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MP 101

Complete all 10 Specialists Tutorials

MP 1010
2 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
Was I That BadWas I That Bad863,240
30 Oct 2018 30 Oct 2018
17 7 5
Confirmed this was fixed in the update 30/10/18. I Already did this on day 1 and was glitched like everyone else. Just replayed a tutorial (I personally did firebreak) and it unlocked once I pressed the “A” button and the cutscene started to play.
MoG Alucard212Still bugged. You are not able to complete Seraph tutorial now...
Mission not succeeding after killing all enemies in the yard.
Posted by MoG Alucard212 on 01 Nov 18 at 13:12
dodgerofjamI can confirm that this unlocked for me as soon as I began a tutorial skirmish (with Ruin) - no need to complete the match.
This was 2018-11-10. Good luck! smile
Posted by dodgerofjam on 10 Nov 18 at 10:52
PumpkinGalI cant complete Torque as it wants me to blow up a wire that's not there :(
Posted by PumpkinGal on 16 Nov 18 at 21:25
Agent0fSlythrynI replayed a skirmish and not a tutorial and it unlocked for me today....
Posted by Agent0fSlythryn on 06 Jan 19 at 07:04
SNUS MOJDOCan’t do prophet
Posted by SNUS MOJDO on 19 Dec 19 at 09:19