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In Voyage of Despair, kill 9 zombies via Catalytic Detonations in a single game

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Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,132,331
01 Nov 2018 04 Nov 2018
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I finally managed to pop this achievement today after about 5 tries on casual, wasting 2 instakills, partly not sure what to do and what counted, what did not. As mentioned above, all the times prior to popping it, I played on casual. Today I did a test run for the easter egg to practice some stuff and managed to pop the achievement, even though I did not fully commit to going for it. Let me give you an explanation of what the achievement requires you to do:

- You will have to kill either gas, water, fire or electric zombies by exploding them. This explosion can kill nearby zombies as well. You have to kill 9 zombies by causing one of the 4 elemental zombies to explode. This does not have to be done at once, although you must do so in a single game. E.g. you can kill 5 fire zombies with brain rot, each time taking down 1 additional zombie and kill 2 gas zombies with cryofreeze taking down 1 and 3 zombies with the explosion.

- You will need to repack your weapons in order to be able to cause a Catalytic explosion. Each repack can cause a different zombie to explode via a catalytic explosion.

Fire zombies ->> Brain Rot
Water zombies ->> Killowatt
Gas zombies ->> Cryofreeze
Electrical zombies ->> Fire bomb

I personally find brain rot the easiest, as I could clearly see a white bubble appear when the catalytic occurred.

Note: The elemental zombies can explode with any weapon, though note that the achievement requires CATALYTIC explosions and not any explosion caused by these zombies.
Greenway GamingI just unlocked this without trying on casual using brain rot.
Posted by Greenway Gaming on 01 Nov 18 at 23:40
Itzz Sh0wt1m3That is odd as I never managed to pop it on casual. Maybe it was glitched in the past but the recent update fixed it
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 01 Nov 18 at 23:44
Lord DracusI can confirm that it does indeed work on casual. I had it bug out on me a couple of times too I think before the major 10gb patch.
Posted by Lord Dracus on 04 Nov 18 at 11:29
Itzz Sh0wt1m3All right, thanks. Updated the solution
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 04 Nov 18 at 13:24
beerthirstWhen you say ‘repack’ your weapon it might be worth noting in brackets or something that you have to pap your weapon twice as I didn’t know how to do it even watching videos. I only stumbled across a comment that you had to pap twice in order to get this cheevo....oh btw am playing it on a different profile steralc1882
Posted by beerthirst on 14 Dec 18 at 23:51
LordSmorcNice guide, this is easy if you know which PAP upgrade affects which zombie. I would suggest double packing as soon as possible and killing whatever elemental zombies your gun is good against. I got this done on round 14, it could easily be done much earlier.
Posted by LordSmorc on 20 May 19 at 18:32