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The Bogdan Problem

GTA Online: Complete Act II of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

The Bogdan Problem0
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14 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
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This is pretty straight forward. You will either need a facility or a friend who has one for the doomsday heist to be initiated. This if for completing the second act of the doomsday heist once the cut scene after completion is finished the achievement will pop. Difficulty does not matter nor does act completion continuity i would recommend doing them in order for the story aspect of it.
CanadianBeerGodCompleted as a crew member and it didn’t unlock. Lame

EDIT: found someone on Xbox group post who was doing act 2 b2b. He offered to do it once with me and I ended up getting the achievement
Posted by CanadianBeerGod on 31 Mar 20 at 16:43