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Senseless Axe of Violence

In Blood of the Dead, kill the max number of zombies with Hell's Redeemer before it starts to return

Senseless Axe of Violence0
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This achievement seems incredibly broken at the moment, but it is still obtainable with some luck. Naturally, you must unlock the hell's redeemer in order to get this, so let's just jump into doing that.

Edit: I forgot to mention this is only possible in a classic game with no mutations, and on a difficulty of at least NORMAL. While achievements can be unlocked on casual, it is impossible to upgrade to the hell's redeemer on casual difficulty.

Hell's Retriever

This is a weaker hell's retriever and must be unlocked before you can upgrade it. It is fairly simple.

There are 3 wolf symbols around the map which must be filled with killed zombies. The locations:

-After leaving spawn, take the first door on your right to enter a workshop, the symbol is on the other side of the room
-This head carries over from the original MOTD, once you enter the prison bear right until you reach a door, keep right through the door and head up the stairs, you will see the symbol on the wall to your right.
-Head through the warden's office and exit through the back, you will see the symbol immediately on the warden's house.

When you get a zombie kill near any symbol, it will spawn a wolf symbol there, which will subsequently succ the zombie and eat it. You need to feed each wolf about 6 or 7 zombies, but, the wolfs can only eat one zombie at a time. If a wold if chowing down killing zombies near him won't do anything, you must wait for him to swallow before you kill the next zombie. So basically just train up zombies near the dog heads and kill them one at a time, super simple and something you've probably done before in other zombies.

Once all 3 doggos are fed, you need to head to the warden's house and use the teleport thing in there. This will take you underneath the map and automatically move you. Just hold cn_X the entire time and you will grab the tomahawk. This thing is decent, on a short cooldown it can be charged up and thrown as a grenade and does quite a bit of damage.

Hell's redeemer

Now for the upgrade, this is a bit trickier.

As soon as you have your retriever, head to the courtyard between the prison and the catwalk with all the hands. You need to be getting hell's retriever kills in this area, but it is not so simple.

It seems like only specific areas of the courtyard actually count. You can tell if the throw counted towards the upgrade because the tomahawk will be glowing blue (opposed to the usual red), this can be tricky to see.

The place I found the most consistency was just at the bottom of the ramp leading up to the hands catwalk. Your best bet is to train up here and try and kill zombos with the tomahawk. This area is unfortunately quite tight and forming a proper train is dang hard. With multiple people it is made easier. You want to avoid running through the hands mid round since you will likely get trapped in there, and you're going to have a bad time. You don't have to stay in the courtyard the whole time, if things get spicy feel free to get outta there.

Even if you are in the proper spots, sometimes you'll just not get a blue tomahawk. You need around 25 zombie kills to complete this step. A loud and obvious wolf howl will signal you getting sufficient kills (if you missed it, your tomahawk will no longer be blue when thrown in the right spots as a way to check).

With enough kills, you will now need the spooky ghost shield.

Spooky shield build

Fairly straightforward, 3 pieces.

-the first time you kill the warden he will always drop the first piece. You can either wait for him to spawn, or just turn on the power to get him for free (or shoot him as soon as you enter the courtyard for the first time).
-A bit of blue goo which can be found on electrical boxes in the main part of the prison
-A large door which has a few spots, leaning on the backside of one of the gate type things leading down the circular thing underground which houses the spoon, or it can be in the power room, or just before the power room leaning near a zombie barrier.

You can build this guy at any table, I typically do it at the docks.

With a shield equipped, you can hold cn_LT to look through it and get spooky ghost vision. Your job is to find a blue dog head symbol (like the ones you filled up for the retriever, but in blue), it can only be seen in ghost vision.

The main areas where this can be found are:
-The courtyard
-The underground area, just outside the showers, near where the hell's retriever spawned in the original MOTD
-Just outside the warden's house, near the red dog head there.

Each of these areas has multiple spots for the dog head, I won't list them all here, but the viddy at the end will show them all.

When you finally find your blue head, you want to throw your tomahawk at it (it will be invisible outside of shield vision), and your tomahawk will be taken from you.

At this point, you can't do anything until the next dog round (happens every 4-6 rounds). During this time, make sure you get 2 charges in your shield by zapping zombies with the key (hold cn_RT with the key out), every 3 kills gives you a charge, don't get rid of these, you will need them for the next step, if your sheild breaks refill the charges on a new one.

When a new dog round happens, you will want to save a dog, if you are in co- op it is best if somebody holds a dog while you do this, since it can only be done on dog rounds.

Somewhere on the map there will be a blue ghost doggo which is only visible in shield vision. All you have to do is zap him with a spirit blast when you find. Finding him can be tricky, since you have to basically search the entire map. That includes the spawn area, the prison, the docks, the roof, everywhere. So just run around and keep throwing up your shield vision. The doggo will walk a specific path and then teleport to the start of the path and walk it again, so he won't move much.

It shouldn't be too hard to find him, solo this is quite difficult since you will have hell hounds on your butt the whole time.

When you final find him, give that good boy a spirit blast, and you're basically done. The hell's redeemer can be grabbed the same spot you got the retriever, by taking the teleport thing from the house.

Actually getting the achievement

Now, of course, getting the redeemer is only half the battle. You now need to "kill the max number of zombies with it before it starts to return", which is deliciously vague. You can, and should, charge the redeemer up to 3 times (indicated by a blue circle flash around you) before you chuck it. It flies forward and returns to you shortly after. It will kill zombies up to very high rounds, but, it seems the higher round you are on, the fewer zombies you will kill per throw.

Because of this, an insta-kill would seem to be a requirement to kill the max number. This achievement is super glitchy and annoying. My advice is, just keep training up zombies and chucking a 3 charged axe at them and keep your fingers crossed. If you manage to find an instakill, grab it and train up a full group, and chuck it. It might work it might not. I've been told this unlocks much more consistently in solo than co- op, but of course upgrading the thing solo is tough. I personally did it in 2 player co- op. I managed to get it, I believe, during an instakill. But, the achievement did not pop right away, it popped about 30 seconds later after I killed like 3 zombies with a throw after the instakill was gone.

My partner did not need an instakill to get it, and we were on something like round 26. Same with him, he hit a full group and about 30 seconds later it popped as soon as he took out a couple with a throw.

So what's the strategy? There isn't one, just keep training and chucking and hope for the best. I would suggest you maybe try this solo if you're super good at zombies (I personally couldn't upgrade it solo), since it apparently works better, but you can definitely get it in co- op.

And that's it, upgrading this thing is a bit of a challenge but totally doable. Getting this achievement is just praying to Blundell and hoping you get lucky.

A video from NoahJ456 if you prefer that, all credit goes to him

LuucThis took me many rounds to finally pop. I got the redeemer in Round 15 and eventually unlocked it in Round 27 (!). All those rounds I took me countless of tries before I got it to pop.
In my opinion the whole Instakill is just a joke and doesn't seem to work for this achievement.
I got like 6 Instakills during my run and I didn't get it with Instakill being active. In round 27 I decided to weaken the zombies before throwing the redeemer. In the throw where I got the achievement I threw the redeemer to the GROUND.. This was the first time I tried it like that, after I threw it to the ground with a bunch of zombies next to it the achievement popped for me.
Posted by Luuc on 30 Oct 18 at 08:05
GtechApocalypseI tried for hours no luck insta kill and all....need a patch
Posted by GtechApocalypse on 12 Nov 18 at 10:50
I just struggle to get the redeemer in solo let alone attempt the kills......but since the update I finally got it and get this ..first throw on the roof and it popped! Round insta :)

Maybe its been made easier as I tried half a dozen times to get the redeemer and always failed at the last step!
Posted on 15 Nov 18 at 18:05
ZeRoToXiKsYea this achievement is extremely buggy, had no success in my 3 hours of attempting this. (continually chucking the axe at huge trains of zombies)

EDIT: after the recent update this achievement is incredibly easy to obtain. The hardest part is unlocking the redeemer
Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 18 Nov 18 at 18:41
Demon Slayer050Beg to differ. I got the axe upgraded on wave 13 today and spent the next 15 rounds using NO Ammo, Axe throws only. Used 6 of my insta kills, and still no achievement. Next time, I'm going to try weakening the pile before dropping the insta kill and/or making a fleet of crawlers.
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 22 Nov 18 at 02:08
Demon Slayer050After many many days of doing this, I finally got it and I would have to say this achievement makes no damn sense. I tried wounding piles of zombies before throwing axe, piles of crawlers, piles of frozen zombies with winters wail, and with/without insta kills, straight line with head shots . . . nothing. And, then, I ended up getting it on the roof, round 12, no insta kill, and axe was only double charged before throwing.
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 24 Nov 18 at 03:53
Mild Gonolini@Demon Slayer050, yeah that's what's stupid, it seems like this is just a role of the dice. I'm honestly glad I got it as quick as I did.
Posted by Mild Gonolini on 24 Nov 18 at 07:20
Primal T PrinceLiterally, first time attempting this achievement, got the redeemer on round 13, starting training in the cafeteria and threw the redeemer at the zombie's feet, got the achievement immediately. AIM FOR THE FEET... at least, that's what I'm getting from these comments
Posted by Primal T Prince on 26 Dec 18 at 23:35
Darth Maul FTSAfter trying multiple times on the roof, in the cafeteria, and in the showers I got this on my first throw in the Recreation Yard. Near where you get kills for the upgrade. No idea why it worked but it did.
Posted by Darth Maul FTS on 04 Jan 19 at 13:19
KanchanaburiDecent solution. I recommend you insert the video in the middle where is belongs and then perhaps find another for the upgrade. THanks!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 05 Jan 19 at 23:53
l BlackBrian7 lSpent over an hour training and killing zombies with it and I couldn't get ach to unlock. Best I saw was 9 kills from 1 throw (instakill was on). Averaged 5 kills a throw (was pausing and checking stats before and after throws). Got killed and now I'm dreading having to try this again in the future.
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 10 Mar 19 at 21:24
LordSmorcTHANK YOU comments saying to throw at the floor. Was throwing the redeemer normally for several rounds then decided to look here, literally my first throw aimed at the ground got this achievement.
Posted by LordSmorc on 12 Jun 19 at 02:26
DanielBCookSame here, I just threw it at the floor in front of my zombie train on the roof and got it. I was on Round 21 and only got 5 kills with it.
Posted by DanielBCook on 12 Jul 19 at 01:58
Diesel FoleyGot the upgraded axe on round 20 solo cause I screwed up a dog round.tried it several times throwing it at feet on round 21 in the luck. next round, 22 , it worked first time in the cafeteria . bounced it off the ground first after charging it up for 3 pulses.
Posted by Diesel Foley on 06 Aug 19 at 03:01
lifebringer23Got it first time when I only charged the axe up twice and not three times
Posted by lifebringer23 on 09 Aug 19 at 21:56
EmperorIve tried this in Coop with a friend we both did everything right, wasted perkaholics and instakills. Then tried it solo and still didnt get it after Like 5 hours
Posted by Emperor#4408 on 23 Aug 19 at 20:05
x Tyian xI got this with no instakill, it only looked like I killed 4 or 5. After trying for ages I just started messing around jump throwing the tomahawk and it somehow unlocked
Posted by x Tyian x on 03 Oct 20 at 08:55
EndorsedAphid33I just unlocked it on 10/11/20. The way it popped for me was, right before the Redeemer began to return to me, pause the game. For some reason, that instantly popped. I had gotten at least 40 other occurrences of me killing 5+ zombies with one throw, but when i paused at the end of that one, it popped for me. Fuck this glitchy achievement, and fuck this shitty game.
Posted by EndorsedAphid33 on 11 Oct 20 at 23:57
x ii Y1D xThis comment above was the method I used and after a few goes, it popped! Thanks EndorsedAphid33!
Posted by x ii Y1D x on 23 Nov 20 at 17:13