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What's It Worth?

Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 5

What's It Worth?0
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13 Nov 2018
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As the Walkthrough says: "Start by putting a circular peg into a circular hole to revive your big ol' robot friend. Time to fight. You'll talk for a bit, then see August somehow in a self-driving car. Continue on talking about all your problems. Then, it's time for a Gundam/Godzilla type of fight. And... oh my god... the finger guns come back into play. You'll fight for a bit, realizing that you wish that Rhys just had one of those modded shotguns from the first Borderlands. He'll end up teleporting into place and some slow motion will happen as Fiona and Sasha fly into him. After some "mercy" from it, you'll be back with the girls. And, oh boy, time for some guardians. Nah, just kidding, you'll just immediately switch back to Rhys and Gortys. You gotta pick up all of your teammates and it'll suddenly be Voltron/Power Rangers. Time for some actually kinda entertaining QTEs while you fight. Eventually, you will get slammed down on by the Traveler and switch back to Fiona with the guardians. Start by choosing plan of attack, I went run and gun. Choose your methods of fighting in that instinct sort of mode, then just continue on with the QTEs. After you are done, a bunch of cutscenes (and some talking) will happen. Then, it's big-ass sword time."

Credit to the gamers who made the Walkthrough.

IGN gives a very well description of what goes on in the chapter of that Episode and how to advance the game:

Credit to IGN for their descriptions with pictures.

Additionally, here is a video from YouTube that walks you through the chapter:

Credit to VGFAQ for the video.