give you the lure you need to catch it so no need to spend money.

Good luck!
xx Kenshira xxThis one is 100% guaranteed. Easy way if you want the ach. It will force you to catch a legendary pike
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 22 Nov 18 at 13:01
GroatesI’m Not sure why it’s getting negative votes lol. It works perfectly. Don’t even have to go out of your way if you are doing all the missions.
Posted by Groates on 23 Nov 18 at 00:19
Jonah FalconI got the Achievement this way, myself.
Posted by Jonah Falcon on 04 Dec 18 at 19:14
Krushner20No idea why you are getting negatives. I don’t even have it yet but can see your method is way easier and has worked for others. Good work mate
Posted by Krushner20 on 04 Dec 18 at 21:20
GroatesKrushner20 cheers mate. I’m glad it’s helping people. I guess people don’t want to wait till chapter 5 to get it haha
Posted by Groates on 04 Dec 18 at 22:43
netstrykerI love everything involving this mission. I can't tell nothing more because will be spoiler.
Posted by netstryker on 17 Mar 19 at 23:22
DownInFlames85This mission was great, making the achievement even better.

Thanks for the guide toast
Posted by DownInFlames85 on 07 Apr 19 at 13:15