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13 Nov 2018
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Just something to add if you are stuck on the attacking scenarios skill challenge.

I went to customise, create player, created a goalkeeeper who was 4'11, downgraded all of his stats and put him in my rival team (Bohemians for me).

I then went to customise, team sheets, Bohemians/Your rival team, clicked their default formation and added my newly created goalkeeper in place of the starting keeper.

When I went to play the skill challenge, the short goalkeeper was now in goal. (Gave him gold headgear so I knew it was him)

Challenge was still a pain, but I feel that this helped a bit when shooting from distance. Just got it with 20500 points.

Good luck!
bumgarbThis goalkeeper trick didn't work for me. I traded away all the other keepers from my rival, but it isn't using my custom keeper. Just as a check, I changed the Jersey number to 99, but the keeper in the skills always has number 1. I also tried this with my teams keeper, but no change. I cannot tell where it is pulling the keeper from.
Posted by bumgarb on 17 Jan 19 at 14:34