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Well played, McCloud

Roll your car 5 times in a race

Well played, McCloud-0.3
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06 Nov 2018
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This is unlocked by rolling your vehicle 5 times in one race. I found the simplest race for this to be Buggy - Siberia 2. If you take the Beetle buggy you will roll easily coming down the mogul hill and make sure to hit the single snow mound in the frozen river. Its 4 laps so as long as you can get a roll in the moguls (or a double roll off the big mound) you're golden!
TheBlakkVultureThanks for this comment! I found that hitting a rock wall hard enough in that race with that car was enough to trigger a roll, but I did it on a hill so I had 3 rolls from that alone. Regardless, thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.
Posted by TheBlakkVulture on 24 Jan at 02:36
ELVIS3003Just want to add that can pop during the race. If didn't pop until end of the race you didn't roll enough.
Posted by ELVIS3003 on 04 May at 16:43
sorininfHighly recommend the rocks indeed. Watch out for your car not being able to drive if you mess it up too much.
Let the drive turn by itself, just leave the controls when your car starts spinning... works much better!
Posted by sorininf on 20 May at 11:03