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Gold Rush

Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.

Gold Rush0
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11 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
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Few TIPS for those who missed the opportunity to complete this on the FIRST PLAYTHROUGH or don't want to spoil it by endless restarts.
*I've completed almost all missions (60+) after finishing the game.

My Gold Medals:
*Need to log in to see

My Settings:
Lock-On Mode: Wide
Aim Assist Strength: Maximum


1) It sounds much harder than it actually is. I've never had any situation restarting a mission because of lack of Dead Eye or Stamina.
2) You can check objectives status by pressing Left (D-Pad), choosing mission and scrolling right. You also can Restart Checkpoint or Quit from there by holding X.
3) There are more than 70 "Easy" missions. I had ~ 5 more left after 70th.
4) You can't die or fail if the objectives are: Headshots, Accuracy, Time (Overall) or Using Health Items
5) If your Dead Eye ends, you can try looting Chewing Tobacco from enemies.
6) Always abuse Auto-Aim. Press LT and then flick RS a little bit up for headshots. If there are no Headshots required or you've already done them, shoot the bodies to increase your accuracy.
7) I think that Talisman Bonuses work in Replay, so they can make life a little bit easier
8) Upgrade and clean all your weapons as they are the same in Replay (not Always)
9) Sometimes missions that looks easy are much harder than hard looking ones
10) As you've already finished campaign, you know which missions were easy for you. Start this achevement by clearing from the Easiest ones.
11) If you stuck on a mission, search a video guide on YouTube.
12) If you need Tips for any mission that I've completed ask in comments. I'll try to help.
13) Good Luck! I've had much more restarts because of missing it
AbsoIuteZero xThank you for pointing out number 4 on your list. I have tried looking this up but could never find anything. +1 for me.
Posted by AbsoIuteZero x on 12 Nov 18 at 18:37
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 12 Nov 18 at 19:18
chalon9When replaying a mission, there is no option to "Restart Mission" only "Restart Checkpoint," do you know if that voids any of the criteria? In other words, if I mess up something, can I restart the checkpoint or do I need to abandon the mission and reload it.
Posted by chalon9 on 13 Nov 18 at 06:10
LassiedelikkerAlso, my experience is that when you use snake oil ( to fill up your dead eye ) it also counts as health item taken? Many times I completed a mission without using health items FOR SURE! and it didn't count as completed wich frustrates me a lot. Did you had the same experience?
Posted by Lassiedelikker on 13 Nov 18 at 08:44
BLACKandBIG@chalon9 If there are objectives from my number 4, you should abandon mission, even if you failed in the beginning.
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 13 Nov 18 at 11:18
BLACKandBIG@Lassiedelikker Can't confirm that as I always use Chewing Tobacco. As I remember, Snake Oil doesn't restore health, mb you restarted from checkpoint and failed your objective?
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 13 Nov 18 at 11:32
Russian EscortWill definitely vote this up, great tips! I will start on this achievement on a later date, can't get the motivation to start on this right now. I'm not the biggest fan of it :p
Posted by Russian Escort on 14 Nov 18 at 03:47
WhitestAFI2ICANIt won’t let me view your gold medals on social club, dyou have to have an account? I just wanna know what missions you class as easy, great tips!
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 14 Nov 18 at 11:51
BLACKandBIG@WhitestAFI2ICAN I think that you need to login to view my medals. Can you confirm it, please? I'll add to solution
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 14 Nov 18 at 12:03
BLACKandBIG*Easy = Doable without Dead Eye spamming smile
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 14 Nov 18 at 12:08
Russian EscortI can confirm that you need to log in to rockstar club to see your medals. I really find it hard to motivate myself to replay a lot of missions like this, did a few now and got gold. But hell its boring :p
Posted by Russian Escort on 14 Nov 18 at 19:05
oONeonDemonOothanks for 2 and 4 thats what i needed to know
Posted by oONeonDemonOo on 17 Nov 18 at 12:05
rafa1000houseHere is BLACKandBIG's medals (I included the only 2 missions that I got gold without trying so far; and I didn't even know what were the requirements, so they are very easy as well.) I hope it helps. I have them in Portuguese as well, if someone wants.

Chapter (Total) Mission
1 (5/6)
1 Outlaws from the West
1 Enter, Pursued by a Memory
1 Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?
1 Eastward Bound
1 The Aftermath of Genesis

2 (15/18)
2 Americans at Rest
2 Polite Society, Valentine Style
2 We Loved Once and True – III
2 A Quiet Time
2 Blessed are the Meek?
2 The First Shall Be Last
2 Pouring Forth Oil – IV
2 Good, Honest, Snake Oil
2 Who is Not without Sin
2 Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego
2 A Fisher of Men
2 Money Lending and Other Sins – III
2 A Strange Kindness
2 The Spines of America
2 Pouring Forth Oil – II

3 (9/17)
3 The New South
3 Horse Flesh for Dinner
3 Advertising, the New American Art – II
3 Blessed are the Peacemakers
3 The Course of True Love – II
3 The Course of True Love – III
3 Friends in Very Low Places
3 The Battle of Shady Belle
3 Further Questions of Female Suffrage

4 (10/14)
4 The Joys of Civilization
4 Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
4 The Gilded Cage
4 A Fine Night of Debauchery
4 No, No and Thrice, No
4 Fatherhood and Other Dreams – II
4 Help a Brother Out
4 Brothers and Sisters, One and All
4 American Fathers – II (rafa1000house's)
4 Country Pursuits (rafa1000house's)

5 (4/9)
5 Welcome to the New World
5 Hell Hath No Fury
5 A Fork in the Road
5 Dear Uncle Tacitus

6 (9/19)
6 Icarus and Friends
6 The Bridge to Nowhere
6 Archeology for Beginners
6 A Rage Unleashed
6 The Course of True Love – V
6 Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow – II
6 Do Not Seek Absolution – I
6 Do Not Seek Absolution – II
6 Honor, Amongst Thieves

E1 (10/10)
E1 The Wheel
E1 Fatherhood, for Idiots
E1 Jim Milton Rides, Again?
E1 Simple Pleasures
E1 Farming, for Beginners
E1 Fatherhood, for Beginners
E1 Old Habits
E1 Motherhood
E1 Gainful Employment
E1 Home of the Gentry?

E2 (10/11)
E2 American Venom
E2 Bare Knuckles Friendships
E2 The Tool Box
E2 Uncle’s Bad Day
E2 A New Jerusalem
E2 A Quick Favor for an Old Friend
E2 A Really Big Bastard
E2 A New Future Imagined
E2 Home Improvement for Beginners
E2 Trying Again
Posted by rafa1000house on 21 Nov 18 at 12:06
Whiteout55I've seen videos where people get a popup that tells when they have achieved a requirement like 10 headshots so they can start just shooting for center mass to make things like 80% accuracy much easier but I don't get this popup or can I find the option for it. Is it an option in settings that I'm missing or something? It would really help having this
Posted by Whiteout55 on 23 Nov 18 at 02:04
BLACKandBIG@Whiteout55 "2) You can check objectives status by pressing Left (D-Pad), choosing mission and scrolling right". I've never seen popups or options to enable them in game. I think it was video editing
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 23 Nov 18 at 18:30
count023how did you get the accuracy challenges to register in the first two chapter 1 missions? ive done both and basically never missed a shot (did one runthrough where i headshot _everyone_ at the Sadler Ranch) and it just doesn't unlock.
Posted by count023 on 02 Dec 18 at 12:40
BLACKandBIG@count023 "4) You can't die or fail if the objectives are: Headshots, Accuracy, Time (Overall) or Using Health Items" or restart from checkpoint manually. I can't help more, if you sure that you don't miss your shots. Sorry:(
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 03 Dec 18 at 01:47
count023Nope, didn't miss any shots and didn't reset to any checkpoints, but i can never get the accuracy score.
Posted by count023 on 03 Dec 18 at 04:08
Fuzzmeister JYou can only see objectives if you are doing a replay. They don't show the first time through.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Dec 18 at 16:47
aaaI have no idea where this doc came from, but I've found this to be a great help with replaying all the missions
Posted by aaa#9626 on 19 Jan 19 at 15:57