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Stoking the Flames

In Voyage of Despair, kill 3 Stokers via weak-point in a single round

Stoking the Flames0
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01 Nov 2018 11 Dec 2018
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Stokers are the very large zombies carrying shovels that look like hardened magma. Not to be confused with the fire elemental zombies that detonate when you kill them.

After damaging the Stoker a certain amount, a weak spot will be revealed through a glowing yellowish-orange spot on either side of his chest or the top of his head. Shooting the glowing spot will cause him to drop to his knees and blow up from the weak spot.

Later rounds are recommended for this, as they spawn very frequently the higher you are. I did it on Round 32. There were about 6 or 7 across the entire round.

EDIT: WayzoftheRaven added that using the Kraken did not unlock the achievement, so it would be best to avoid weapons with explosive or area-of-effect damage.
WayzoftheRavenI would add that the Kraken won't assist with the achievement. I had Pack-a-Punch Green Kraken which would two shot them and it didn't pop the achievement.
Posted by WayzoftheRaven on 11 Dec 18 at 15:19
TheviusRacoonusThanks for the info. I will add that in.
Posted by TheviusRacoonus on 11 Dec 18 at 16:40
The Bartlez 2Best weapon for this is a fully packed MOG-12 as it is very strong and the pellet spray hits the weak spots more consistently than an rifle, etc. Could also use the SG-12 but the MOG-12 is a wall buy.
Posted by The Bartlez 2 on 18 Dec 18 at 18:58
Sgt Lubasz12I playet on casual and I just had max 2 per round at what difficulty I should play to get it, I tried zombie rush but it is too chaotic to hit them when the is soo many zobies around
Posted by Sgt Lubasz12 on 18 Dec 18 at 21:29
TheviusRacoonusI was also playing on casual. I don't think difficulty makes a difference on their spawn rate, but higher rounds definitely does. Getting a Kraken from the box will make surviving to high rounds trivial, but you'll want to use an actual gun (MOG-12 PaP works great according to The Bartlez 2 above you) to hit the weak point.
Posted by TheviusRacoonus on 18 Dec 18 at 21:33
YhannosPlaying solo it is really difficult to get this one. I recommend playing with 4 people if you can, I got this done accidentally while going for the Easter Egg on around round 15.
Posted by Yhannos on 12 Jan 19 at 10:02
LordSmorcAs mentioned above the packed MOG-12 is really good for this. If you can get an upgraded kraken but it isn't needed. Shoot 1 shot with the kraken then switch to the MOG-12 and target the weak spot, rinse and repeat 2 more times. I got this done on round 36, I wasn't always getting 3 stokers until the mid 30s so I would fly through the rounds until you're getting 3 in a round most of the time
Posted by LordSmorc on 20 May 19 at 18:37
BobbyChezIf you are having trouble getting multiple stokers to spawn in a round, they only spawn if there are zombie spawns left. So as soon as you see a stoker, focus on the stoker (hit him in both sides of his chest and the head until he drops to his knees). With that stoker gone another should spawn in. In other words, if you whittle down the "regular" zombies until they stop spawning, another stoker will not spawn either.

To hit the weak points on the stoker, I used a double-packed KN-57 with FireBomb )was working on upgrading it). I killed two of the stokers via weak spots. However, since the zombies were out of spawns, to get the third stoker of the round to spawn, I used the "blow back" from my special weapon to clear some zombies off me. This forces a respawn of about 5-10 zombies (usually however many you clear) and luckily a stoker spawned in place of a regular zombie.

Good luck!
Posted by BobbyChez on 03 Jun 19 at 05:21
SHOTOKANKATANAThis is glitched. I killed like 6 in round 55 before it unlocked. Best strategy is to camp in the main stairwell at the bottom with a upgraded and pap lightning kraken, pap sg12 and pap helion. Starting from rnd 30 you'll get 3 stokers a rnd. From rnd 40 you'll get 4 or 5. Shoot once with the kraken and finish m with the sg12 shooting from the hip on chest height. They'll drop to their knees every time. If a blight father spawns use the helion, it takes only 3 direct hits to kill m. Hitting the blight father with the helion will kill any surrounding zombies too, it's such a small area, the blast radius kills them all.

Highly recommended phd slider for this so you don't take damage from you're own rpg rounds. I used bandolier bandit, mule kick and stamina besides phd slider. Never really used elixers. Although temporal gift could be handy early on for double points.

Coming down the bottom stairs hold left and camp next to the pillar. Zombies only come from one direction, very easy to survive here with this setup, I survived till round 92 without trouble. Died because I had to leave....

If you have trouble getting this achievement try this method. You'll get so many stoker's it'll be hard to fail.
Posted by SHOTOKANKATANA on 14 Jun 19 at 13:09
Games MasterCasual, 2 players, triple spawns from round 21
Train at the front of the ship (forecastle)
SG12/Mog 12 pack a punched
Posted by Games Master on 12 Oct 20 at 01:03
Vanstrom336Can you get this in co-op where one player gets one Stoker weakspot kill and the other player gets two Stoker weakspot kills? Or does the same person have to get the kills?
Posted by Vanstrom336 on 29 Apr at 23:07
TaintedBreadjust got this achievement today by accident using the upgraded kraken. was just spending all my ammo before ending the game and it popped up as I killed the last stroker on round 37 lol
Posted by TaintedBread on 12 Jun at 05:22