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The Sapienza Trinity

Eliminate Silvio in therapy, down his plane with a cannon, and shoot him through the telescope.

The Sapienza Trinity0
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12 Nov 2018
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This achievement requires you to assassinate Silvio Caruso in 3 unique ways; by killing him during a therapy session as his Doctor, by shooting his plane with a cannon as he escapes and by sniping him through the lens of a telescope as he looks through it. These assassinations can be quite tough to do, so I've assembled some walkthroughs on the best ways to do each one as quickly as possible without any crazy high level equipment or spawns.

Trinity #1 - Therapy

This requires you to dress as Dr. Lafayette who is Caruso's psychiatrist. From the main square, find him on the phone on a balcony near an ice cream shop and listen to his phone call. Now, follow the restaurant waiter on his smoke break, take him out and take his disguise. As the waiter, climb into the window of the cafe (on the main floor) and steal the rat poison just inside the window. Go back and serve the doctor the rat poison in his drink. Follow the sick doctor to the washroom where you can choke him out, steal his disguise and stash the body. Now enter the compound as the Doctor (without a weapon), talk to the butler, go to the private room, wait for Caruso, and assassinate him during the session via fiber wire or smothering on the couch.

Trinity #2 - Plane

This is a little in-depth, but isn't bad if you pay attention to detail. Go to the church and follow the lab tech from the confessional, to the alter, to the candles and wait for her to leave the church. Enter the morgue from the front, take out the clerk, steal his key, stash his body and wait for the lab tech to be alone in the next room. Go into the room, take her out, steal her biolab access card and laptop dongle. Next steal the lab tech disguise off the dead body on the table. Now head along the shore to find the hidden door embedded in the rocks that enters into the ether lab area. Head through it, and up the stairs to end up inside the compound nearest the telescope room. Watch out for enemies, and pull the fire alarm just outside the room once Caruso enters. Quickly head back into the ether lab, downstairs, and use the stairs to get on top of the bunker with the laptop and lab tech. Wait for Caruso to enter the cavern for target lockdown. Use the laptop (do not take out the lab tech), to kill the virus and start another high level alarm. The target will go into lockdown again, and he will try to escape. If he doesn't try to escape, you either used the laptop too early, too late, or were spotted as a suspicious person. Once you see the "target escaping" message, run towards the plane, out the cave opening towards the ruins. At the ruins get on the cannon closest to where you enter from with gun powder and a cannonball on a barrel. Load the cannon. Wait for the plane to cross in front of the lighthouse, and fire the cannon. There should be 0:10 left on the escape timer when you fire. It will take out the plane.

Trinity #3 - Telescope

This requires a Jaeger 7 (Sniper Rifle) to be spawned as an agency pickup. I recommend the ICA Safe House for the dropoff location as well as the spawn location. Spawn in, pick up the sniper, use the rooftops and ledge to sneak into the kitchen, through the kitchen and out using the window. Turn right out the kitchen window and head into the open window in front of you into one of the main buildings of the compound. Once inside, go through the washroom, and up the staircase. Once at the top of the stairs, find the telescope and video room nearby, and access the telescope controls to open the dome. Head back to the ICA Safe House using the same route after doing this. From the Safe House, go to street level and sprint towards the church. Access the church using the scale nearest the pier to avoid as many enemies as possible. Running around with a giant sniper rifle on your back will get some unwanted attention! Access the church through the back entrance, and go up to the stairs to the top of the bell tower. If you're quick, you'll lose all the enemies along the way, otherwise 1-5 of them may follow you up there, which you can easily take out with the pistol. Otherwise, from the top of the bell tower, aim towards the telescope dome to see the opening. (I had a graphical glitch, but) you should see the round of the telescope poking through the dome, with a blinking eye inside. Snipe this and you will complete the assassination. If you get the same glitch as me, just sniper the blank texture in the right place to trigger it as seen in the video.
iViluxYou should update the running around town with a sniper part - we have briefcases now! Yay!
Posted by iVilux on 16 Nov 18 at 11:54
OniAegisOn part 2 with the cannon/plane, for anyone having trouble getting the target to begin escaping once he's in lockdown in the cave, a youtube comment on Maka's video guide for this part suggested shooting one of his guards after activating the laptop to get him to begin his escape, and this worked perfectly for me.
Posted by OniAegis on 22 Nov 18 at 19:27
xTr1theres no need to go to the telescope controls... looking from the top of the church to the telescope down a little to the left there is an electrical box... SHOOT THE ELECTRICAL BOX with your sniper rifle and the telescope will move into position, wait for the "eye" to appear in the lens and send him a FREE BULLET via super fast delivery. :)
Posted by xTr1 on 01 Dec 18 at 21:53
AmniosI can’t get him to go to the plane either, he just ignores the second lockdown and goes back to playing golf!
Posted by Amnios on 26 May 19 at 10:58
YaIrishMick96Yeah this worked perfectly on HITMAN 1 but not on this game. I killed Di Sanctis following the Absolution mission story (that Maka does) and when I destroy the virus trying to set off the second lockdown - then they both teleported or some shit because both were alive and in completely different places. Weird.
Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 20 Jun 19 at 17:40
OhMyGoth1Yeah so I did all three, unlocked the challenges in game, but the achievement didn't pop...
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 01 Oct 19 at 23:02
Pure Pip RaptorFor the plane challenge, I had to shoot a guard in front of him after destroying the virus. Otherwise the plane video doesn't work.
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 06 Mar at 22:56
Ashley6200If you're having trouble with the plane challenge, just follow the steps for the "Beyond the Grave" mission story. Once he passes out, make your way over to the cannon, his guards will eventually find him on the floor and wake him up, at which point he will always make a run for the plane. You should have plenty of time to get in position.
Posted by Ashley6200 on 12 May at 18:55