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Collector 50

Collect 50 artifacts

Collector 500
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11 Nov 2018
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This achievement will unlock after collecting 50 artifact.

This game has 242 items to collect throughout 8 locations.

Apartments: 14 collectibles
Church: 20 collectibles
Salem Police Department (Police Station): 37 collectibles
Ashland Hills Cemetery: 28 collectibles
Lux Aeterna Psychiatric Hospital: 25 collectibles
Salem History Museum: 31 collectibles
Church (Upstairs): 2 collectibles
Town of Salem: 61 collectibles
Judgment House: 24 collectibles

Most of the collectibles in the game give off a yellow glow, so they aren’t too difficult to locate. You only need to walk up to it and press cn_X to collect it. For others, you only see fragment and must use Reveal (press cn_RT) to see it completely then collect it (press cn_X). Then there are 23 Ghost Girl’s Messages which are writings on walls that shimmer lightly are only completely visible when you use Reveal.

The game saves your collectible progress immediately so you don’t have to worry about dying, restarting a checkpoint or your power going out. To check your progress, press cn_back.

It would be wise to collect everything in the location you are playing before solving the case and moving on to the next one to eliminate backtracking and extra play time. This is particularly true of the Museum as the area is locked off completely once you enter Judgment House, so make sure you get everything in the Museum before leaving. Since you return to the Salem streets when you complete Judgment House, you can enter all other locations except for the Museum. You will NOT be able to go back to the Museum and will have to start a new game if you miss any.

Before you enter Judgment House, your stats should read:

14/14 of Ghost Abilities
7/7 of My Life
35/39 of Info About My Killer
34/38 of Julia's Thoughts
2/2 of Rex's Thoughts
2/2 of Truth About Baxter
5/6 of Profiler's Memories
23/23 of Ghost Girl's Messages
7/8 of Ghost Stories
7/7 of “A Watery Grave” (Apartments)
11/11 of “The Bell Tower Banshee” (Church)
8/8 of “The Stalwart Spectre” (Police Station)
13/13 of “The Heirloom” (Cemetery)
10/10 of “Man In The Box” (Hospital)
15/15 of “Terror on the Tracks” (Museum)
16/16 of “Eternal Flame” (Salem)
0/0 of “Ashes to Ashes” (Judgment House)
22/25 of Salem's History
8/9 of Witch Trials History