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Fill a particular Lumber Mill by using B-130 truck only

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30 Oct 2018
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I found this can be easily obtained in the new dlc american wilds second map just set b150 truck as your starting truck sure you have it unlocked make at the garage ad short log trailer to the back then proceed to the right follow the road to the log kiosk load up the truck and trailer then turn arround and go back the way you came from you might need to use the skidder to pull your truck back to the road. Once back on the road get back in the b150 truck and follow the road keep following it till you get to an intersection then turn left and keep driving till you get to the petrol station continue driving past it just keep following the road till you get to the the lumber yard on the left once you deliver the lumber simply drive out and head back the way you came and repeat another 2 times or until the lumber yard is full and the achievement is yours this is far easier then using the original maps from the base game